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Altman introduces ChatGPT Enterprise to Fortune 500, including Microsoft clients.

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  • Altman introduces ChatGPT Enterprise to Fortune 500, including Microsoft clients.

  • Meta is testing an AI-powered search bar in Instagram.

  • Daily trending & featured AIs boost your career and business.

  • Huawei's debut AI PC has ignited political debates in the US.

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  • A Bigger Market - The United States has become Taiwan's largest export market, driven by increasing demand for microchip products and AI technology.

  • OpenAI Dismisses Two Researchers - Leopold Aschenbrenner and Pavel Izmailov have been fired by OpenAI over alleged information leaks.

  • AI Romance Boom - Former WeWork executive Greg Isenberg predicts that the emerging AI girlfriends industry could become a billion-dollar market in the future.

  • AI Obituary Scam - An online scam is utilizing AI to create fake obituary websites, trying to exploit those mourning the loss of someone to make illicit gains.

  • Leaked Drake Diss Track - Fans are in debate over a recently leaked diss track reportedly by Drake, with many unsure whether the track is genuinely from the rapper or an artificially generated creation.


Altman introduces ChatGPT Enterprise to Fortune 500, including Microsoft clients.

Image credit: OpenAI

Sam Altman has presented ChatGPT Enterprise, a new AI service designed to improve business operations, to top Fortune 500 companies. This cutting-edge tool, including the Sora model, offers advanced AI solutions for the corporate world.

The Details:

  • Global Pitch Sessions: OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and COO Brad Lightcap hosted pitch meetings in San Francisco, New York, and London, targeting corporate leaders to introduce ChatGPT Enterprise.

  • Product Demonstrations: They showcased the capabilities of ChatGPT Enterprise and the new text-to-video model, Sora, along with other AI technologies through live demos.

  • Privacy and Security Commitments: The privacy and security measures of ChatGPT Enterprise, including encryption and non-use of business data for model training.

Why It Matters:

  • Expanding Corporate Reach: OpenAI's aggressive pitch to Fortune 500 companies indicates its intent to deepen AI integration in major business operations.

  • Trust and Security in AI: By ensuring encryption and data privacy, OpenAI addresses major concerns regarding AI in business, aiming to build trust among corporate clients.


Meta is testing an AI-powered search bar in Instagram.

Image credit: Meta

Meta is advancing its generative AI technologies by integrating them into popular platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp.

The Details:

  • AI Integration in Instagram: Meta is testing a feature that uses generative AI in the Instagram search bar to facilitate direct messaging with Meta AI.

  • Content Discovery: The AI-powered search allows users to discover Instagram content such as Reels by inputting prompts relevant to their interests.

  • Design and Influence: The interface design for this feature is noted to resemble that of Perplexity AI, indicating possible inspiration or influence in its development.

Why It Matters:

  • Enhanced User Engagement: By integrating AI into the search functionality, Meta aims to create a more engaging and interactive user experience.

  • Competitive Edge: The introduction of generative AI in Instagram could help Meta compete more effectively with other platforms like TikTok, particularly in terms of content discoverability.

  • Broader AI Adoption: Metas initiative reflects a larger trend of incorporating advanced AI technologies into mainstream applications, potentially setting a precedent for other tech companies.


Trending AIs.

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 ShipGPT turns your apps into AI apps or build a new one.

PhotoPacks.AI elevates your photos from ordinary to extraordinary.

汙 AIGA empowers your workforce with intelligent agents.

 Chatlease is an AI assistant for real estate professionals.

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Huawei's debut AI PC has ignited political debates in the US.

Image credit: Huawei

Huawei, a leading Chinese tech corporation, is releasing its first laptop with AI capabilities, powered by an Intel processor from the United States. This move has caused a stir in American political circles.

The Details:

  • Huawei's AI PC: The new MateBook X Pro is equipped with Intel's Core Ultra 9 processor, which features an AI accelerator.

  • Pangu AI Integration: Huawei has incorporated an internally developed large language model called Pangu into the MateBook X Pro, enhancing its capabilities.

  • Political Backlash: The launch of the laptop has led to criticism from GOP lawmakers, who view it as a failure by the U.S. Commerce Department to prevent Intel from supplying chips to Huawei.

  • License Controversy: Despite Huawei being on a trade blacklist, the Trump administration granted a license allowing Intel to sell laptop processors to Huawei, a decision now under scrutiny.

Why It Matters:

  • U.S.-China Tech Rivalry: The ongoing disputes over licenses and technology sharing underscore the broader U.S.-China technology rivalry and its implications for global tech leadership.

  • Policy Continuity and Changes: The debate over whether to revoke or extend the license for Intel reflects challenges in U.S. policy continuity across different administrations, impacting international business operations.

  • Impact on Global Semiconductor Industry: The potential sanctions and license decisions could significantly affect the semiconductor industry, influencing supply chains and international trade relations.

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