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  • 🆕 Elon Musk claimed that xAI's Grok is the best AI.

🆕 Elon Musk claimed that xAI's Grok is the best AI.

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  • 🆕 Elon Musk claimed that xAI's Grok is the best AI.

  • 🎓FlotAI Tutorial: use ChatGPT as your Personal Translation.

  • ⚒️5 AI tools to take your productivity to the next level.

  • The Beatles to release AI-powered new song with Lennon's voice.

  • Microsoft unveils ‘LeMa’: A revolutionary AI learning method mirroring human problem-solving.

  • Google AI Chief Says There’s a 50% Chance We’ll Hit AGI in Just 5 Years.

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Today’s AI Headlines

xAI Corp presented their new language AI model, Grok, on Saturday. The aim is to develop "Good AGI" and the team responsible has previously worked on other well-known generative AI models such as OpenAI, Google, and Deep Mind.

What you should know about Grok

  • Grok is better than ChatGPT due to real-time access to X (formerly known as Twitter). Helps users deliver unbiased news.

  • In the upcoming days, Grok is set to acquire additional functionalities, including the ability to recognize images and audio, as well as generate images.

  • Grok will be a feature of X Premium+, which costs $16 per month.

According to Musk, Grok exhibits an unparalleled level of curiosity, both in its pursuit of knowledge and truth, surpassing all other language models currently available on the market.

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⚒️AI Tools of The Day

  1. Fibery is a tool for brainstorming ideas, improving writing, automating tasks, finding relevant data, and experimenting with your process, all in the same context where you work and think.

  2. CallMyLink is the best Zoom alternative for AI video meetings

  3. Pebbebly is an AI-enhanced image search platform

  4. Circleback takes meeting notes and get near-perfect transcripts to reference.

  5. Penny is an intelligent shopping companion that facilitates price comparisons.

Keep Reading🔥

check out this exciting new music release from the legendary band, The Beatles. Titled "Now and Then," the track showcases the iconic voice of the late John Lennon along with the musical prowess of George Harrison and contributions from the surviving members. The band's official YouTube channel premiered a fascinating 12-minute video on Wednesday, complete with behind-the-scenes footage and commentary from the band, Peter Jackson, and Sean Ono Lennon. This innovative use of AI in music production is truly remarkable, and we encourage you to give it a listen.

Researchers have developed Learning from Mistakes (LeMa), a strategy that teaches AI models to learn from their mistakes in a process similar to human learning.

LeMa enabled large language models to solve math problems more efficiently by training them with mistake-correction data pairs generated by GPT-4. The strategy consistently improved performance in specific mathematical reasoning tasks, surpassing the state-of-the-art results achieved by non-execution open-source models.

This breakthrough shows that AI systems can learn and improve from human-like learning processes, setting the stage for developing more efficient and effective AI systems that could exceed humans in complex problem-solving tasks.

Shane Legg, the co-founder of Google's DeepMind AI lab, says researchers have a 50/50 chance of developing artificial general intelligence by 2028, and he has held to this prediction over ten years since blogging about it in 2011.

Legg pointed out two caveats to his forecast. The first is that the AGI depends on the definition of human intelligence, which is challenging to measure accurately. The second is the ability to scale AI training models, which consumes a lot of energy and requires discovering scalable algorithms for harnessing computing data.

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