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  • GPT-5 leaked new features and release date.

GPT-5 leaked new features and release date.

Stability AI’s R&D team falls apart.

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This issue is brimming with anticipation as we stand on the cusp of a new era in AI technology. OpenAI has showcased the developing GPT-5 to select enterprise clients. Let's discover.

Today’s AI Secret:

  • GPT-5 leaked new features and release date.

  • Daily trending & featured AIs maximize your productivity.

  • Stability AI’s R&D team falls apart.

  • GitHub AI can now auto-fix code bugs.

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  • Google's $272M Fine - The French competition watchdog has fined Google $272 million, alleging that the tech giant used copyrighted content from EU media publishers to train its artificial intelligence chatbot, Gemini, thereby breaking previously made commitments.

  • Intel Wins $8.5 billion - Intel has been allotted up to $8.5 billion in direct funding from the U.S. federal government as part of the CHIPS Act. The initiative aims to ramp up semiconductor production in the United States.

  • Cohen Avoids Sanctions - Ex-Trump attorney Michael Cohen will not face sanctions for mistakenly providing his lawyer with fake case citations, generated using AI, in a recent trial related to Trump's alleged fraudulent practices.

  • Galaxy AI - Samsung is exploring ways to bring Galaxy AI features to the Galaxy S22 series, confirmed by the company's mobile division chief TM Roh at the 55th Annual General Meeting in Korea.


GPT-5 leaked new features and release date.

Imaged by Midjourney and Magna Ding

According to Business Insider, we can expect OpenAI to release GPT-5 around the middle of the year, possibly in the summer. Some companies have already had a sneak peek at this upgraded version of ChatGPT.

The Details:

  • Performance Enhancements: GPT-5 is reported to be "materially better" than its predecessor, with enhancements demonstrated in specific applications for businesses.

  • High Ratings and New Features: The CEO, after trying GPT-5, stated that it's a big step up. He noted that GPT-5 can enable AI agents to carry out tasks on their own.

  • Revealed by Sam Altman: Altman recognizes that GPT-5 shows promise and is significantly better than GPT-4, as discussed in his interview with Lex Fridman.

  • Development and Safety Protocols: OpenAI is concluding the training of GPT-5, with upcoming safety tests and external "red teaming" to ensure the model's reliability before public release.

Why It Matters:

"GPT-5 enables AI agents to perform tasks autonomously", signaling a leap in AI's ability to act without human input, thus widening its functional scope beyond text generation to more complex tasks.

In business, this translates to AI independently performing data analysis, report writing, email management, and coding. Robots could also execute physical tasks, streamlining productivity and altering work nature as AI assumes roles typically held by humans.

Socially, this brings profound shifts in employment, skill valuation, educational requirements, and necessitates novel regulations for AI oversight and safety.


Trending & Featured AIs.

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Stability AI’s R&D team falls apart.

Three of the five key researchers has left Stability AI, the troubled generative AI startup known for the Stable Diffusion text-to-image generation model.

The Details:

  • Research Departures: Three key researchers integral to Stable Diffusion's development are leaving Stability AI, including the team leader Robin Rombach.

  • Leadership Turnover: The company has experienced significant staff changes, including the replacement of its CTO and losses among its VP ranks and research teams.

  • Financial Strains: Despite fundraising successes, Stability AI is grappling with financial pressures, exacerbated by the high costs of computing resources.

  • Development Dispute: There's contention over Stability AI's claimed contributions to Stable Diffusion, with accusations of overstating its role beyond funding.

Why It Matters:

Robin Rombach's exit from Stability AI, where he was crucial in AI development including Stable Diffusion, poses challenges for the company. His role was integral to their success, and finding a suitable replacement may be difficult. This move might also concern investors and partners about the company's future.


GitHub AI can now auto-fix code bugs.

Provided by GitHub

GitHub has unveiled AI-powered features aimed at simplifying and automating the process of identifying and fixing bugs and security vulnerabilities within production code.

The Details:

  • GitHub's Beta Launch: GitHub unveils a beta of its code-scanning autofix feature, designed to identify and rectify security vulnerabilities during the coding phase, using GitHub Copilot and CodeQL.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: GitHub's new system is capable of remediating over two-thirds of found vulnerabilities, supporting JavaScript, Typescript, Java, and Python, and covering more than 90% of alert types.

  • Security Overview Dashboard: A comprehensive dashboard provides a holistic view of an organization's security posture, presenting trends, remediation effectiveness, and prevention measures in an accessible format.

Why It Matters:

GitHub's new AI-enhanced security tools mark a major improvement in protecting applications. These tools simplify and speed up the process for developers to find and solve security weaknesses. With automated vulnerability detection and suggested fixes, GitHub's updates lower the time and work needed to manage these issues.

Overall, GitHub's latest advancements underscore the potential of artificial intelligence to revolutionize security testing in the development process, providing a more efficient, effective, and accessible way for organizations to improve their security measures.

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