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  • .AI Domain Names Appreciates by $20 Million this year.

.AI Domain Names Appreciates by $20 Million this year.

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  1. 💵.AI Domain Names Appreciates by $20 Million this year.

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Tech entrepreneur, Ian Leaman, found the need to purchase a domain name, Pantry.ai for his newly established AI startup, but quickly realized it would come at a high cost, as it had already been registered. Negotiations were made, and he eventually secured the domain for $12,000.

🗝️ What you should know:

  • The cost of AI domain names is at a peak given the rising interest in AI startups and technology. For instance, the domain names npc.ai and service.ai were sold for $250,000 and $127,500 respectively.

  • The total value of all domain names including AI reportedly increased to $20 million in August, a sizeable increment compared to the previous year's $7 million.

  • The domain names related to AI are reportedly purchased by startups looking to secure their online names and speculators intending to resell these domains for profit. One instance had an AI domain being bought for $300,000 and later sold for $1.5m.

  • Having a concise, easily memorable domain name could potentially enhance company visibility in internet search results and be better remembered by consumers. It can also be viewed as a permanent discount on your marketing budget.

Leaman believes that having the .ai suffix in a domain name is beneficial, as it represents the AI used by his company. Despite the high costs, demand for AI-related website addresses continues to rise.

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  • Voc AI Chatbot resolves 80% of your support questions with the power of AI.

  • Sheet AI puts AI in your Google Sheets.

  • Limecube designs websites in seconds using AI.

  • Morise AI reads your videos and generates everything in seconds.

  • Storyboard Hero helps you collaborate and design captivating visuals.

  • AlTable.ai turns tables into AI chatbots for your website & social media.

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