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  • ⌛ ChatGPT Voice Assistant Delayed

⌛ ChatGPT Voice Assistant Delayed

OpenAI delays voice assistant launch over safety issues.

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  • OpenAI delays voice assistant launch over safety issues.

  • AI is a challenge for central banks to improve their performance, says BIS.

  • Daily trending & featured AIs boost your career and business.

  • Lawmakers raise concerns over AI denials in medicare advantage plans.

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  • Nvidia Sheds $431 Billion Over 4 Days - Nvidia’s stock fell 16% in a week, wiping out $431 billion in value, even though the company has had strong gains this year and last year.

  • CBS News Investigates ChatGPT's Election Guidance - A CBS News investigation found ChatGPT gave incorrect or incomplete answers about voting in battleground states for the upcoming U.S. presidential election.

  • Record Job Satisfaction in Skilled Trades Amidst AI Rise - 91% of skilled tradespeople report high career satisfaction.

  • Stability AI Names New CEO - Stability AI, an AI startup, appointed Prem Akkaraju as its new CEO and secured $80 million in funding.


OpenAI delays voice assistant launch over safety issues.

Image Credit: AI Secret

OpenAI has announced a delay in the launch of its new "Voice Mode" feature. Originally scheduled for release in late June, the feature's introduction has been postponed to July due to technical challenges that need addressing before it meets the company's launch standards.

The Details:

  • Launch Delay: The "Voice Mode" feature, which promises a realistic voice conversation experience, was set for a limited release to ChatGPT Plus users but has been postponed by a month.

  • Technical Improvements Needed: OpenAI is focusing on enhancing the model’s content detection capabilities and refining the overall user experience to ensure it can handle real-time interactions at scale.

  • Infrastructure Preparation: The company is also making necessary adjustments to its infrastructure to support the anticipated high demand and ensure seamless service for millions of users.

Why It Matters:

  • User Experience Enhancements: The delay highlights OpenAI’s commitment to quality and safety in user interactions, ensuring the new feature performs optimally upon release.

  • Content Moderation Focus: Improving content detection is crucial for maintaining the ethical use of AI in consumer applications, reflecting OpenAI's ongoing efforts to address potential misuse.

  • Scalability and Performance: Preparing the infrastructure to handle significant loads is vital for the success of the feature, indicating the challenges tech companies face when scaling innovative AI-driven solutions.


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  • Accuracy: Perplexity AI uses a large language model (LLM) trained on extensive text and code data to give accurate answers.

  • Transparency: Users can see the sources of information, aiding in evaluating accuracy and reliability.

  • Citation: It provides source citations for users to verify information and learn more.

  • Summaries: Perplexity AI offers text summaries for a quick topic overview.

  • Personalization: It tailors answers based on users' interests and search history.

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AI is a challenge for central banks to improve their performance, says BIS.

Image Credit: AI Secret

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has issued a call to central banks globally to adapt to the transformative impacts of AI on the financial system. Highlighting both the immense potential and significant risks associated with AI, the BIS emphasizes the urgent need for central banks to enhance their understanding and integration of this technology.

The Details:

  • Urgent Call for Adaptation: The BIS stresses the importance for central banks to rapidly adjust to the integration of AI, which is reshaping economic landscapes and financial structures.

  • Potential Benefits and Risks: While AI can greatly increase productivity and efficiency in financial operations, it also presents risks such as incorrect information dissemination and susceptibility to cyber-attacks.

  • Impact on Monetary Policy and Financial Stability: The BIS discusses AI's ambiguous effects on inflation and its broader impact on financial stability, urging central banks to prepare for these changes.

Why It Matters:

  • Innovation vs. Stability: The adoption of AI by central banks could revolutionize financial monitoring and policy-making, but it also requires careful management to avoid destabilizing the financial system.

  • Regulatory and Security Challenges: As AI technologies become more pervasive, central banks must address the regulatory challenges and enhance security measures to protect against potential vulnerabilities.

  • Preparation for Future Financial Landscapes: By understanding and integrating AI, central banks can better prepare for future challenges and opportunities, ensuring a stable transition into increasingly digitized financial environments.


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Featured AIs.


Lawmakers raise concerns over AI denials in medicare advantage plans.

Image Credit: AI Secret

Allegations cite UnitedHealth Group using the AI algorithm nH Predict to unjustly deny rehabilitative care, pressuring employees to adhere to algorithm predictions for patient stays.

The Details:

  • Congressional Concerns: Fifty-one Democratic members of Congress and Senator Bernie Sanders address the misuse of AI in denying healthcare in Medicare Advantage plans.

  • Legal Challenges: A lawsuit alleges UnitedHealth Group's AI system, nH Predict, wrongfully denies rehabilitative care, sparking broader investigations and outcry.

  • Regulatory Response: CMS clarifies that AI can assist but not override medical necessity in coverage decisions, aiming to ensure proper use of technology in healthcare decisions.

Why It Matters:

  • Ethical Implications: The controversy highlights the ethical challenges of integrating AI in healthcare, emphasizing the need for equitable technology use that enhances patient care rather than compromises it.

  • Policy Adjustments: Calls for stricter regulations and oversight to prevent misuse of AI in healthcare, ensuring that technology serves the patient's best interests.

  • Impact on Seniors: As AI technology becomes more prevalent, ensuring its responsible use in sensitive areas like healthcare for seniors and disabled individuals becomes crucial.

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