🧠 First AI Memory

An AI has completely changed the way humans memorize and recall knowledge

Hello, AI Enthusiasts!

In our quest to uncover the most groundbreaking advancements, we've stumbled upon something truly special. The team at Flot.ai, known for their innovative approach to AI development, extended an exclusive invitation for me to get a firsthand look at their latest creation—Flot AI Memory.

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A 30-day in-depth review of a breakthrough Memory AI.

Imaged by DALL·E 3 and Magna Ding

Hello everyone, I'm Magna Ding, the writer behind "AI Secret." I've always been on the lookout for cutting-edge technologies that can transform our interaction with information. So, when the Flot.ai team invited me to test their upcoming product, Flot AI Memory, I was intrigued. Over the past 30 days, I've had the unique opportunity to dive deep into this innovative tool, and I'm excited to share my comprehensive review.

I Killed My Stupid Knowledge Base

  • My Old Workflow: Every day, I collect a lot of information to keep AI Secret readers up-to-date with new AI trends. Using standard SaaS tools to handle my knowledge base can be tough. I've saved more than 20,000 sources on AI, but at times, I forget the tags I marked. Searching for specific details can be tough and sometimes it takes me more than 30 minutes to find what I'm after.

  • Shift to AI Memory: After I started using Flot AI Memory, I noticed it could effortlessly save information into a database while I browsed online, read documents, or had conversations without disrupting my workflow. Whenever I need data, all I have to do is hit a shortcut to awaken Flot AI Memory, ask it questions, and it retrieves the relevant information from my saved knowledge base.

It was only then that I realized how ineffective and foolish the tools I used to were in comparison. So, I killed my old database.

30 Days Usage Feedback

Over the past month, I've stored over 10,000 sources in the Flot AI Memory. Now, as I read or write, a simple swipe saves any new information. But I've finally noticed an issue: instead of simplifying my process of managing knowledge, it has entirely replaced it. I now have the capability of endless memory.

Key Features

  • Easiest way to build a knowledge base: Wherever you can copy text, a simple swipe and click are all you need to store information.

  • Quickest knowledge retrieval method: This state-of-the-art AI can retrieve any piece of information from your knowledge base in seconds. Just chat with the AI, and it will present you with the data you need, precisely when you need it.

  • More than just search and database: Flot AI Memory features an advanced AI search that understands inquiries and pulls data from a customized knowledge base, enhancing ChatGPT's accuracy. It's like adding a database to ChatGPT, resulting in highly precise answers.

  • AI Learning: The more you feed Flot AI Memory, the better it gets. The ultimate goal of the Flot team is to create an AI version of you.

  • Privacy Guarantee: Flot AI Memory prioritizes users' privacy and security, ensuring that data is protected at all times with end-to-end encryption.

Looking Forward

Over the 30 days, I witnessed a remarkable transformation in how I interacted with information. Flot AI Memory became more than just a tool; it became a partner in my quest for knowledge. The burden of remembering every detail was lifted, allowing me to focus on higher-level thinking and creativity.

As we look ahead, it's clear that Flot AI Memory has the potential to redefine our relationship with information. By turning the overload of data into an organized, accessible, and powerful asset, Flot AI Memory is paving the way for a future where managing knowledge is not just effortless but transformative. The idea of create an " AI You" was not just futuristic; it was revolutionary.