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Game maker is more open to collaborating with AI artists.

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In this issue, a card game developer, who has taken a leap into the futuristic realm of AI creativity. The company's bold decision has sparked lively debates on the broader implications of such a shift regarding ethics and quality in the realm of game art.


  • Game maker is more open to collaborating with AI artists.

  • Adobe announces its Firefly AI is more “ethical.”

  • Daily trending & featured AIs boost your career and business.

  • Google and MIT RAISE create AI course for educators.

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  • Cathie Wood Invests in OpenAI - Cathie Wood's Ark Invest has recently purchased a stake in OpenAI, underlining the growing significance and influence of AI in global markets.

  • Sakana AI Makes A Splash - A startup founded by former Google researchers empowers Japan’s AI field with new AI models and draws significant attention and investment.

  • Apple Stock Surge - Apple Inc.'s strategic shift towards artificial intelligence has boosted its stock, adding $112 billion in market value and representing a significant growth opportunity with new AI-enabled Macs and iPhones on the horizon.

  • AI for Offside Calls - The Premier League announces the introduction of AI-based player tracking technology in offside decisions from next season.

  • China to Remove Foreign-made Chips - China plans to phase out foreign-made chips, such as those from Intel and AMD, from its telecom systems by 2027, potentially affecting a significant segment of the companies' revenues.


Game maker is more open to collaborating with AI artists.

Provided by Champions TCG

Champions of Otherworldly Magic, a card game developer, swapped traditional art for AI-created designs to boost efficiency and cut costs, sparking debates on ethics and quality in game art.

The Details:

  • Efficient Production: The AI artist, paid $15,000 monthly, produces hundreds of artworks in just 10 hours, demonstrating significant speed and efficiency compared to traditional methods.

  • Artistic Quality: Despite the speed, the artwork is praised for having no errors like extra fingers or generic designs, and includes consistent evolutions, skins, and alternate art styles.

  • Economic Impact: Champions TCG has successfully generated about $500K in revenue from card sales, notably from NFTs and traditional transactions, suggesting a viable business model.

Why It Matters:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: The use of AI allows the company to produce high volumes of art at a lower cost than traditional artist teams, raising questions about the economic structure of creative industries.

  • Quality and Perception: The mixed reactions to the AI-generated artwork—ranging from acceptance to skepticism—highlight challenges in public acceptance and the perceived value of AI in creative processes.


Adobe announces its Firefly AI is more “ethical.”

Imaged by Magna Ding

Adobe's new AI tool Firefly, initially claimed to use only its stock images, also trained on content from rivals like Midjourney and Dall-E. This raises ethical concerns and reflects the AI industry's complexity and competition.

The Details:

  • A Safe AI: Adobe promoted Firefly as safer due to its reliance on licensed and public domain images.

  • Propaganda Distorts Reality: Firefly was trained using a unlicensed images and content, including that from competitors such as Midjourney, OpenAI, and Stability AI.

  • Ethical and Transparency Issues: Adobe's partial reliance on competitors' AI-generated images contrasts with its public claims of ethical superiority and commercial safety, raising issues about transparency and ethical consistency in AI development.

Why It Matters:

  • Trust Among Users and Contributors: The discovery of Adobe's training practices might affect the trust of users and contributors, particularly those involved in Adobe Stock, impacting user engagement and content contribution.

  • Regulatory Considerations and Industry Standards: The situation underscores the need for clearer industry standards and possibly stricter regulations to govern the ethical use of AI-generated content in commercial applications.


Trending AIs.

🎙️ Dublai offers dubbing services for audios and videos with AI.

💡 WisdomPlan is your personalized learning journey.

🔓 Empai decodes hidden meanings in human interaction.

🎯 Campedia is an AI Camera that answers any question.

👩‍🍳 Taste Bud is your AI-powered sous chef.

Featured AIs.


Google and MIT RAISE create AI course for educators.

Imaged by Magna Ding

The introduction of the Generative AI for Educators course by Grow with Google, in collaboration with MIT RAISE, marks a significant step toward integrating AI into educational environments. This initiative aims to equip teachers with AI tools to enhance lesson planning, tailor instruction, and streamline daily tasks, ultimately supporting more effective and personalized education.

The Details:

  • AI-Powered Education Tools: The course trains teachers to use generative AI for creating dynamic lesson plans and class materials tailored to diverse student needs and interests.

  • Personalized Instruction: It emphasizes the use of AI in customizing lessons for different reading levels within a classroom, addressing individual student capabilities.

  • Efficiency in Tasks: Generative AI assists teachers with routine administrative tasks, such as drafting correspondence and creating lesson summaries for absent students.

Why It Matters:

  • Enhancing Teaching Methods: Utilizing AI in education can transform traditional teaching methods, making them more engaging and efficient.

  • Supporting Teacher Development: The course offers teachers an opportunity to acquire new skills in AI, potentially earning PD credits, fostering professional growth.

  • Broad Accessibility: With multiple school districts across the U.S. offering this course, it demonstrates a scalable model for implementing AI tools in education.

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