First AI Spokesperson

Ukraine introduces first AI spokesperson for foreign ministry.

Hello, AI Enthusiasts!

In this edition, we delve into Ukraine's pioneering use of an AI-generated spokeswoman and its implications for the future of diplomatic communication.

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  • Ukraine introduces first AI spokesperson for foreign ministry.

  • Microsoft will invest $2.2 billion in cloud and AI services in Malaysia.

  • Daily trending & featured AIs boost your career and business.

  • Anthropic rolls out iPhone app and business plan, challenging OpenAI's ChatGPT.

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  • Apple AI Search - Apple is reportedly planning to incorporate "Intelligent Search" feature into its Safari browser, using on-device AI to summarise key topics from web pages.

  • Tricky Rabbit - Rabbit has refuted claims that its R1 AI-powered handheld is merely an Android app capable of operating on smartphones.

  • Microsoft Expands Responsible AI Team - Microsoft expanded its responsible AI team from 350 to 400 personnel to ensure the safety of its AI products and generate more trust.

  • AI Revolution in Photography - Adobe's top executives affirm that AI is set to replace traditional digital cameras, putting stock photographing at risk.

  • Explicit 'AI Girlfriend' Ads - After discovering tens of thousands of explicit advertisements for AI-generated 'girlfriends' across its platforms, Meta took immediate action to remove the offending content, stating it violated its adult content policies.


Ukraine introduces first AI spokesperson for foreign ministry.

Victoria Shi

Ukraine has introduced an AI-generated spokeswoman for its Foreign Ministry, named Victoria Shi, in an innovative move to streamline official communications. This digital spokeswoman, designed to present pre-written statements from the ministry, represents a significant technological advancement in diplomatic communications.

The Details:

  • Digital Spokeswoman Unveiled: Ukraine's Foreign Ministry has launched Victoria Shi, an AI-generated spokeswoman, to deliver its official statements.

  • Human-Written Content: While Victoria's appearance and speech are AI-generated, the content she presents is written and verified by human diplomats.

  • Technological Advancement: This initiative marks a first in the diplomatic world, combining AI with traditional government communication processes.

Why It Matters:

  • Innovative Communication: Ukraine's use of an AI spokeswoman reflects a broader trend towards integrating advanced technology in government communications.

  • Efficiency and Resource Management: The AI spokeswoman is intended to save time and resources, allowing diplomats to focus on other critical tasks.

  • Security and Verification: To prevent misinformation, statements made by the AI spokeswoman will include a QR code linking to verified text versions on the ministry's website.


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Microsoft will invest $2.2 billion in cloud and AI services in Malaysia.

PM Anwar Ibrahim terima kunjungan hormat Pengerusi & CEO Microsoft, Satya Nadella

Microsoft is significantly expanding its investment in Southeast Asia, committing $2.2 billion to develop cloud and AI infrastructure in Malaysia. This move is part of a broader strategy to support regional AI transformation and enhance Microsoft's global footprint in AI and cloud services.

The Details:

  • Massive Investment: Microsoft plans to invest $2.2 billion in Malaysia to boost cloud and AI infrastructure.

  • Regional Expansion: This investment follows other substantial commitments in the region, including in Indonesia, Thailand, and Japan.

  • Strategic Partnerships: Collaboration with the Malaysian government to establish a national AI center is a key component of this investment.

Why It Matters:

  • Enhancing AI Capabilities: The investment aims to drive Malaysia's AI transformation, potentially impacting various sectors across the country.

  • Economic Growth: By investing in digital infrastructure and skilling, Microsoft supports inclusive economic growth and innovation in Malaysia.

  • Global Influence: This move underlines Microsoft's role in shaping the development of AI technologies worldwide, especially in emerging markets.


Trending AIs.

 BlockSurvey is an AI-driven, privacy-first data collection platform. transforms your regular photos into professional headshots.

 Guidde is a business GenAI that helps your team create video documentation 11x faster.

 DoNotPay is an AI consumer champion that can protect your privacy.

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Featured AIs.


Anthropic rolls out iPhone app and business plan, challenging OpenAI's ChatGPT.

Image Credit: Getty

Anthropic, a U.S.-based AI startup, has launched a new iPhone app for its chatbot Claude, positioning itself as a competitor to OpenAI's ChatGPT. This move into mobile apps is part of Anthropic's broader strategy to expand its AI offerings and cater to both individual users and businesses.

The Details:

  • Mobile App Launch: Anthropic introduces an iPhone app for its Claude chatbot, enabling mobile access to its AI technology.

  • Feature Integration: The app allows users to chat, upload photos, and sync conversations with the web version.

  • Expansion Plans: Anthropic is also developing an Android version of the app to broaden its market reach.

Why It Matters:

  • Competitive Edge: By launching a mobile app, Anthropic directly competes with major players like OpenAI, enhancing its visibility and user base.

  • Business Expansion: The introduction of a subscription plan for businesses aims to monetize its AI capabilities and attract corporate clients.

  • Innovation and Accessibility: Moving into mobile platforms, Anthropic makes its AI technology more accessible, fostering greater integration of AI in everyday tasks.

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