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Amazon bet $150 billion on AI

Hello, AI Enthusiasts!

In this edition, we will explore how Amazon's ambitious project is set to influence not only the future of cloud computing and data storage but also the global AI industry at large.

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Today’s AI Secret:

  • Amazon bet $150 billion on AI.

  • A revolutionary training approach for AI.

  • Daily trending & featured AIs boost your career and business.

  • US issues new AI rules.

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  • New Azure AI Tools - Microsoft has announced new tools for Azure AI to help enterprises build more secure and trustworthy generative AI applications, including detection and blocking of prompt injection attacks, hallucinations detection, and safety system messages.

  • AI Features - Meta plans to introduce AI to its Ray-Ban smart glasses in the next month, with features including translation and object identification.

  • Taylor Swift of Tech - Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg compared Nvidia's Jensen Huang to pop star Taylor Swift in a recent social media post, highlighting Huang's importance in the tech industry, especially with Meta's AI ambitions.

  • AI as a Substitute for Actress - The BBC defended its decision to replace actress Sara Poyzer with an AI-generated voice for a documentary, sparking a debate about AI substituting human talent in the entertainment industry.

  • AI's Rising Energy Needs - OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman suggests nuclear fusion as a potential solution to meet the increasing energy demands of AI. However, experts question the feasibility of nuclear fusion and underline the need for addressing AI's imminent energy requirements with current low-carbon technologies.


Amazon bet $150 billion on AI.

AWS’s data center in Ashburn / Provided by NYP

Amazon is gearing up for a massive expansion in the realm of digital infrastructure, earmarking an unprecedented $150 billion over the next 15 years for the development of data centers. This strategic move is primarily aimed at bolstering its capabilities to support the burgeoning demand for AI applications and various digital services.

The Details:

  • Massive Investment: Amazon's $150 billion commitment to data center expansion is set to cater to AI and digital service demands.

  • Market Dominance: The investment aims to maintain Amazon's leading position in the cloud services sector, significantly outpacing its closest competitor, Microsoft.

  • Global Expansion: The tech giant is targeting global regions including Mississippi, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and Thailand for new data centers, while also expanding in Virginia and Oregon.

  • Sustainable Energy Focus: Amazon is investing in locations with access to carbon-free and hydroelectric power to meet its emission goals, exemplifying a commitment to sustainability.

  • Comparative Spending: Amazon's spending on data centers overshadows that of its rivals, Microsoft and Google, showcasing its aggressive investment in infrastructure.

Why It Matters:

  • AI and Digital Services Boom: Amazon's investment reflects the expected surge in demand for AI applications, underscoring the critical role of cloud infrastructure in supporting technological advancements.

  • Cloud Market Leadership: The expansion cements Amazon's top position in the cloud services market, indicating the strategic importance of infrastructure investment in maintaining competitive advantage.

  • Sustainability in Tech Infrastructure: By prioritizing data centers in areas with access to renewable energy, Amazon is setting a precedent for sustainability in the tech industry's expansion efforts.


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Quiet-STaR: A revolutionary training approach for AI.

Imaged by DALL·E 3 and Magna Ding

A groundbreaking research introduces a novel training method for AI systems, known as "Quiet-STaR," which significantly enhances their reasoning capabilities. This innovative approach differs markedly from traditional methods, which do not incorporate a mechanism for AI to "think" about their responses or anticipate future conversational directions.

The Details:

  • AI’s Reasoning Limitations: Traditional neural network-based AI systems, like ChatGPT, struggle with common sense reasoning and contextualization due to their lack of "understanding."

  • Innovative Training Method: Quiet-STaR trains AI systems to generate multiple inner rationales in parallel before responding, improving reasoning abilities.

  • Enhanced Reasoning with Quiet-STaR: Applied to Mistral 7B, an open-source LLM, Quiet-STaR increased its reasoning test score from 36.3% to 47.2%.

Why It Matters:

  • Bridging the Reasoning Gap: Quiet-STaR represents a significant step toward narrowing the reasoning capability gap between AI systems and humans.

  • Future of AI Development: This method could revolutionize AI training, making systems more intuitive and capable of complex thought processes.

  • Implications for AI Singularity: Enhanced reasoning abilities in AI could accelerate the arrival of AI singularity, marking a pivotal moment in technological advancement.


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US issues new AI rules.

Imaged by Midjourney and Magna Ding

The Biden administration is introducing significant policies to ensure the ethical use and regulation of AI across the US government. These initiatives are aimed at preventing the misuse of AI in ways that could discriminate against or harm Americans.

The Details:

  • AI Regulation Initiative: The Biden administration, under Vice President Kamala Harris's announcement, is imposing new, binding requirements on US agencies to safeguard against discriminatory use of AI.

  • Transparency and Accountability: Starting December 1, agencies must validate that their AI tools do not compromise public rights and safety, publish online lists of AI systems in use along with their purposes and risk assessments, and appoint chief AI officers.

  • AI in Federal Operations: The US government is expanding its AI applications, including monitoring natural disasters and wildlife, with plans to significantly increase AI-related hires.

  • Congressional and International Actions: While the administration pushes for AI regulation through executive actions, there is a call for Congress to establish more definitive AI guidelines. Meanwhile, the EU has already passed a landmark AI law, underscoring the global urgency in regulating AI technologies.

Why It Matters:

  • Ethical AI Use: These policies are crucial for ensuring AI is used in ways that respect human rights and safety, preventing potential abuses that could arise from discriminatory algorithms or surveillance.

  • Transparency in Government: By requiring agencies to disclose their AI tools and assessments, the government is moving towards greater openness, allowing for public scrutiny and accountability.

  • Global Standards for AI: The initiative positions the US as a leader in ethical AI governance, contributing to the development of international norms and practices that balance innovation with ethical considerations.

  • Enhancing Public Services: The application of AI in public services, under strict ethical guidelines, has the potential to improve efficiency and effectiveness, benefiting society at large.

  • Impact on the AI Industry: The government's policies could set benchmarks for the private sector, promoting ethical AI development and deployment across industries.


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