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The Washington Post named new leaders in newsroom restructure.

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In this edition, we're diving into a groundbreaking announcement straight from the floors of Computex. AMD has unveiled a comprehensive new AI strategy aimed at revolutionizing data centers, PCs, and edge devices.

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  • The Washington Post named new leaders in newsroom restructure.

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  • AMD unveils CPU, NPU and GPU strategy for AI data centers.

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  • Biden-Hur Interview Kept Private - The DOJ has decided to keep the audio interview between President Joe Biden and Special Counsel Robert Hur confidential, citing the threat of AI deepfakes.

  • AI Strategies at Taiwan Expo - Leading figures in AI and semiconductor industries, including Nvidia's Jensen Huang, will present their visions at Computex 2024 in Taipei, Taiwan, underscoring the island's pivotal role in advanced technology.

  • Dell Shares Drop 18% - Michael Dell’s wealth took a significant hit as Dell’s shares plummeted by 18% following disappointing financial results. The company's founder and CEO saw his net worth decrease by $11.7 billion, dropping to $107.1 billion.

  • AI-Generated Misinformation - A BBC investigation found that satirical and fake videos are often promoted to young people by social media algorithms, causing confusion and division. TikTok, as a key platform for political messaging, could heavily influence young voters with misleading content.


The Washington Post named new leaders in newsroom restructure.

Image Credit: AI Secret

Under the wave of AI, traditional media have been forced to change, leading to significant leadership transitions and strategic restructuring at The Washington Post.

The Details:

  • Leadership Transition: Sally Buzbee, the executive editor of The Washington Post, is stepping down after three years. Matt Murray will take over until the 2024 presidential election, after which Robert Winnett will assume the role.

  • Financial Challenges: The Washington Post has reported a $77 million loss in the past year, with site traffic halved since its 2020 peak, prompting a restructuring to address these challenges.

  • New Audience-Focused Division: A new division led by Murray will focus on better serving audiences with AI-assisted journalism and new flexible payment options, aiming to provide compelling, accurate news in innovative formats.

  • AI as a Copilot: The Post's chief technology officer highlighted AI's pervasive role, seeing it as a copilot in the newsroom, driving content creation, enhancing consumer engagement, and improving business operations.

  • AI-Enhanced Core News Division: The core news division will leverage AI to grow its subscriber base and develop professional products, moving away from a "one size fits all" approach to meet audience needs more effectively.

Why It Matters:

  • AI in Journalism: The integration of AI represents a transformative approach to journalism, enhancing content creation, personalization, and operational efficiency. AI's role as a copilot is central to The Washington Post's strategy, driving innovation in news delivery and audience engagement.

  • Personalized News Experience with AI: By leveraging AI, The Washington Post aims to create a more personalized news experience, meeting diverse audience preferences and consumption habits, and driving engagement through tailored content.

  • Innovative Use of AI in Core Operations: AI's integration into the core news division underscores its importance in professional product development, subscriber growth, and maintaining journalistic excellence in a rapidly evolving media landscape.


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AMD unveils CPU, NPU and GPU strategy for AI data centers.

AMD Ryzen AI 300 chip

AMD launches new AI strategy for data centers, PCs, and edge devices, detailed by CEO Lisa Su at Computex, includes CPUs, NPUs, and GPUs to enhance AI infrastructure with advanced technology and innovation.

The Details:

  • Unveiling CPU, NPU, and GPU Strategies: AMD introduced its plans for the CPU, NPU, and GPU architectures, emphasizing an end-to-end AI infrastructure spanning data centers to PCs. This includes the third generation of AMD AI-enabled mobile processors and the new AMD Instinct MI325X accelerator.

  • AMD Instinct Accelerator Roadmap: AMD presented an expanded AMD Instinct accelerator roadmap, including the MI325X accelerator set for Q4 2024 and the future MI350 and MI400 series, promising significant increases in AI inference performance and memory capabilities.

  • 5th Gen AMD EPYC Processors and Ryzen AI 300 Series: AMD previewed its 5th Gen AMD EPYC processors, continuing their leadership in performance and efficiency, and introduced the AMD Ryzen AI 300 Series processors for laptops and desktops, featuring the new "Zen 5" CPU core.

  • Edge AI Innovation: AMD highlighted its efforts in powering the next wave of AI innovation at the edge with the new AMD Versal AI Edge Series Gen 2, which integrates FPGA programmable logic, next-gen AI Engines, and embedded CPUs for a comprehensive adaptive solution for edge AI.

Why It Matters:

  • End-to-End AI Infrastructure: AMD's comprehensive approach to integrating AI capabilities from data centers to edge devices demonstrates its commitment to providing robust, scalable AI solutions across various computing environments.

  • Accelerated AI Performance: The introduction of the new AMD Instinct accelerators and the continued innovation in EPYC processors and Ryzen AI series signify significant advancements in AI performance and efficiency, crucial for handling complex AI workloads and applications.

  • Enhanced Edge AI Solutions: With the Versal AI Edge Series Gen 2, AMD is positioned to drive innovation in edge AI applications, impacting various industries such as automotive, genomics, and energy with real-time, adaptive computing solutions.

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