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  • Intel⚔️Microsoft in AI: SurperMan or SuperTool?

Intel⚔️Microsoft in AI: SurperMan or SuperTool?

Plus: AI Compliance Business is Rising.

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Today's focus centers on a groundbreaking development: Intel's leadership in creating a new type of AI capable of enabling robots to replace human laborers. This technological leap raises profound questions about the future of work and the role of AI in our lives.

Meanwhile, in a contrasting approach, Microsoft has initiated efforts to frame AI as a tool to augment human capabilities, not to replace them.

The clash of these two value systems highlights a significant emotional and cognitive dilemma facing humanity in its relationship with AI.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into these developments, exploring the implications and the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence.

Today’s AI Secret:

  • Intel‘s New AI Enhance Robots into “Superhuman”.

  • Frontdoor AI Research Assistant Helps You Go From Reading Lists to First Drafts 10x Faster.

  • 5 new Trending AI tools to maximize your productivity.

  • Microsoft and AFL-CIO announced new partnership to balance AI & Labor.

  • CitrusX raised $4.5 million to develop AI LLM compliance business.

  • Nvidia to expand ties with Vietnam, support AI development.

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Image Prompt: Intel's new AI technology enhancing robots into "Superhuman" beings. The scene is set in a futuristic environment, highlighting the advanced capabilities and sleek design of these enhanced robots.

Intel Labs, University College London, and VERSES Research Lab researchers are investigating autonomous robots' motor control through hierarchical generative models. Their study, published in Nature Machine Intelligence, shows these models allow for human-like motor control in self-operating robots.

What are Hierarchical Generative Models?

Hierarchical generative models are computational models that aim to mimic the hierarchical structure of the human brain. These models consist of multiple layers, with each layer representing a different level of abstraction. The lower layers capture low-level sensory information, while the higher layers capture more abstract concepts and generate predictions.

Manipulation and locomotion tasks to validate the hierarchical generative model. a, A manipulation task, where the robot picks up the box (A), delivers it (B) and finally sends it off by activating the button (C). b, A penalty kick, where the robot approaches (A) the ball and kicks it into the goal (B and C).

Hierarchical Generative Model’s Progress:

  • Flexibility

    The robot can adapt its motor control strategies based on the current context and environment, allowing for more flexible, efficient movement and even human-like agility.

  • Reaction Speed

    The hierarchical generative model can learn from a wide range of data without human supervision and assistance, allowing robots to improve the prediction and adaptability of motion control strategies, ultimately reaching or even surpassing human response and response speeds.

  • Environmental Awareness

    The hierarchical structure of the models allows for robust representations of the sensory inputs, reducing the impact of noise and uncertainties in the environment.

Researchers show positivity towards their preliminary discoveries. They are confident that these outcomes indicate the promise of hierarchical generative models in bestowing human abilities onto robots. These could even supplant human labour.


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Image Prompt: a magical realism interpretation of a world where super AI becomes a fully controllable tool in human hands as per new rules, is now available for you to view. In this image, AI is represented as non-human, functional tools, used by humans.

The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) and Microsoft have launched a tech-labor partnership for the involvement of workers in AI development and deployment, assigning high value to their knowledge and views.

The initiative has three main objectives:

  • Firstly, sharing detailed information regarding AI trends with labor leaders and workers.

  • Secondly, integrating worker perspectives into the development of AI technologies.

  • Lastly, fostering public policy that accounts for the technological skills and necessities of the workforce.

The partnership also includes a neutrality framework for future worker organization by AFL-CIO affiliated unions, as an extension on a neutrality agreement with the Communications Workers of America Union (CWA).

Both AFL-CIO and Microsoft share the understanding that AI has the potential to enhance worker roles if used as a supportive tool rather than a replacement for workers.

The collaboration is a part of a larger effort to ensure that workers have a voice in the AI-assisted future and that their needs are comprehended.


CitrusX management team

Israeli early-stage startup Citrusx has raised $4.5m in seed investment to develop a software service ensuring AI models comply with government and company regulations. As governments worldwide consider AI regulation, Citrusx aims to expedite the process of bringing AI models to production, maintaining their relevance with updated data and ensuring user trust. CEO Noa Srebrnik, a former compliance officer at the Bank of Israel, launched the company in 2021 alongside CTO Gilad Manor. They currently employ a dozen staff. Canadian venture firm Awz led the seed investment round, with participation from various angel investors.


Image Prompt: The scene shows a meeting between Nvidia and Vietnamese tech firms, accurately representing the proposed investment and partnership.

US chipmaker Nvidia's CEO, Jensen Huang, announced plans to strengthen ties with Vietnam, aiding the development of AI and digital infrastructure. An expansion of partnerships with Vietnam's leading tech companies will be included in the agenda. Nvidia, which previously invested $250 million in Vietnam, is reportedly discussing cooperation deals on semiconductors with Vietnamese tech companies.


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