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  • 😲Introduce AI Pin: Can AI Kill the iPhone?

😲Introduce AI Pin: Can AI Kill the iPhone?

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  • 😲Introduce AI Pin: Can AI Kill the iPhone?

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  • 🚀Top AI tools to Maximize your Productivity.🚀

  • 🎓FlotAI Tutorial: Use ChatGPT to Quickly Outline Articles.

  • OpenAI attributes persistent ChatGPT downtime to DDoS assault.

  • Samsung announces ChatGPT rival coming soon to its devices.

  • Elon Musk’s new AI bot will help you make cocaine which proves it’s ‘based’ and ‘rebellious’.

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Today’s AI Headlines

San Francisco-based startup Humane has introduced a lapel-worn device called Ai Pin. CEO Bethany Bongiorno and co-founder Imran Chaudhri explained Humane's story and ethos, viewing their first product as a new way of thinking and a new sense of opportunity to "Productize AI."

Introduce AI Pin:

  • The AI Pin includes a Snapdragon processor, 32GB of local storage, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a depth and time of flight sensor, and even a laser projection system.

  • AI Pin is a device that's regarded as a voice-first product and can be worn on the clothing.

  • AI Pin can hold charges for up to nine hours with the aid of its battery booster.

  • AI Pin aims to maintain continuity in the progress of the device with a seamless web interface, LLMs, web searches, and updates, among other tasks.

  • AI Pin also features an on-board camera for capturing photos with computational photography for optimal focusing and orientation.

  • Besides offering photography and communication feature, the product also helps in calorie counting, providing nutritional facts when food is held up to the camera.

The price for the AI Pin device is $699, which includes a subscription of $24/month that comes with a phone number, unlimited talk, text and data, as well as unlimited AI queries.

Do you believe the AI Pin could be a threat to the iPhone?

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🚀Top AI Tools of The Day🚀

  1. Trickle turns your messy screenshots into a spread-worthy swipe file and knowledge base.

  2. Detangle simplifies and explains legal documents. It doesn't replace your attorney, but rather augments so you understand more while spending less.

  3. Frontdoor is a personal librarian for the internet.

  4. Copper Key implements on-brand AI for marketing.

  5. Muah personalizes companions for real-time conversation.

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Keep Reading🔥

OpenAI's AI chatbot, ChatGPT, faced "Periodic Outages" due to a DDoS attack. The issue was initially attributed to the high user interest in the platform's new features revealed at its recent developer conference.

The outages continue despite claims of resolution, affecting both ChatGPT and its API that lets developers incorporate the model in their applications.

The hacktivist group Anonymous Sudan, believed to be Russian-linked, claims responsibility for the attack. No connection is yet established between these issues and similar capacity issues faced by rival AI chatbot Claude from Anthropic.

Samsung has announced its own large language model (LLM), Samsung Gauss, at the Samsung AI Forum 2023. The new generative AI is destined for integration across their devices following a ban on ChatGPT after confidential data was leaked.

OpenAI currently dominates in generative AI tools, although lacks hardware production. With Google, Apple, and now Samsung moving into chatbot AI, the industry landscape could change significantly.

Samsung’s AI model encompasses three categories - language, code, and image - and will be used internally, with expansion into products for enhanced user experiences planned soon.

Elon Musk promoted his new AI chatbot Grok by sharing its sarcastic instructions on creating cocaine from coca leaves. According to Musk, Grok's superiority lies in its real-time access to data from his social platform, X, differentiating it from rivals like OpenAI's ChatGPT or Google's Bard. He also humorously alluded to Grok's proclivity for sarcasm.

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