📽️ Sora‘s First Film

OpenAI Sora‘s first short film - "Air Head"

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Today’s AI Secret:

  • OpenAI Sora‘s first short film - "Air Head."

  • MITRE's new lab mitigates AI dangers.

  • Daily trending & featured AIs boost your career and business.

  • Pioneering Experiment in US: San Jose's AI initiative to detect homelessness.

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  • Apple In China - Apple partners with Baidu for AI integration in iPhones and Macs in China, using Baidu's approved Ernie Bot. This move complies with China's strict AI regulations.

  • AI In Funding - FundGuard, an AI-driven investment accounting firm, secured a $100M round led by Key1 Capital, with participation from Euclidean Capital, Hamilton Lane, and others. Valued at up to $400M, FundGuard has amassed over $150M since its 2018 inception.

  • Microsoft Bing Head Steps Down - Microsoft's Bing lead Mikhail Parakhin will seek a new role after the appointment of Mustafa Suleyman as AI head. Parakhin will report to CTO Kevin Scott during the transition.

  • AI In Music - In a podcast interview with Chris Difford, James Blunt joked about the shortcomings of AI in music, suggesting it lacks the human touch of flaws and character.

  • AI In Traditional TV - The BBC has ceased using AI for "Doctor Who" promotions following viewer complaints about its use in drafting promotional texts. The technology was trialed with two emails and notifications but after feedback, the BBC confirmed no further plans to employ AI for the series marketing.


OpenAI Sora‘s first short film - "Air Head."

Shy Kids, a multimedia production company in Toronto, creatively uses OpenAI Sora in their filmmaking process.

The Details:

  • Innovative Storytelling: Shy kids utilized Sora for their short film about a balloon man, illustrating the technology's potential in storytelling.

  • Surreal Possibilities: Walter Woodman emphasized Sora's ability to create surreal visuals, heralding a new era of abstract expressionism.

Why It Matters:

  • Expanding Creativity: Sora's technology enables creators to explore beyond traditional storytelling, opening doors to new forms of expression.

  • Abstract Expressionism Revival: The capability to generate surreal visuals paves the way for a resurgence in abstract expressionism in modern media.

  • Democratizing Film Production: With tools like Sora, filmmakers around the globe can showcase their stories, reducing barriers to entry in the film industry.


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MITRE's new lab mitigates AI dangers.

Provided by MITRE

MITRE has opened a new center called the AI Assurance and Discovery Lab. Its goal is to identify and control risks in AI systems.

The Details:

  • Lab Launch: MITRE opens AI Assurance and Discovery Lab with the help of U.S. Sen. Warner, Rep. Beyer, and Rep. Connolly. The lab aims to identify and mitigate risks in AI systems built to operate in high-stakes environments.

  • AI Assurance: MITRE defines AI assurance as a process of discovering, assessing, and managing risk throughout the lifecycle of an AI system. The new lab would evaluate AI systems for use in critical applications like national security, healthcare, and transportation.

  • Lab Facility: Based at MITRE’s McLean, Virginia headquarters, the lab boasts space for risk discovery in simulated environments, AI red teaming, and large language model evaluation. It can also be tailored for specific mission scenarios.

Why It Matters:

  • Impact of AI Systems: The AI systems will have consequential impacts on sectors like healthcare, transportation, and national security. Their adoption needs an independent assessment of security, safety, and efficacy.

  • Supporting Government and Private Sector: The new lab will provide an objective, independent analysis to both federal agencies and private companies for their own testing and evaluation of AI systems. The assurance from the lab would bolster confidence in these AI-enabled systems.


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Pioneering Experiment in US: San Jose's AI initiative to detect homelessness.

Provided by Guardian

The city of San Jose, California, has initiated a controversial project, leveraging AI to detect homeless encampments within its limits.

The Details:

  • AI Homelessness Detection: This pioneering experiment, a first of its kind in the United States, involves technology companies using cameras mounted on municipal vehicles to gather data on tents and vehicles serving as homes. This data is then used to train AI algorithms to recognize signs of homelessness.

  • Technology and Privacy Concerns: The project utilizes cameras on municipal vehicles, raising privacy issues and fears of misuse in the surveillance of vulnerable populations.

  • Public and Stakeholder Reaction: There's a mix of curiosity and concern among tech companies, city officials, and the public regarding the project's implications for privacy, ethical AI use, and the broader issue of homelessness.

Why It Matters:

This program could inspire other cities to use tech in solving social problems, shaping AI and surveillance policy. It targets city challenges like homelessness but sparks debate over privacy, poverty criminalization, and whether tech truly tackles homelessness at its core.

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