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CEO Sundar says no solution for AI giving incorrect information.

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Google, despite being a tech giant, struggles with its AI Overviews feature. Frequent errors highlight systemic issues and question AI system reliability.

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  • CEO Sundar says no solution for AI giving incorrect information.

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  • Another OpenAI researcher quits with cryptic warning.

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  • Empowering Australia - In a recent discussion at the SAP for Energy and Utilities Conference, Peter Price, Chief Engineer at Energy Queensland (EQL), highlighted the impact of rooftop solar and AI on Australia's energy sector.

  • AI-Generated Batman Sparks Fan Excitement - A new AI-generated concept trailer imagines Timothée Chalamet and Michael Keaton in a live-action Batman Beyond film, fueling fan demand for an adaptation.

  • AI In The Entertainment - Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos has expressed that AI will not replace creative professionals in Hollywood. He emphasized that while AI technology is advancing, it won't write better screenplays or surpass great performances. Instead, those who use AI effectively might pose a competitive edge.

  • AI Opportunity Fund in Asia-Pacific - Google has announced a $15 million plan to provide important AI skills to underserved communities in Asia-Pacific. This initiative, named the AI Opportunity Fund, aims to create an AI-ready workforce in the region.


CEO Sundar says no solution for AI giving incorrect information.

Google's AI Overviews feature often makes mistakes, revealing problems in its design. CEO Sundar Pichai said that despite ongoing efforts, Google still doesn't have a good solution.

The Details:

  • No Solution for AI Errors: Google's AI Overviews has been producing wildly incorrect answers to search queries. For instance, it suggested using glue on pizza to prevent cheese from sliding off, a clearly absurd and potentially dangerous recommendation.

  • Admitted Incompetence: Google CEO Sundar Pichai admitted in an interview with The Verge that these errors, or "hallucinations," are an inherent feature of large language models (LLMs) and that the problem remains unsolved. Despite continuous efforts, the company has no effective solution to eliminate these inaccuracies.

  • Public and Professional Backlash: The frequent mistakes have sparked a significant uproar online, with experts and users alike expressing disappointment in Google's capabilities. The errors tarnish the reputation of Google's search engine, once considered the gold standard in the industry.

Why It Matters:

  • Eroding Trust in AI: The persistent inaccuracies in AI Overviews undermine trust in AI-generated information. Users expect high accuracy from such advanced systems, and these failures raise serious doubts about the reliability of AI.

  • Tech Industry Challenges: Google's struggle to perfect its AI technology highlights broader issues within the tech industry. As competitors like OpenAI and Perplexity push the envelope, Google's inability to solve fundamental problems points to potential deficiencies in its innovation and engineering strategies.

  • Impact on Google's Reputation: The backlash against Google's AI mistakes is damaging the company's reputation. Maintaining public confidence is essential for the adoption of AI technologies, and Google's visible struggles could hinder its position as a leader in the tech industry.


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Another OpenAI researcher quits with cryptic warning.

Gretchen Kreuger, a former policy researcher at OpenAI, resigned due to worries about poor decision-making and lack of oversight at the company.

The Details:

  • Opaque Decision-Making: Gretchen Kreuger left OpenAI, citing concerns over opaque decision-making processes within the company and the broader AI industry.

  • Lack of Oversight: Kreuger emphasized the need for improved oversight and transparency in AI development, pointing out that current practices are inadequate.

  • High-Profile Departures and Scandals: Kreuger's departure is part of a larger trend, with other high-profile exits and scandals at OpenAI, including allegations of unethical practices like copying voices without permission and pressuring employees with strict agreements.

Why It Matters:

  • Impact on AI Governance: Kreuger's departure and concerns highlight the urgent need for better governance and transparency in AI companies to ensure ethical practices.

  • Influence on Industry Standards: Her statements reflect a broader issue in the AI industry, calling for improved decision-making processes and oversight to build public trust and ensure responsible AI development.

  • Safety and Ethical Implications: The exit of key figures like Kreuger from OpenAI raises questions about the company's ability to address safety and ethical challenges effectively, impacting the future trajectory of AI technology.

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