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💥 AI Destroying Common Sense

AI models that cost $1 billion to train are being developed, and $100 billion models are on the horizon.

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In this edition, we delve into a critical insight shared by Anthropic CEO Dario Amodei. He has shed light on an escalating trend that all stakeholders in the AI industry must reckon with: the skyrocketing costs of training AI models.

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  • AI models that cost $1 billion to train are being developed, and $100 billion models are on the horizon.

  • Abu Dhabi investment firm Lunate now manages G42's China fund.

  • Daily trending & featured AIs boost your career and business.

  • Google announces new AI training tech is 13x faster and 10x more power-efficient.

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  • Amazon Terminates Astro - Amazon is shutting down all Astro for Business robots as of September 25, a mere ten months after their release.

  • Brookfield Amid AI Surge - Brookfield-backed French data center group Data4 is exploring a $2 billion debt deal as AI and cloud computing drive up demand.

  • ChatGPT's Coding Skills - Researchers find ChatGPT effective for coding tasks, though not always reliably and sometimes poor at fixing its own errors.

  • AI Health Coach - OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and Arianna Huffington revealed a new venture, "Thrive AI Health," aimed at harnessing artificial intelligence for hyper-personalized health coaching.


AI models that cost $1 billion to train are being developed, and $100 billion models are on the horizon.

Anthropic CEO Dario Amodei highlights an escalating trend in the costs of training AI models, predicting expenses could rise from millions to billions of dollars. This surge in costs is attributed to the exponential growth in computational power and sophistication required for newer AI models.

The Details:

  • Escalating Costs of AI: Current AI models like ChatGPT-4o cost around $100 million to train, but future models could require up to $100 billion due to advancements in complexity and capabilities.

  • Hardware and Infrastructure Demands: The significant increase in computational demands necessitates more powerful and expensive hardware, leading to substantial investments in GPUs and data centers.

  • Societal and Economic Implications: The high costs and technological advancements in AI could have profound impacts on economic structures, power consumption, and resource allocation globally.

Why It Matters:

  • Technological Progress and Cost: Understanding the balance between technological advancement and cost-efficiency is crucial for sustainable AI development.

  • Resource Allocation: The allocation of massive resources toward AI training could lead to scarcity and inflation, affecting global economic stability.

  • Future AI Capabilities: The potential capabilities of these expensive AI models raise questions about their impact on society, including ethical considerations and the displacement of jobs.


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Abu Dhabi investment firm Lunate now manages G42's China fund.

Image Credit: G42

The strategic reorganization of investment assets in Abu Dhabi has led to the establishment of Lunate, a new investment vehicle, taking control of a China-focused fund from the AI firm G42. This shift keeps significant investments under the influence of Sheikh Tahnoon bin Zayed Al Nahyan, a key member of Abu Dhabi's royal family, reflecting the emirate's intricate ties with both global technology and geopolitical strategies.

The Details:

  • Control Shift to Lunate: Lunate, aligned with Sheikh Tahnoon, has taken over the management of the 42XFund, previously under G42, highlighting a significant restructuring in investment strategies within Abu Dhabi.

  • Strategic Investments: The fund holds substantial stakes in major Chinese tech companies such as ByteDance and JD.com, indicating its deep financial integration with major global tech players.

  • Geopolitical Implications: Sheikh Tahnoon’s oversight of both G42 and Lunate, under the umbrella of the International Holding Company, positions the fund at a critical intersection of technology investment and geopolitical influence.

Why It Matters:

  • Impact on Global Tech Dynamics: The shift in control of the 42XFund to Lunate reflects broader trends in global tech investments, with significant capital moving towards influential tech giants.

  • Geopolitical Strategy: This move illustrates the strategic positioning of Abu Dhabi in the global tech landscape, balancing relationships with both Eastern and Western tech hubs.

  • Concerns Over Strategic Alignments: The involvement of Abu Dhabi’s royal family in such substantial tech investments has sparked discussions about the geopolitical alignments and strategic objectives, especially in relation to U.S. interests.


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Featured AIs.


Google announces new AI training tech is 13x faster and 10x more power-efficient.

Image Credit: AI Secret

Google DeepMind has developed a groundbreaking AI training method called JEST (Joint Example Selection Training), which promises to significantly enhance the speed and power efficiency of AI model training. This innovative approach is particularly timely, given the rising concerns about the environmental impact and power demands of AI technologies.

The Details:

  • Innovative Training Method: The JEST method optimizes AI training by selecting high-quality data batches, improving both the efficiency and speed of the learning process compared to traditional methods.

  • Environmental and Power Efficiency: By increasing training efficiency, JEST contributes to reducing the environmental footprint of AI development, addressing critical concerns about power usage in AI data centers.

  • Potential for Widespread Impact: The method's success in enhancing performance while reducing power and computational requirements suggests it could significantly influence future AI model training practices.

Why It Matters:

  • Advancement in AI Efficiency: JEST's ability to train models more efficiently could set a new standard for AI development, leading to more sustainable practices across the industry.

  • Reduction in Environmental Impact: As AI's power demands grow, JEST offers a potential solution to mitigate these demands, aligning with broader environmental goals.

  • Implications for Future AI Development: The adoption of JEST and similar technologies could reshape the economics of AI, making it feasible to train more advanced models without prohibitive costs or environmental impacts.

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