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  • Elon Musk says: xAI is launching its best AI exclusively to a chosen few tomorrow

Elon Musk says: xAI is launching its best AI exclusively to a chosen few tomorrow

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  • Breaking News: Elon Musk says: xAI is launching its best AI exclusively to a chosen few tomorrow

  • 😱Elon Musk predicts: AI could Replace All Jobs.

  • 🎓FlotAI Tutorial: How to pop up ChatGPT Copilot anywhere?

  • ⚒️5 AI tools to take your productivity to the next level.

  • AI can detect diabetes by analyzing your voice.

  • China’s tech vice minister urges ‘equal rights’ at AI summit in UK.

  • Google launches AI tools for product imagery to US advertisers and merchants.

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Breaking News

After xAI's official announcement, on Wednesday, July 12, local time in the United States, Musk officially announced the establishment of a new company, xAI.

The first talent selected for the xAI core team was Igor Babuschkin. After leaving DeepMind, he worked on machine learning models that power chatbots such as ChatGPT at OpenAI. In AlphaStar, AI was used to defeat the human champion in StarCraft.

Other big names include Jimmy Ba, Christian Szegedy, Yuhuai (Tony) Wu, Greg Yang, and Zihang Dai, etc.

Let's wait and see what Musk calls the most powerful AI in existence tomorrow!

Today’s AI Headlines

Elon Musk discussed the potential dangers and opportunities of artificial intelligence (AI) during the UK’s inaugural AI Safety Summit, calling it “one of the most disruptive forces in history”.

🛸Musk made some predictions

  • AI could be a force for good, but also noted that the probability of it going bad is not zero percent.

  • AI could replace all jobs and become our best friends.

Musk met with various world leaders in the past few months, including the UK’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to discuss AI and other issues.

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  1. GPTClone lets you clone any figures and talk to them through AI

  2. Guidde is the secret presentation tool that will 10x your team’s productivity

  3. UseEmoji improves your written communication with emoji conversion

  4. Wisdolia builds flashcards for better learning

  5. Empty AI detects and resolves team conflicts before they escalate and negatively impact the workplace.

Keep Reading🔥

Canadian researchers developed AI diagnosing type 2 diabetes from voice in <10secs. 14 variations detected in pitch & intensity. Remote non-invasive, low-cost diagnosis for limited medical access.

China's Vice Minister of Science and Technology, Wu Zhaohui, led a delegation to attend the AI safety summit in the UK. The attendees called for "tighter controls" on AI to avoid an "existential risk to humanity."

Wu called for global cooperation to share AI knowledge and make AI technologies accessible to the public on open-source terms, addressing supply chain obstacles faced by China's AI firms.

The event runs from Wednesday to Thursday and included top politicians worldwide. The participation of China at the event has faced opposition, with concerns about AI being used for state control and national security.

Google has launched AI tools for advertisers to create free product imagery. The AI-powered Product Studio will offer text-to-image capabilities such as changing background color or adding scenes to improve low-quality images and remove distracting backgrounds.

The characteristic is being made available to all Mortgage Center Next users in the US, through Google and YouTube apps on Shopify. The feature can also augment existing product photography for reuse on different campaigns but Google expects it will not replace original photographs. The company has also added a "small business" attribute for Google Search and Maps to indicate smaller brands.

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