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Anthropic rejects Saudi funding over national security concerns

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Our feature story traverses the challenges and triumphs of navigating investment opportunities amid the burgeoning AI market, as Anthropic conscientiously opts to sidestep certain financial influxes.

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  • Claude rejected Saudi funding.

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  • GTC 2024's 7 key happenings to note.

  • OpenAI private chats with Hollywood insiders.

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  • Artist Rights - Tennessee has become the first U.S. state to approve legislation safeguarding musicians and artists against unauthorized artificial intelligence impersonation.

  • Apple in Talks with Baidu - Apple is reportedly in preliminary discussions with Baidu regarding the utilization of the Chinese company's generative AI technology in its devices within China.

  • Hungry for Computing Power - AI cloud platform operator, CoreWeave Inc., is reportedly holding discussions regarding a new funding round, which could value the company at $16 billion. This number significantly surpasses its worth in December, representing an eightfold increase from its valuation in April. The additional funds could potentially expand the firm's data center network and support procurement of Nvidia’s latest Blackwell B200 graphics card.

  • AI Renaissance Boosts Legacy Tech Stocks - Legacy technology firms IBM, Oracle, and Dell have seen their stock values rise by 17-49% due to their focus on AI technologies, outperforming major tech indexes. This strategic shift towards AI, particularly in cloud servers, is sparking optimism around potential for growth, with Dell observing a 40% quarterly growth in customer orders for AI-optimized servers and Oracle noting an increased demand for generative AI cloud services.

  • Deepfake - Arizona political newsletter, The Arizona Agenda, has made a deepfake video of political candidate Kari Lake, warning of AI's potential to create false realities.


Claude rejected Saudi funding.

Imaged by DALL·E 3 and Magna Ding

Amid a booming AI industry and complex geopolitical tensions, Anthropic is navigating through investment opportunities while consciously excluding certain sources of capital over national security concerns.

Anthropic is renowned for developing the Claude series of LLMs and is now the primary startup rival to OpenAI.

The Details:

  • Investors' Interest: Sovereign wealth funds and other investors are vying for a stake in Anthropic worth over $1 billion, signaling strong market confidence and interest in the startup's potential within the AI space.

  • Stake Sale Background: The sale of an 8% stake in Anthropic, initially purchased by the now-defunct FTX, is part of bankruptcy proceedings.

  • The Exclusion: Anthropic is rejecting Saudi investment over national security concerns, as bankers seek new investors, insiders report.

  • An New AI Fund: The PIF, Saudi Arabia's $900+ billion wealth fund, is discussing with Andreessen Horowitz to form a $40 billion AI-focused investment fund.

Why It Matters:

Saudi Arabia aims to diversify its economy with tech investments, despite human rights concerns. The PIF, its vast wealth fund, is in talks with Andreessen Horowitz to create a $40 billion AI investment fund.

Tech companies face difficult ethical and geopolitical decisions when pursuing growth, balancing Saudi Arabia's tech investment aspirations with human rights concerns.


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GTC 2024's 7 key happenings to note.


OpenAI private chats with Hollywood insiders.

OpenAI's Sora is set to revolutionize the TV and film industry. However, it requires the support of those Hollywood insiders to ensure a successful launch.

The Details:

  • Sora's Impact: The introduction of Sora by OpenAI is seen as a pivotal moment for the film and television industry, promising significant efficiencies but also raising concerns about job displacement.

  • Labor Concerns and Actions: Screenwriters and actors have expressed their concerns, notably through strikes in 2023, about AI replacing human jobs, achieving certain protections.

  • OpenAI's Strategy: OpenAI aims for a collaborative approach with the industry for the safe and phased deployment of AI, despite secrecy around the specifics of these partnerships.

Why It Matters:

OpenAI's approach has clarified the instrumental nature of Sora as a tool designed for human use. Additionally, their private meetings with Hollywood insiders highlight the determination to promote Sora and the importance of garnering support from within the industry.


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