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Generative AI poses significant risk to translator jobs, survey shows.

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As AI continues to evolve, the professional landscape is metamorphosing, and various professions, including translation, are facing the trembling vibrations of this seismic change.

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  • Generative AI poses significant risk to translator jobs, survey shows.

  • AI Startup Tome shifts focus to revenue-generating sales teams.

  • Daily trending & featured AIs boost your career and business.

  • Microsoft will invest $1.5B in Emirati AI company G42.

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  • AI Hardware - Silicon Valley chip startup Rivos Inc. managed to raise more than $250 million as they target the booming AI market, with new backers including Intel Capital and Taiwan chip design firm MediaTek Inc. participating.

  • Ernie Bot - Baidu CEO Robin Li announced that Ernie Bot's application programming interface is utilized 200 million times daily, showing a high demand for the chatbot's services.

  • Deepfake Porn - Meta's Oversight Board to investigate the social platforms' responses to explicit AI-generated images, focusing on policy and enforcement practices.

  • AI-Generated Movie - TCLtv+ Studios announces the world's first fully AI-generated film, with the trailer of the short romantic comedy "Next Stop Paris" creating a buzz.


Generative AI poses significant risk to translator jobs, survey shows.

Image credit: AI Secret

The influence of generative AI on the translation industry has raised major worries among translators regarding their future earnings and job stability. A survey by the Society of Authors shows the varied impacts of AI on translation tasks, noting the differences between literary and commercial translation fields.

The Details:

  • Impact on Income: A significant number of translators report a decrease in income attributed to the adoption of AI in translation tasks.

  • Adaptation to AI: Some translators are using AI to support their work, although there's a clear division in how AI is impacting literary versus commercial translation.

  • Future of Literary Translation: Despite the intrusion of AI into simpler translation tasks, complex and nuanced literary translation remains predominantly human-driven.

Why It Matters:

  • Job Security Concerns: The increasing use of AI in translation poses threats to job security for translators, particularly those in commercial sectors.

  • Evolving Skills and Roles: Translators may need to adapt by focusing on more complex translations or enhancing their skills in post-editing AI-generated texts.


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AI Startup Tome shifts focus to revenue-generating sales teams.

Image credit: Tome

Tome, initially launched in 2022 with a generative AI tool for creating presentations, is restructuring to focus exclusively on its revenue-generating sales teams clientele.

The Details:

  • Staffing Changes: Tome plans to lay off about 20% of its workforce, particularly affecting the consumer go-to-market and product development teams. These positions will be replaced with roles more aligned with enterprise sales and business-to-business software development.

  • Strategic Refocus: The restructuring aims to hone in on a few thousand sales and marketing leaders who are currently using Tome's product, shifting from a broad, consumer-focused approach to a more targeted, revenue-centric strategy.

  • Enhanced Product Features: Tome is enhancing its AI capabilities to include features like scraping information from SEC filings and integrating Salesforce data, which are tailored specifically for the sales industry. This move is part of a broader strategy to provide more sophisticated, customized tools for its clients.

Why It Matters:

  • Business Model Evolution: Tome's pivot reflects a broader trend in the AI industry, moving away from the traditional Web 2.0 model of scaling user numbers before monetization, towards generating immediate revenue through targeted, premium services.

  • Market Adaptation: The shift shows Tome's response to market demands, focusing on what their paying customers need rather than maintaining a broader, less profitable user base. This change could set a precedent for how AI companies approach product-market fit in the future.


Trending AIs.

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🎓 fn7 Helix generates product outlines and provides Genius GPT masterclasses, all inspired by Harvard and Y-Combinator methodologies.

⏬ Generated Photos allows users explore and download images from the production-ready database.

📲 Angular provides debugging and profiling capabilities for Angular applications.

🧰 Wondershare provides creative and productivity tools for video editing, PDFs, diagrams, and data management.

Featured AIs.


Microsoft will invest $1.5B in Emirati AI company G42.

Image credit: AI Secret

Microsoft has invested in Abu Dhabi's AI company G42, which could have significant effects on the wider relationship between the U.S. and China. This move is intended to curb China's growing tech clout in the Gulf area. It highlights the fierce rivalry between the U.S. and China for leadership in artificial intelligence on a global scale.

The Details:

  • Strategic Board Inclusion: Brad Smith, Vice Chair and President of Microsoft, joins the board of G42, enhancing strategic oversight.

  • U.S.-UAE Collaboration: The deal, facilitated by the U.S. and UAE governments, aims to develop AI technologies adhering to high safety and trust standards.

  • Shift from Chinese Equipment: G42 agrees to remove Chinese equipment from its operations, notably Huawei, in alignment with U.S. security concerns.

Why It Matters:

  • Geopolitical Impact: The investment is a tactical move in the technological rivalry between the U.S. and China, focusing on AI dominance.

  • Innovation and Global Standards: The partnership is positioned to innovate while setting global benchmarks for the development and deployment of AI technologies.

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