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  • ๐Ÿ˜ฑGoogle AI excludes humans in creation.

๐Ÿ˜ฑGoogle AI excludes humans in creation.

Plus: ChatGPT reached $30M in one year.

Dear AI Enthusiasts!

In this issue of AI Secret, we delve into a thought-provoking question that has been making waves across the tech community: With the advent of Google's GNoME, are we on the brink of an era where human creativity and invention become obsolete?

On a contrasting note, we celebrate a monumental milestone in the AI industry. ChatGPT's mobile app has surpassed a staggering $30 million in revenue, underscoring the growing public fascination with AI technology.

This success story reflects an increasing acceptance and integration of AI in our daily lives, marking a stark contrast to the apprehensions surrounding AI's impact on human roles.

These two developments present a fascinating dichotomy - a blend of conflict and irony - as we witness AI simultaneously empowering and challenging our traditional notions of human contribution and creativity. Stay tuned as we explore these riveting topics in depth!

Todayโ€™s AI Secret:

  • Google AI GNoME excludes humans in material creation.

  • Jingle Bio is your innovative Link in Bio for personal brand.

  • 5 new AI tools to maximize your productivity.

  • Stability AI may be acquired by Jasper AI.

  • AI may prevent unnecessary chemotherapy for breast cancer patients.

  • ChatGPT's mobile apps reached around $30M in earnings after one year.

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Today's Headline

AI Secret: DeepMind's AI system by Google, known as graph networks for materials exploration (GNoME), has functioned to formulate new materials autonomously, excluding any need for human participation.

How powerful is GNoME?:

  • This system was trained using existing databases to suggest the composition of known materials and generated 2.2 million potential compounds, leading to a final list of 381,000 new inorganic substances.

  • GNOME could accelerate the creation of clean-energy materials, advanced electronics, etc., enhancing technologies like batteries and solar cells.

  • GNoME uses multiple strategies to predict more materials than previous AI systems. It not only swaps different atoms or ions in the material but also learns from unsuccessful attempts.

  • In cases where the initial method wasn't successful, GNOME will use an 'active learning' algorithm to devise a better procedure.

This daunting learning potential could render the human-t treasured creativity irrelevant. I can't contemplate the substantial transformation AI is capable of.


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Image Prompt: 2022 concept art illustrates Stability AI's unicorn status ascent after funding, hinting a potential sale due to investor pressure. It highlights the firm's image-building talent and tensions with investors like Coatue Management about leadership and finances.

Stability AI reached unicorn status in 2022 after raising $101 million, largely due to its software's ability to generate impressive imagery from minimal prompts., is considering a potential sale due to increasing investor pressure regarding the company's financial position. Potential buyers identified include Jasper, an AI startup focused on creating marketing materials.

This situation arose from escalating tensions between Stability AI and its investors, notably Coatue Management, which led a funding round valuing Stability AI at $1 billion. Coatue expressed concerns over Stability AI's CEO, the departure of senior managers, and the company's financial situation, which triggered calls for restructuring.


Image Prompt: Emphasizes the AI's progress in breast cancer treatment and highlights AI's analysis power for disease prognosis and personalized chemotherapy plans.

AI could significantly reduce the severity of chemotherapy treatments in breast cancer patients by more accurately predicting disease prognosis. A new AI tool was found to be more effective than pathologists at predicting breast cancer outcomes, potentially saving patients from unnecessary treatments. The tool identifies patients classified as high or intermediate risk who could be long-term survivors. By giving doctors a precise prediction of the disease progression, it could lead to weakened or shorter chemotherapy treatments. The research also highlights the importance of non-cancerous cells alongside cancerous ones in determining treatment plans.


Image Prompt: ChatGPT's first year marked with over 110M downloads and $30M revenue in mobile apps. Dominates on iOS and Android and earns significantly from in-app purchases and subscriptions particularly in India and the U.S.

ChatGPT marks its first anniversary, with its mobile apps achieving over 110 million installs and generating nearly $30 million in revenue. Its success credit goes partly to its mobile apps launched on iOS and Android in 2023. The AI chatbot generates income through in-app purchases for its ChatGPT Plus subscription, priced at $19.99 per month, providing various perks like faster responses. Data.ai, a mobile intelligence provider, reported these results. The downloads continue to climb, especially in India and the U.S, representing 18% and 17.5% of total downloads, respectively.

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