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Meta will invest billions more in AI.

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In this edition, we delve into Meta's recent financial announcements - a projection of lower-than-expected revenue coupled with an intention to significantly boost AI spending, even in the face of a robust first-quarter performance.

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  • Meta will invest billions more in AI.

  • Ex-athletic director arrested for framing principal with fake AI voice.

  • Daily trending & featured AIs boost your career and business.

  • Microsoft surpasses profit forecasts with AI expansion.

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  • AI in Drug - Xaira aims to use University of Washington’s AI for designing 3D molecular structures, starting with a $1 billion fund. The goal is to use AI advancements to pioneer drug development and innovate design in the industry.

  • AI Chatbot Priest - An AI priest named 'Father Justin,' created by Catholic advocacy group Catholic Answers, was swiftly defrocked after it was found to be providing erroneous information, even claiming that it was a real clergy member.

  • xAI Raises $6B - Elon Musk's AI startup, xAI, is reportedly closing a $6 billion funding round, with Musk’s social network, X, participating as a notable shareholder.

  • Call Centres - Tata Consultancy Services CEO warns AI might eliminate the need for call centres within a year.

  • AI Ethics Pledge - Chuck Robbins, CEO of Cisco Systems, meets with Pope Francis and becomes the latest tech leader to sign the Vatican’s AI ethics pledge.


Meta will invest billions more in AI.

Image credit: AI Secret

Meta projected lower-than-expected revenue and announced plans to significantly increase AI spending, despite a strong first-quarter performance.

The Details:

  • Meta's Financial Outlook: The company reported robust earnings for the first quarter, with a revenue of $36.5 billion, a 27% increase from the previous year, and a profit of $12.4 billion. However, they project lower-than-expected revenue for the current quarter.

  • Investing in AI: Meta plans to increase its spending on AI infrastructure significantly. The estimation for the year is projected to rise to between $35 billion and $40 billion, considerably higher than the previous range of $30 billion to $37 billion.

  • Reason for Increased Spending: These costly expenditures stem from Meta's heavy investments in AI infrastructure, including data centers, chip designs, and research and development.

Why It Matters:

  • AI Development: Meta's increased commitment to AI underscores its repositioning and the industry's broad interest in artificial intelligence. This could shape future trends in technology and social media.

  • Long-Term Effects of Investment: The significant financial commitment to AI infrastructure and R&D could potentially have long-term implications for the company's profitability and position in the tech market.


Ex-athletic director arrested for framing principal with fake AI voice.

Dazhon Darien, a former athletic director at Pikesville High School, Baltimore, was arrested for allegedly using AI to imitate the voice of the school's Principal, Eric Eiswert. He was accused of creating a fraudulent recording of Eiswert uttering racist and antisemitic comments, causing public outcry.

The Details:

  • Director's Arrest: Darien was apprehended at BWI Airport as he attempted to board a flight to Houston and was charged with disrupting school activities. He was also found to be carrying a firearm.

  • AI Framing Investigation: Authorities determined the audio clips were synthetic, produced using OpenAI tools and "Large Language Models," and released by Darien on social media. The clips falsely portrayed Eiswert making derogatory comments about black students and the Jewish community, causing a wave of negative reactions.

  • Retaliatory Motive: The police believe that Darien initiated this deception as an act of retaliation against Eiswert, who had started an investigation into irregular payments Darien had made to a school athletics coach, who also happened to be Darien’s roommate.

  • False Audio's Dire Consequences: The fake audio caused significant disruptions within the school, led to Eiswert’s temporary removal, and triggered hate-filled messages on social media and calls to the school.

Why It Matters:

  • Damaging Trust: The circulation of the false audio has severely damaged trust within the school among students, staff, and administration, and within the wider community, demonstrating the destructive power of AI manipulated content.

  • AI Misuse: The incident implies a gap in current legislation to handle the misuse of AI technologies effectively, suggesting a need for legal adaptions to consider the advancement of these technologies.

  • Need for AI Regulations: Despite this incident being prosecuted, there are still few regulations to prevent AI imitations, or deepfakes, which could potentially lead to more such cases in the future, showing a pressing need to frame effective regulations around AI technology use.


Trending AIs.

🧰 Wondershare provides creative and productivity tools for video editing, PDFs, diagrams, and data management.

📋 CareerCompanion generates interview questions from a job description.

🏞️ NewFuku revolutionizes your photos with AI that changes backgrounds in seconds!

🎼 Chorus helps creative songwriters improve their lyrics.

🪪 Onfido creates trust at onboarding and beyond with an AI-powered digital identity solution.

Featured AIs.


Microsoft surpasses profit forecasts with AI expansion.

Image credit: AI Secret

Microsoft surpassed expectations in its latest quarter, with cloud business revenue up 17% to $61.9 billion, boosted by AI and Azure growth of 31%. Post-announcement, Microsoft's stock price rose nearly 4%.

The Details:

  • Cloud Business Boosts: Microsoft's Azure and other cloud services grew by 31% in the previous quarter, with AI contributing significantly to this growth.

  • Robust Quarterly Revenue: Microsoft succeeded in surpassing sales and earnings expectations for the previous quarter, achieving a revenue of $61.9 billion, noticeably ahead of estimates around $60.8 billion.

  • Security as Top Priority: Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella is focusing more on security amid recent criticism due to several major cybersecurity issues, announcing plans to intensify efforts in this crucial area.

Why It Matters:

  • AI Driven Revenue Increase: Among other tech firms, Microsoft stands out considerably for reporting a significant growth in revenue attributed to advancements in AI.

  • Increase in Microsoft Share Value: Following the announcement of higher than expected sales and earnings, Microsoft share value rose in after-hours trading.

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