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Instagram co-founder is Anthropic’s new chief product officer.

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Anthropic, a forward-thinking AI startup and key competitor to OpenAI, has made a strategic move by appointing Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger as its new chief product officer.

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  • Instagram co-founder is Anthropic’s new chief product officer.

  • Scammers use AI to exploit job seekers.

  • Daily trending & featured AIs boost your career and business.

  • Microsoft employs AI for community safety in voice chats, but challenges remain.

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  • AI Regulation Roadmap - A new bipartisan report urges $32B annually for non-defense AI research to maintain U.S. technological leadership over China.

  • Against AI Release - The children of Steve Marriott, the iconic frontman of Humble Pie and Small Faces, are fighting against their late father's estate to stop the release of AI-generated music.

  • ElevenLabs Launches New App - ElevenLabs is a unicorn startup specializing in AI voice cloning technology, has launched its first general consumer product, the ElevenLabs Reader: AI Audio app.

  • AI Robot’s Speech - At D’Youville University's spring commencement, an AI robot named Sophia spoke to over 2,000 attendees.

  • JPMorgan's AI-Driven Commodity Surge - Investors anticipate AI infrastructure demands, boosting commodity markets despite inflation control efforts.


Instagram co-founder is Anthropic’s new chief product officer.

Mike Krieger

Anthropic, an AI startup and competitor to OpenAI, has hired Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger as its chief product officer. Krieger will lead the company's product engineering, management, and design efforts, aiming to expand its AI business applications and bring its Claude chatbot to a wider audience.

The Details:

  • Leadership Appointment: Mike Krieger, co-founder and former CTO of Instagram, has joined Anthropic as chief product officer. He will oversee product engineering, management, and design.

  • Product Expansion: Krieger's role includes expanding Anthropic's suite of AI business applications and increasing the reach of the Claude chatbot. He will also manage enterprise services, subscriptions, and software offerings.

  • Recent Developments: Anthropic launched its Claude 3 AI models in March and released a business version and a Claude iOS app in the following months.

  • Background: Krieger co-founded Instagram with Kevin Systrom in 2010 and sold it to Facebook for $1 billion in 2012. He left Instagram in 2018 and later launched Artifact, an AI news app, which was sold to Yahoo last month.

Why It Matters:

  • Industry Impact: Mike Krieger's expertise and experience are expected to significantly enhance Anthropic's product development and market presence, strengthening its position as a competitor to OpenAI.

  • Product Innovation: Krieger's leadership in expanding the suite of AI applications and improving the Claude chatbot could lead to innovative solutions and increased adoption in the enterprise sector.

  • Strategic Moves: Anthropic's strategic hire of a high-profile industry figure underscores its commitment to growth and innovation in the AI space, signaling potential advancements and increased competition in the market.


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Scammers use AI to exploit job seekers.

Image Credit: AI Secret

Scammers are increasingly using AI to create convincing job scams, targeting individuals through platforms like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Facebook. These scams often involve fake job offers and sophisticated impersonation of legitimate companies, exploiting vulnerable job seekers.

The Details:

  • Scammer Tactics: Scammers send emails posing as well-known companies, offering lucrative job opportunities. Victims, like Jessica Brown, are lured with attractive offers and asked to perform tasks such as cashing checks to purchase office equipment.

  • Increased AI Use: The use of AI has significantly improved the quality of fake checks and letters, making scams harder to detect. AI-generated templates and profiles look highly legitimate, increasing the effectiveness of these scams.

  • Company Responses: Companies like Synterex, whose identities are impersonated, are taking steps to warn the public and protect their brands. Measures include publishing warnings, creating official accounts on job platforms, and filing complaints with authorities.

Why It Matters:

  • Job Seeker Vulnerability: These scams prey on individuals who are often in desperate financial situations, making them more susceptible to falling for fraudulent job offers.

  • Technological Exploitation: The use of AI by scammers demonstrates how technology can be exploited for malicious purposes, highlighting the need for increased vigilance and improved detection methods.

  • Corporate Responsibility: The response of companies like Synterex underscores the importance of corporate responsibility in addressing and mitigating the impact of such scams on the public.


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Microsoft employs AI for community safety in voice chats, but challenges remain.

Image Credit: AI Secret

Microsoft is leveraging AI to enhance player safety and identify harmful content within the Xbox gaming community. This initiative is part of Microsoft's broader commitment to transparency and player safety.

The Details:

  • AI for Player Safety: Microsoft uses AI for auto-labelling and image pattern matching to identify harmful words, phrases, and toxic imagery from player reports. This helps community moderators focus on the most critical instances.

  • Voice Reporting Feature: Introduced last year, this feature allows Xbox players to capture video clips of in-game voice chat to submit for review. Since its launch, 138,000 voice records have been captured, leading to significant improvements in player behavior.

  • Enforcement Strike System: The enforcement strike system matches bad behavior with an appropriate strike. Since its introduction, 88% of players receiving a strike have not faced further enforcement, indicating the system's effectiveness.

  • Ongoing Challenges: Despite these advancements, issues like toxicity and misogyny in gaming voice chat remain widespread. High-profile cases, such as the abuse faced by Twitch streamer Taylor Morgan, highlight the need for continued efforts to improve online safety.

  • AI Ethics and Development: While Microsoft's use of AI is promising, it’s worth noting the company laid off its entire AI ethics and society team last year. However, the Office of Responsible AI remains active and continues to publish guidelines and standards for responsible AI use.

  • Partnerships and Future AI Tools: Microsoft announced a partnership with Inworld AI to provide AI tools for Xbox studios, including a design copilot and character runtime engine. These generative AI tools aim to enhance game design and development.

Why It Matters:

  • Enhancing Player Safety: Microsoft’s use of AI to improve player safety demonstrates a proactive approach to addressing harmful content and creating a safer online gaming environment.

  • Behavioral Improvement: The positive impact of the voice reporting feature and enforcement strike system indicates that AI can effectively reduce toxic behavior in online gaming communities.

  • Ethical Considerations: The layoff of the AI ethics team raises concerns about the balance between AI advancements and ethical oversight, emphasizing the need for responsible AI practices.

  • Future Innovations: Partnerships with AI companies and the development of new AI tools for game design showcase Microsoft’s commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology into gaming, potentially transforming the industry.

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