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❗ Meta's Controversial Pursuit

Meta considered acquiring Simon & Schuster to train AI.

Hello, AI Enthusiasts!

In this issue, we delve into Meta's rumored plans to acquire Simon & Schuster, a renowned publishing house, a move speculated to fuel their ever-improving AI systems.


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  • Meta considered acquiring Simon & Schuster to train AI.

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  • Mailchimp blends AI with human ingenuity for tailored marketing campaigns.

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  • AI Essay Grading - The agency managing Texas Public Schools will substitute some human examiners with an AI-powered system to mark open-ended queries in the state-run standardised tests.

  • Adobe Purchases Videos - Adobe aims to develop artificial intelligence technology by buying videos for US$3 per minute for model training.

  • AI Supercomputer - Nvidia, in collaboration with Georgia Tech, announces the creation of the first AI supercomputer exclusively designed for student usage.

  • AI Enhances Retinal Imaging - The use of an AI method called 'P-GAN' has been found to make retinal imaging 100 times faster and to improve image contrast by 3.5-fold, as developed by researchers at the National Institutes of Health.

  • Google AI Photo Editing Tools - Google is set to roll out advanced photo editing tools, previously exclusive to Google One subscribers and Pixel owners, to all Google Photos users for free. These AI-powered tools include abilities to remove items, reposition subjects, sharpen images and balance lighting. The update will begin on May 15 and roll out over several weeks.


Meta considered acquiring Simon & Schuster to train AI.

Meta, the tech giant, plans to buy the renowned publisher Simon & Schuster. The goal is to access a large collection of books to train Meta's AI systems. This initiative highlights the tech industry's increasing demand for data to improve AI models and the ethical, legal, and professional implications that arise from such endeavors.

The Details:

  • Meta's Acquisition Strategy: Meta discussed purchasing Simon & Schuster to enhance its AI models with a broader range of training materials, including books, poems, and essays.

  • Legal and Ethical Concerns: Meta's plans involved using copyrighted content without permission, leading to discussions about potential lawsuits and ethical dilemmas regarding intellectual property rights.

  • Industry Response: The proposed acquisition raised questions within the publishing industry about the impact on authors' rights and the preservation of the publishing house's mission and integrity.

Why It Matters:

  • AI Training and Intellectual Property: The story underscores the tension between the need for comprehensive data sets to train AI models and the respect for copyright laws and ethical standards in using such data.

  • Impact on the Publishing Industry: It highlights concerns about how tech giants' interventions could transform traditional publishing and potentially undermine authors' rights and revenues.


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Trending AIs.

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🖌️ OpenArt is an AI image generator that aims to elevate and realize your creative vision.

💈 TryHairstyle creates multiple AI-generated hairstyles with just one selfie.

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Featured AIs.


Mailchimp blends AI with human ingenuity for tailored marketing campaigns.

The marketing team at Intuit Mailchimp successfully integrated AI into their daily workflow, leading to a very effective campaign.

The Details:

  • AI for Prototyping: The team used AI-driven image generators for creating and refining the "clustomer" concept prototypes. This involved multiple iterations, with each step adjusted based on team feedback to accurately reflect their vision.

  • Rapid Iteration and Optimization: AI enabled quick prototyping and concept validation, reducing discussions from several weeks to a single meeting. This accelerated decision-making and facilitated deeper discussions earlier.

  • Personalization and Localization: The team leveraged AI to adjust and localize their marketing messages for different markets. They used AI tools for tasks like adjusting spellings for different English-speaking markets or launching campaigns in new languages, maintaining detail control and quick market response.

  • Feedback Loop with Focus Groups: Using generative AI, various "clustomer" script versions were created to test different digital marketing concepts. Feedback from focus groups was quickly incorporated into the AI prototypes, enabling real-time refinement of visuals and messaging.

  • Human-AI Collaboration: The text highlights the importance of combining human intuition with machine speed. The marketing team depended on their interpretation of subtle feedback and adjusted AI prompts based on insights from focus groups for rapid prototype optimization.

  • Daily Experimentation and Application: Through daily small projects and experiments, the team built a collaborative relationship with AI tools, gradually improving their ability to solve problems and achieve objectives with AI. This continuous practice deepened their understanding of AI and enhanced efficiency in achieving business results.

Why It Matters:

  • AI as a Competitive Advantage: AI empowers teams to be more agile, innovative, and efficient, providing a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving market landscape.

  • Balancing AI and Human Creativity: The successful integration of AI in marketing campaigns showcases the importance of balancing technological capabilities with human insight and creativity.

  • Future of Marketing: AI working alongside humans is becoming key to creating effective campaigns. This approach emphasizes the need for ongoing trials with AI to remain current and competitive.

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