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US Air Force's AI wins initial dogfight test.

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In this issue, we're touching the sky with a groundbreaking news item that has stirred considerable intrigue in the AI industry: the U.S. Air Force has officially confirmed that an AI-controlled jet has successfully outflown a human pilot in a simulated dogfight!

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  • US Air Force's AI wins initial dogfight test.

  • Meta new AI assistant, built with Llama 3.

  • Daily trending & featured AIs boost your career and business.

  • CEOs worry AI could replace them.

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  • Stability AI Layoffs - Stability AI has laid off roughly 10% of its workforce amid company-wide upheaval, which includes the departure of its founding CEO.

  • New Robot - Boston Dynamics heralds a new era with the introduction of its dynamic, all-electric Atlas robot, designed to offer superior movement and efficiency.

  • Slack AI - Slack is rolling out its AI tools to all paying customers, offering features such as channel and thread recaps, conversational search, and language support.

  • Power Demand - A 900% increase in power demand from data centers in the Chicago area is expected due to the rise of artificial intelligence, says Exelon Corp. CEO.

  • NVIDIA Boosts Llama 3 - NVIDIA has announced optimizations across all platforms to accelerate the Meta Llama 3, the latest large language model, introducing further advancements in generative AI.


US Air Force's AI wins initial dogfight test.

Image credit: DARPA

The U.S. Air Force has confirmed that an AI controlled jet has successfully outflown a human pilot in a simulated dogfight. This test, managed by DARPA, showcases the increasing importance of AI in military aviation.

The Details:

  • Historic Milestone: An AI-controlled jet engaged in a "dogfight" with a human-piloted F-16, showcasing the first-ever use of machine-learning-based autonomy in crucial flight systems.

  • Testing Grounds: The AI pilot was tested at Edwards Air Force Base in California, using an X-62A VISTA to perform complex aerial maneuvers during the simulated engagement.

  • Performance and Safety: Despite the high-risk maneuvers performed at speeds reaching 1,200 mph, the human pilots on board the AI-controlled jet did not need to use the emergency safety switch, indicating a robust performance by the AI.

  • Ongoing Development: DARPA has conducted 21 test flights and plans to continue this research through 2024, pushing the boundaries of AI capabilities in military aviation.

Why It Matters:

  • AI in Military Tech: This development signifies a pivotal shift in military technology, showcasing potential future applications where AI could manage or assist in high-stress, high-speed decision-making environments.

  • Future of Air Combat: The ongoing tests could lead to new tactics and strategies in aerial combat, potentially leading to a redefined role for human pilots and the future structure of air forces globally.


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Meta new AI assistant, built with Llama 3.

Image credit: Meta

Meta AI is growing worldwide, powered by the advanced Meta Llama 3 technology. This AI assistant is made to blend smoothly into your daily tasks across various Meta platforms. It improves your experience by adding smart features and making it accessible to users everywhere.

The Details:

  • Enhanced Assistant Capabilities: Meta AI, powered by Meta Llama 3, is now more intelligent and accessible, helping users with practical tasks like planning meals, studying, and more, across different Meta apps without switching interfaces.

  • Global Rollout: The rollout of Meta AI extends to over a dozen countries outside the US, making it globally available in multiple languages, thereby broadening its reach and impact.

  • Creative and Real-Time Features: Meta AI now offers faster image generation capabilities and real-time assistance, such as generating decor inspiration or planning social events directly within the app environment.

Why It Matters:

  • Technological Innovation and Accessibility: The development represents a significant step in AI technology, making powerful tools more accessible and usable in everyday scenarios across the globe.

  • Impact on User Engagement and Productivity: By integrating Meta AI across popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger, Meta is enhancing user engagement and providing tools that boost productivity and creativity.

  • Expansion of AI Features: The introduction of new features like real-time image generation and the ability to animate images underscores the rapid evolution of AI capabilities, setting new standards for interaction and creativity in digital spaces.


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CEOs worry AI could replace them.

Image credit: AI Secret

CEOs are increasingly worried that AI might replace not just regular jobs but also high-level positions, including their own. This worry is made worse by the fact that many business leaders are now dependent on AI tools, like ChatGPT, for important business choices.

The Details:

  • Executive Anxiety: A significant portion of CEOs, as reported by AND Digital, fear AI might render their roles obsolete, with 43% believing AI could take their jobs.

  • Ethical and Operational Concerns: Despite their reliance on AI for decision-making, these leaders claim that ethical considerations in AI adoption are a priority, highlighting a potential disconnect between their actions and stated priorities.

  • Digital Literacy Initiatives: In response to the challenges posed by AI, about 76% of CEOs are investing in training programs to increase digital literacy among their employees.

Why It Matters:

  • Impact on Leadership Roles: The potential for AI to replace executive positions challenges traditional views on leadership and decision-making in business.

  • Ethical Implications: The tension between the use of AI for operational efficiency and ethical considerations raises important questions about the future of work and corporate responsibility.

  • Preparation for Technological Integration: The focus on training for digital literacy underscores the need for a workforce that is adaptable and skilled in leveraging new technologies effectively.

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