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Apple to overhaul Siri, aiming to match rival chatbots.

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Apple, the tech titan known for blazing trails, is on the cusp of revolutionizing its digital assistant, Siri, by infusing it with cutting-edge generative AI technology.

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  • Apple to overhaul Siri, aiming to match rival chatbots.

  • California is testing new generative AI tools.

  • Daily trending & featured AIs boost your career and business.

  • The FBI warns that AI could be used to spread disinformation about US elections.

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  • ChatGPT Search - OpenAI is likely to introduce a search functionality for ChatGPT on Monday, as per a report by Reuters.

  • AI Deception Mastery Warning - Scientists claim AIs are increasingly skilled at lying.

  • Neuralink Brain-Chip Malfunction in First Human Patient - Neuralink has disclosed a malfunction in its brain-chip implant, with some threads retracting from patient Noland Arbaugh's brain, affecting the device's performance and data transmission, despite the company's compensatory measures.

  • Apple Closing in on ChatGPT Integration for iPhones - Apple is finalizing a deal with OpenAI to incorporate ChatGPT into the upcoming iOS 18, enhancing the iPhone with new AI features.


Apple to overhaul Siri, aiming to match rival chatbots.

Apple is planning significant upgrades to its digital assistant, Siri, by integrating generative AI technology. This move aims to make Siri more conversational and versatile, providing users with an improved digital assistant experience.

The Details:

  • Conversational Upgrades: Apple intends to make Siri more capable of holding natural, interactive conversations through features like text summarization and chat-like interactions.

  • Enhanced Task Management: Siri's task management capabilities will be improved, enabling better handling of setting timers, creating reminders, and other everyday tasks.

  • On-Device Processing: The new generative AI technology will process data directly on the user's device, rather than relying on cloud servers, enhancing user privacy.

Why It Matters:

  • Keeping Up with Trends: The upgrade comes after Apple executives recognized the growing gap between Siri and competitors like ChatGPT, prompting the need for a more advanced conversational AI.

  • Innovation Showcase: Apple will reveal these developments at its upcoming WWDC conference, highlighting its continued focus on innovative and privacy-centric AI solutions.


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California is testing new generative AI tools.

Image Credit: AI Secret

California's government is launching a pilot program to explore the potential of generative AI tools to improve public services. Partnering with five companies, Governor Gavin Newsom's administration aims to develop guidelines for safely and effectively implementing these technologies while addressing public concerns and risks.

The Details:

  • Generative AI Pilot: California will work with five companies to test generative AI in various state departments over a six-month trial period. These tools could improve customer service, traffic safety, and access to health and social services.

  • Participating Departments: The initial pilot will involve the Department of Tax and Fee Administration, Department of Transportation, Department of Public Health, and Health and Human Services Department.

  • Cost and Contracts: Each company will be paid $1 for the trial, allowing the state to assess the tools' performance and scalability before considering long-term contracts.

Why It Matters:

  • Improving Public Services: Generative AI could enhance efficiency, reduce customer call wait times, and provide multilingual support for accessing social benefits.

  • Traffic Safety: AI tools will be used to analyze traffic data, potentially leading to improvements in road safety and congestion management.

  • Risk Management: California's phased trial approach provides a framework for assessing risks like job loss, privacy concerns, and misinformation before wider implementation. Safeguards will be crucial to ensure responsible use.


Trending AIs.

 Spikes repurposes long videos exactly to viral clips.

 GoBoldly enhances financial decision-making through AI.

 HearTheWeb converts newsletters into podcasts.

蛤領儭 PPSPY is a powerful Shopify store spy tool.

 Kombai is an AI tool that converts Figma designs into front-end code seamlessly.

Featured AIs.


FBI warns that AI could be used to spread disinformation about US elections.

Image Credit: AI Secret

The FBI is expressing growing concern over the potential use of AI by foreign adversaries to interfere in U.S. elections and spread disinformation. Deepfakes and other AI-generated media are being identified as potential threats, emphasizing the need for proactive measures to safeguard the integrity of American democratic processes.

The Details:

  • Foreign AI Threats: The FBI highlights specific incidents where AI has already been misused, such as deepfake audio clips spreading false information in Slovakia and robocalls impersonating U.S. President Joe Biden during New Hampshire's primary.

  • Countries of Concern: Russia, Iran, and China are identified as the primary threats, each leveraging AI for different strategic aims. Russia, for instance, reportedly sought to undermine Democrats to weaken U.S. support for Ukraine.

  • Broader Impacts: The FBI believes AI misuse could lower the barrier for disruptive behavior, empowering sophisticated foreign governments to manipulate election outcomes and exploit social divisions.

Why It Matters:

  • Deepening Divides: AI-generated disinformation could exacerbate existing political and social tensions, causing greater polarization and distrust in democratic institutions.

  • Lower Entry Barriers: The increased accessibility of AI tools makes them more attractive to malicious actors, complicating efforts to trace and counter their misuse.

  • Election Security: Protecting the electoral process is crucial. Monitoring and countering AI-generated threats will be necessary to maintain confidence in the integrity of future elections.

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