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🔥AI Influencers now earn Millions.

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Dear AI Enthusiasts!

In this issue, we delve into a phenomenon that's reshaping the social media landscape: AI-generated virtual influencers. Once a niche concept, these digitally crafted personalities are now spearheading a revolutionary shift in online interaction and marketing.

Witnessing the ascent of these digital starlets, they're transforming into pivotal contributors within the expansive and complex Universe of social media impact, generating significant business worth while ushering in fresh horizons in cyber engagement.

Let's explore how these virtual influencers are crafted, their impact on the market, and what their increasing popularity means for the future of digital content and marketing.

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Today’s AI Secret:

  • Aitana, an AI-generated influencer rises in social media.

  • Your info is on the dark web.

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  • Smartphone sales to rebound on AI gains, Morgan Stanley says.

  • AI & Big Data Expo: AI’s impact on decision-making in marketing.

  • Open Source AI Developer “Together” Raises $102.5M.

Read Time: 3-5 minutes

Today's Headline

Aitana, an AI-generated influencer rises in social media.

AI Secret: Aitana López, an AI-generated model amassing more than 175K followers on Instagram, is the brainchild of The Clueless agency based in Spain.

The Birth of Aitana López:

  • Aitana López is conceived by the Clueless agency, offering a solution to the unpredictability of human influencers.

  • The creation of Aitana was not an overnight process. The Clueless design team meticulously built her character and persona to reflect a "strong and determined woman."

  • The agency's team constructed Aitana based on popular cultural trends and likings. They considered various factors including popular tastes, hobbies, and trends of recent years.

  • Specific design choices further flesh out her personality. For instance, her pink hair reflects gaming culture, and her not smiling all the time depicts complexity and self-centeredness. Despite being extroverted, she also has a caring, sensitive side.

  • Aitana's weekly schedule is also crafted by the design team, planning activities from traveling to Madrid to cosplaying as Trinity from The Matrix.

Aitana‘s Success Story:

  • Aitana has managed to attract attention and stimulate engagement on Instagram. Her AI nature hasn't deterred her fans.

  • The advent of Aitana has led to multiple requests from brands aiming to create their own tailor-made AI ambassadors.

  • AI influencers who charge less than their human counterparts - who can charge up to $10,000 per social media post - may be more affordable.

Clueless agency asserts that the creation of "sexy" influencers like Aitana reflects market demand. Changing this system would require a reassessment and alteration of brands' vision since society as a whole is inherently sexualized.


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Image Prompt: Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs predict smartphone sales recovery by 2024, highlighting rising AI capabilities. Image showcases this with graphs and reports against a tech-finance backdrop.

Despite warnings of a continuous slump in smartphones sales, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs projections indicate the sector beginning to recover from 2024, attributing this to new on-device AI capabilities. Sales of smartphones with AI features from manufacturers like Apple, Vivo, Xiaomi, and Samsung have surged. Morgan Stanley raised its predictions for 2025 global phone sales, citing the potential of edge AI to improve features while preserving user privacy. Goldman Sachs expects a rise in worldwide smartphone shipments to 1.186 billion in 2024 and 1.209 billion in 2025.

AI & Big Data Expo

AI & Big Data Expo: AI’s impact on decision-making in marketing.

At the AI & Big Data Expo Global, Chief Digital Officer of Publicis Groupe, Jason Smith, discussed the influence of AI on decision-making in marketing. Smith outlined an experiment that compared AI and human decision-making processes in a Facebook travel campaign. He emphasized the concept of “noise”—inconsistencies introduced in decision-making. Recognizing the challenges within the marketing field, particularly with managing a large number of variables, Smith asserted that AI can efficiently process large data sets. Smith advocated for a balanced approach combining human intuition and AI assistance, aiming to reduce decision-making flaws.


Image Prompt: The new image denotes the successful Series A funding of AI startup Together, spotlighting their progress in generative models, substantial investment and their bold tech expansion plans.

Together, an AI startup specializing in generative models, raised $102.5 million in a Series A round led by Kleiner Perkins and joined by Nvidia. The funds will be used to add new options and increase accessibility to its large language models and services, offered on a decentralized cloud platform. The platform provides cost-effective and secure customization of open source models. It hosts the RedPajama-V2 dataset, used by major industry players including OpenAI and Meta. The company plans to further expand its AI infrastructure across multiple data centers in the US and EU.

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