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OpenAI & Stack Overflow team up to bring technical knowledge to ChatGPT.

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In this edition, we're excited to bring you the exclusive details of the groundbreaking partnership between OpenAI and Stack Overflow.

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  • OpenAI & Stack Overflow team up to bring technical knowledge to ChatGPT.

  • Grieving people using AI to talk to the deceased.

  • Daily trending & featured AIs boost your career and business.

  • Amazon invests $9B to expand cloud services in Singapore.

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  • Bold Vision for Space Exploration - Elon Musk discussed space, declining birth rates, free speech, and AI at the Milken Global Conference, but did not mention Tesla.

  • Super Smart Personal Companion - OpenAI CEO Sam Altman envisions a future where AI will possess detailed knowledge of its users' lives, making it a highly competent personal assistant.

  • AI Scandal - Fake photos of Katy Perry go viral, fooling internet users.

  • AI Audiobooks - Amazon's new virtual narration tool is changing the game for indie authors by revolutionizing the way audiobooks are created.


OpenAI & Stack Overflow team up to bring technical knowledge to ChatGPT.

Image Credit: AI Secret

OpenAI and Stack Overflow have joined forces to enhance ChatGPT with technical knowledge sourced directly from Stack Overflow's developer community. This partnership will integrate trusted coding information into the AI assistant while helping Stack Overflow leverage OpenAI's large language models to enhance its own products.

The Details:

  • OpenAI-Stack Overflow Integration: OpenAI will integrate Stack Overflow's API into ChatGPT, providing direct access to Stack Overflow's archive of developer knowledge. This will help users receive accurate, community-vetted coding information while fostering deeper engagement.

  • Attribution and Feedback: Stack Overflow content will be linked and attributed in ChatGPT, allowing developers to access the original sources easily. In return, OpenAI will receive valuable feedback from the Stack Overflow community to improve its models.

  • Overflow AI Enhancement: Stack Overflow will expand its generative AI application, Overflow AI, using OpenAI models. This will enable AI-powered natural language search and feedback-driven improvements, providing more valuable technical products for users.

Why It Matters:

  • Improved Technical Support: The collaboration improves access to accurate technical information for developers seeking guidance via ChatGPT, boosting productivity with relevant, community-validated answers.

  • Enhanced Community Engagement: Attribution and feedback mechanisms deepen engagement with the Stack Overflow community, encouraging more developers to contribute and benefit from trusted technical content.

  • AI-Driven Development Evolution: Leveraging OpenAI models in Overflow AI will drive further advancements in AI-assisted development tools, setting new standards for AI-guided coding solutions.


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Grieving people using AI to talk to the deceased.

Ana Schultz "talks" to her deceased husband through Snapchat's AI tool.

The use of AI to simulate the personalities and behaviors of deceased individuals is being explored. It looks at how grieving individuals, such as Ana Schultz from Rock Falls, Illinois, use AI to reconnect with their lost loved ones. They use technology to simulate interactions that bring them comfort during their grieving process.

The Details:

  • Technology in Mourning: Bereaved individuals are turning to AI technologies to simulate interactions with deceased loved ones, as seen with Ana Schultz who communicates with her late husband via an AI avatar.

  • Ethical and Emotional Implications: The use of AI raises ethical questions and concerns about the authenticity and psychological impact of interacting with digital recreations of the deceased.

  • Market and Technological Evolution: Companies and developers are increasingly creating sophisticated AI tools that can mimic the voice and personality traits of the deceased, highlighting advancements in AI capabilities and their applications in personal and emotional contexts.

Why It Matters:

  • Navigating Grief: The use of AI in simulating deceased loved ones presents a new avenue for grief management, offering comfort but also posing potential risks for the psychological processing of loss.

  • Ethical Boundaries: These technological practices push the boundaries of ethics in AI use, prompting a need for guidelines on the responsible use of AI in personal and sensitive contexts.

  • Technological Innovation and Concerns: The continuous improvement of AI technology opens up new possibilities for personalization and interaction, but also raises concerns about privacy, data security, and the potential for misuse.


Trending AIs.

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🗃️ ThreadScribe AI turns Slack chats into an organized, searchable database.

👤 Syncly is an AI-driven customer expert.

📶 StockMarketGPT unlocks the AI-driven financial research.

🎮 The Loops transforms your CX operations with AI.

Featured AIs.


Amazon invests $9B to expand cloud services in Singapore.

Image Credit: AI Secret

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon's cloud computing division, plans to invest $9 billion to expand its infrastructure in Singapore. This significant investment reflects a growing demand for cloud services in Southeast Asia, where AWS and other tech giants are vying for market share.

The Details:

  • Massive Investment: Amazon's planned $9 billion investment in Singapore over four years will double its cloud computing footprint in the country and support rising demand for AI adoption and cloud services.

  • Regional Expansion: AWS has announced several investments outside the US this year, focusing on Asian markets like Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico. Its expansion includes new data centers in Malaysia and Thailand.

  • Southeast Asian Market Growth: Singapore is becoming a major regional hub for American tech companies, leveraging its strategic location to tap into the fast-growing Southeast Asian market of 650 million people.

Why It Matters:

  • Economic Impact: AWS's investment will bolster Singapore's economy by creating thousands of jobs and fostering cloud adoption across the region, providing a significant boost to local businesses.

  • AI Development: With AI initiatives at the forefront, Amazon aims to accelerate AI integration for small businesses in Singapore, partnering with the government to increase accessibility and training.

  • Competition and Diversification: Amazon's expansion in Singapore reflects a broader tech industry trend, with rivals like Microsoft investing in neighboring Southeast Asian countries to diversify away from China amidst US-China geopolitical tensions.

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