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  • 🚀AI boosts high-skilled workers productivity by 40%

🚀AI boosts high-skilled workers productivity by 40%

How AI Crafts Emails Authentically in Your Voice

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  • 🚀AI boosts high-skilled workers productivity by 40%

  • 🎓FlotAI Tutorial: Craft Emails Authentically in Your Voice

  • ⚒️5 AI tools to take your productivity to the next level

  • AI named word of the year

  • Facebook and Instagram launch ad-free subscriptions in the EU

  • Elon Musk thinks some people will prioritize the planet over human

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Today’s AI Headlines

According to a recent study on the effects of generative artificial intelligence (AI) on highly skilled workers, utilizing AI within its capacity can enhance an individual's job productivity by up to 40% in contrast to those who do not employ it.

🔑Key Points:

  • When tasks fell within GPT-4's capabilities, those who used GPT-4 saw performance increases of 38% or 42.5%, compared with those who did not use AI.

  • The researchers observed that even when AI made an incorrect recommendation, the quality of the participant's recommendation justification improved.

It's important for managers to maintain awareness of the limits of AI and for highly skilled workers to validate AI outputs and use cognitive effort and experts' judgment when working with AI.

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⚒️AI Tools of The Day

  1. KeywordSearch makes finding your audiences on YouTube 10x Faster with AI Keyword Research

  2. Chatmind creates and adjusts maps and flow charts using chat-driven mind mapping and brainstorming with AI

  3. MindStudio builds and embeds custom AI tools on your website

  4. Levytation optimizes AI + data consultancy for small businesses

  5. flowRL gets real-time UI personalization for every user using AI

Keep Reading🔥

Collins Dictionary chose "AI" as its word of the year due to an increased discussion over whether artificial intelligence will be a force for good or destruction.

Use of the term has quadrupled this year, the publisher said. The Beatles have used AI to release a previously unheard song, yet Sir Cliff Richard referred to the technology as "artificial insemination."

Other contenders for word of the year include Bazball, Debunking, and Ultraprocessed. Rishi Sunak also hosted a summit to discuss maximizing the benefits of AI while minimizing the risks.

Facebook and Instagram are launching subscriptions in Europe to provide users with an ad-free experience for €9.99 per month. The subscription tier will be available for users from November and will be exclusive to people in the EU, European Economic Area, and Switzerland.

The subscription is aimed at addressing EU concerns rather than making money. Users will be given the choice of either paying for the ad-free subscription or continuing to use the platforms for free but with ads. In addition, from March 2024, users must pay more for each additional account.

The prominent tech tycoon, Elon Musk, has expressed apprehension regarding the development of artificial intelligence (AI) that may be programmed by individuals associated with the "environmental movement". According to Musk's concerns, such AI has the potential to manifest an existential peril to mankind.

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