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Microsoft Build 2024: AI is about to automate most jobs.

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In this issue, we delve into the fascinating innovations emerging from Microsoft's Build developer conference.

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  • Microsoft Build 2024: AI is about to automate most jobs.

  • Adobe Lightroom introduces a new stunning Magic Eraser.

  • Daily trending & featured AIs boost your career and business.

  • A Wisconsin engineer was arrested for allegedly creating AI images of child abuse.

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  • Google Ads in AI-Generated Summaries - Google plans to start testing "Search and Shopping" ads in the AI-generated summaries displayed in search results. These summaries, known as AI Overviews, were recently rolled out to U.S. users and use AI to summarize answers at the top of search results.

  • AI Companies Commit to Safe Development - Over a dozen AI companies, including Google, Meta, and OpenAI, pledged to develop AI safely and responsibly at the trueAI Seoul Summit.

  • IBM to Release AI Models as Open-Source - IBM announces plans to release AI models as open-source and aid Saudi Arabia in developing an Arabic AI system.

  • EU Approves First Comprehensive AI Regulations - In a landmark decision, EU member states have approved the AI Act, paving the way for groundbreaking AI regulations to be enacted imminently.


Microsoft Build 2024: AI is about to automate most jobs.

Microsoft's Build developer conference showcased a series of groundbreaking AI features and partnerships aimed at enhancing productivity and educational tools. This event highlighted Microsoft's continued commitment to integrating advanced AI technologies into its suite of products, offering new capabilities for businesses and educational institutions alike.

The Details:

  • AI Business Assistants: Microsoft unveiled Copilot Agents, AI business assistants designed to perform assigned tasks autonomously. These agents, currently in testing, are set to be available for public preview later this year.

  • Compact AI Model: The new Phi-3-vision, a compact AI model, can read text and analyze images on mobile devices, enhancing on-the-go data processing capabilities.

  • Team Copilot for Microsoft Teams: A new AI assistant within Microsoft Teams, called "Team Copilot," is designed to manage meetings, projects, and tasks, streamlining workflow and productivity.

  • Real-time Video Translation: Microsoft Edge now features a tool that translates YouTube and other video content in real-time, breaking down language barriers in video consumption.

Why It Matters:

  • Enhanced Productivity: The introduction of Copilot Agents signifies a shift towards more automated and efficient business operations, reducing the burden of routine tasks on employees.

  • Mobile AI Advancements: The Phi-3-vision model's ability to analyze text and images on mobile devices demonstrates significant progress in mobile AI applications, making advanced data analysis more accessible and convenient.

  • Streamlined Team Management: Team Copilot in Microsoft Teams is poised to revolutionize how teams collaborate and manage their projects, ensuring smoother and more efficient workflows.

  • Language Accessibility: The real-time video translation feature in Microsoft Edge promotes inclusivity by allowing users to access video content in their preferred languages, enhancing the overall user experience.

  • Integration with GPT-4o: The integration of OpenAI's GPT-4o into Copilot and the Azure AI cloud suite underscores the collaboration between Microsoft and OpenAI, aiming to bring cutting-edge AI capabilities to a wider audience.

  • Educational Impact: The partnership with Khan Academy to provide U.S. K-12 teachers free access to Khanmigo, an AI-powered teaching assistant, highlights Microsoft's commitment to supporting education through innovative AI solutions.


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Adobe Lightroom introduces a new stunning Magic Eraser.

Adobe has unveiled new AI-powered features in Adobe Lightroom, including Generative Remove and Lens Blur tools, aimed at enhancing the photo editing experience for both hobbyists and professional photographers. These features leverage Adobe Firefly, an advanced AI model, to bring innovative and powerful editing capabilities directly into everyday workflows across various devices.

The Details:

  • Generative Remove: Adobe introduced Generative Remove, Lightroom’s most powerful remove tool to date. This tool allows users to remove unwanted objects from photos non-destructively in a single click, intelligently matching the removed area with pixel-perfect generations for realistic results.

  • Lens Blur Tool: The AI-powered Lens Blur tool is now generally available, offering aesthetic blur effects on any photo with new automatic presets. This feature speeds up workflows and provides new creative possibilities for users.

  • Enhanced Mobile Editing: Lightroom's mobile editing experience has been streamlined to prioritize popular features, making it faster and more intuitive to edit photos on the go.

  • Tethering Support: Expanded tethering support for new cameras, including the latest Sony models, enables real-time access to photos in Lightroom Classic, improving editing workflows and collaboration.

  • HDR Optimization: HDR Optimization, already used across millions of images, allows users to edit and export photos with brighter highlights, deeper shadows, and more vivid colors, enhancing photo realism.

Why It Matters:

  • Powerful Photo Editing: Generative Remove empowers both amateurs and professionals with the ability to remove distractions and enhance photos seamlessly, saving time and enhancing creative control.

  • Creative Flexibility: The Lens Blur tool's new presets and ease of use allow photographers to achieve professional blur effects effortlessly, adding depth and focus to their images.

  • Streamlined Workflow: Improved mobile editing and expanded tethering support make it easier for photographers to work efficiently from anywhere, ensuring quick and effective photo management and editing.

  • Enhanced Image Quality: HDR Optimization helps photographers capture and showcase images with greater detail and vibrancy, aligning digital edits with real-life visuals.

  • Responsible AI Integration: Adobe's commitment to transparency and responsible AI use ensures that users are informed about AI-generated content, maintaining trust and authenticity in digital creations.


Trending AIs.

📸 Pic Copilot elevates ecommerce photos into compelling marketing visuals effortlessly.

🔀 Weave allows business owners to create personalized AI workflows without coding.

🤖 SynVision AI is a one-stop solution for deploying AI chatbots.

💰 Blozum is an AI assistant aiding customers from pre-sale to post-purchase.

📋 Resume Trick is a free online resume builder and cover letter builder.

Featured AIs.


A Wisconsin engineer was arrested for allegedly creating AI images of child abuse.

A recent arrest in Wisconsin highlights the disturbing use of AI technology to create and distribute child sexual abuse material (CSAM). Steven Anderegg, a software engineer, faces severe legal consequences for generating and sharing explicit AI-generated images of minors, bringing to light the ethical and legal challenges posed by advancements in AI.

The Details:

  • Arrest and Charges: Steven Anderegg was arrested for allegedly creating and distributing thousands of AI-generated CSAM images. He used the text-to-image model Stable Diffusion to generate these images and shared them on platforms like Instagram and Telegram.

  • Background and Methodology: Anderegg, described as highly skilled in computer science, used explicit prompts to generate realistic images of minors. He targeted minors on social media, engaging in explicit conversations and sending tailored content.

  • Previous Incidents: This is not Anderegg’s first encounter with law enforcement over CSAM. In 2020, an investigation at his residence involved attempts to download CSAM via a peer-to-peer network, though he was not charged at that time.

  • Industry Response: Major tech companies, including Google, Meta, and Stability AI, have committed to reviewing their AI training data to prevent the generation of CSAM and stress-testing models to ensure they are not used for illegal purposes.

Why It Matters:

  • Legal and Ethical Implications: The case underscores the urgent need for robust regulations and ethical guidelines to prevent the misuse of AI technology in creating harmful content, particularly CSAM.

  • Technological Challenges: The ability of AI models like Stable Diffusion to generate realistic and explicit images highlights the technological advancements and the associated risks, necessitating improved safeguards and monitoring mechanisms.

  • Industry Accountability: The response from major tech companies to review AI training data and stress-test models reflects a growing awareness and responsibility within the industry to mitigate the risks associated with AI-generated content.

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