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Mark Zuckerberg emails Google's AI experts for hiring.

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The tech world is abuzz with the latest move by none other than Mark Zuckerberg, who is extending an olive branch across the rival company employees.

Additionally, we'll outline a few key features of Sora today. Artists are utilizing Sora to produce creative videos.

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Today’s AI Secret:

  • Mark Zuckerberg emails Google's AI experts for hiring.

  • AI robots are revolutionizing agriculture.

  • Daily trending & featured AIs boost your career and business.

  • Artists showcase Sora's 7 unique features in video.

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  • AI’s Impact - A survey conducted by Beautiful.ai reveals that 41% of managers aim to replace staff with cheaper AI in 2024.

  • Apple's Upcoming AI Strategy - Apple is anticipated to reveal its previously unannounced AI strategy during its annual Worldwide Developers Conference that will begin on June 10th.

  • AI for Marketers - Adobe has launched GenStudio, a tool that utilizes generative AI to help brands tailor their marketing content, ensuring it remains on-brand and effective.

  • Rules for AI - Canada is set to introduce stricter regulations for foreign investments in AI, quantum computing, and space technology to better conduct national-security reviews and protect sensitive data, as per Innovation Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne.

  • AI Risks Jobs - An Institute for Public Policy Research report predicts that almost 8 million UK jobs could be endangered due to the adoption of artificial intelligence, particularly affecting women, younger workers, and lower earners.


Mark Zuckerberg emails Google's AI experts for hiring.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, is actively hiring the best AI experts to strengthen Meta's lead in the artificial intelligence industry.

The Details:

  • Zuckerberg's Personal Outreach: Zuckerberg is reaching out to Google's DeepMind team members via email to invite them to collaborate.

  • Unconventional Hiring Practices: Meta reportedly offers jobs without conducting interviews and has relaxed its stance on salary negotiations for candidates with competing offers.

  • Strategic AI Investment: Zuckerberg reveals Meta's massive investment in AI, including acquiring over 340,000 Nvidia H100 GPUs and prioritizing AI for engineering and compute resources in 2024.

Why It Matters:

  • Talent Acquisition Battle: Zuckerberg's personal involvement in recruitment underscores the competitive battle for AI talent among tech giants.

  • AI as Strategic Priority: Meta's significant investments and strategic focus on AI highlight its ambition to be at the forefront of AI development and application.

  • Open-Source AI Development: By championing an open-source model, Meta positions itself differently from competitors, potentially fostering broader collaboration and innovation in the AI community.


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AI robots are revolutionizing agriculture.

AI Robot Theo

The Dutch tulip industry, famous for its colorful fields that draw tourists from around the world, is exploring the wider impact of AI on farming.

The Details:

  • Theo's Task: A boxy robot named Theo works tirelessly across tulip fields to identify and eliminate diseased bulbs, showcasing the application of AI in precision agriculture.

  • Crazy Efficiency: Theo works every day, including weekends and nights. He never grumbles, even though he spends hours doing hard work in the Dutch tulip fields, checking for diseased flowers – a task that would normally cause a lot of back pain for farm workers.

  • Technological Transformation: With 45 robots deployed across the Netherlands, this initiative marks a significant shift towards technology-driven solutions in combating plant diseases, specifically the tulip-breaking virus.

  • Generational Shift in Farming: Farming's shifting landscape merges old roles such as "sickness spotters" with new tech, transitioning to AI robots.

Why It Matters:

  • Innovation in Agriculture: This development signifies a broader trend of incorporating AI and robotics into agriculture, offering insights into how technology can enhance efficiency and disease management in farming.

  • Economic Considerations: The investment in such technology, despite its high cost, reflects a strategic approach to sustaining and enhancing agricultural productivity, with potential implications for the economic viability of traditional farming practices.

  • Technological Ethics and Sustainability: The narrative opens up discussions on the ethical considerations and sustainability of integrating AI into traditional sectors, examining the balance between technological advancement and the preservation of skilled labor.


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Artists showcase Sora's 7 unique features in video.

OpenAI invited seven artists to create short films using Sora, each one highlighting one of Sora's standout features.

They appear in the following sequence in the video:

  1. Reality Hybrid Creatures: Don Allen Stevenson III lauds Sora's uniqueness for defying physics and conventional thinking, which shifts his focus to creativity and enables swift visualization and prototyping.

  2. Visuals For Brands: Nik Kleverov uses Sora to quickly develop and fine-tune creative ideas for brand partners, indicating that tight budgets don't have to fully dictate creative storytelling.

  3. 3D Visuals and AR in Digital Fashion: Josephine Miller explains that Sora has the capability to make intricate and previously unfeasible ideas a reality. It also allows for the expression of creativity with less technical limitation.

  4. Limitless Creative Freedom: Director Paul Trillo explains Sora allows him to create without any limitations related to time, budget, or the need for approval.

  5. 3D Models Brought to Life: Alex transforms AI-generated images into 3D models, using them as a basis for physical sculptures and exploring photogrammetry applications.

  6. Air Head: Walter, director of Air Head, finds Sora's creation of surreal elements thrilling, heralding a new phase of abstract expressionism. He observes that storytellers globally now have the chance to share their narratives with the world.

  7. New Visual Art: August Kamp marks "Sora" as a transformative project. It bridged the gap between her imaginative scope and practical abilities. She anticipates that Sora will open up categorically new lanes of artistry.

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