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Meta's 'set it and forget it' AI ads are malfunctioning, wasting money.

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In this edition, we delve into the recent challenges faced by Meta's advertising platform and the impact on advertisers.

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  • Meta's 'set it and forget it' AI ads are malfunctioning, wasting money.

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  • The first autonomous racing league race.

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Meta's 'set it and forget it' AI ads are malfunctioning, wasting money.

Recent problems with Meta's advertising platform, Advantage Plus shopping campaigns, are affecting advertisers. Reports indicate that Meta's automated advertising tools are not working properly. This is leading to higher costs and lower performance, making ad budgets for small businesses ineffective.

The Details:

  • Automated Ad Fiasco: Meta’s automated ad platform, ‘Advantage Plus’ shopping campaigns, started showing major issues on Valentine's Day, 2024. Advertisers reported that the platform spent a large portion of their ad budgets in a short time span. The cost per impressions, usually under $28, hiked to approximately $250, significantly higher than the industry average, while revenue from these ads was disappointingly low.

  • Significant Impact on Small Businesses: The malfunctioning of the platform severely affected small businesses, with many stating that their ad budgets were wasted because of this over expenditure. Some businesses were so adversely affected that they were even driven away from Meta's platforms.

  • Lack of Responsiveness from Meta: Advertisers reported that getting support from Meta has been difficult. Meta laid off a large number of employees over the past year, including many from its customer support teams. Advertisers mentioned a noticeable decline in responsiveness from Meta since the transition.

Why It Matters:

  • Effect on the Advertising Industry: The issues with Meta's Advantage Plus can have serious repercussions on the advertising industry. Especially for small businesses, which rely heavily on such automated platforms for advertising, this can cause a significant dent in their marketing budgets.

  • Changes in Ad Purchasing Methods: As a result of the ongoing issues, some marketers have stopped using Advantage Plus and reverted to manually buying Facebook and Instagram ads. Although this might involve more effort, it provides them with more control and seems to be the only alternative amidst the platform’s inconsistency.

  • Concerns over Automated Ad Platforms: This incident raises broader concerns over the reliability and effectiveness of automated ad platforms. The millions that Meta and Google have poured into automated advertising hasn’t necessarily led to more successful ad campaigns, bringing into question the future of such automated tools in the industry.


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Trending AIs.

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Featured AIs.


The first autonomous racing league race.

Image credit: A2RL

The debut race of the Autonomous Racing League (A2RL) in Abu Dhabi marks a significant milestone in the evolution of autonomous vehicle technology. While the event showcased the potential and current capabilities of driverless race cars, it also highlighted the challenges that come with integrating AI into high-speed, competitive environments.

The Details:

  • Struggles in Trials: The autonomous cars faced several difficulties during the qualifying trials, including erratic movements and crashes, which underlines the current limitations of self-driving technology in complex scenarios.

  • Race Dynamics: During the actual race, the behavior of the AI-driven cars during a caution lap demonstrated their strict adherence to racing rules, yet also their lack of adaptability in dynamic conditions.

  • Technological Evolution: The event reflects the ongoing development and incremental improvements in autonomous racing since its inception, indicating a slow but steady progress towards more reliable and competitive AI-driven vehicles.

Why It Matters:

  • Safety and Reliability: Understanding and addressing the challenges faced by autonomous race cars is crucial for improving the safety and reliability of all autonomous vehicles.

  • AI Compliance and Adaptation: The strict adherence to rules by AI vehicles shows a significant capability in compliance, but also highlights a need for greater adaptability in unexpected situations.

  • Future of Autonomous Racing: The continued development and public testing of autonomous race cars help gauge the potential for AI in replacing human drivers in high-risk environments, which could have broader implications for AI applications in everyday vehicle use.

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