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Meta's new tool generates 3D models in less than a minute.

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In today's edition, we are thrilled to shine the spotlight on one of the most exciting developments in the field: Meta's revolutionary AI technology, Meta 3D Gen.

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  • Meta's new tool generates 3D models in less than a minute.

  • CriticGPT identifies ChatGPT's programming mistakes better than AI trainers, says OpenAI.

  • Daily trending & featured AIs boost your career and business.

  • Anthropic is funding for advanced AI benchmarks.

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  • Brazil Bans Meta from Using Data for AI Training - Due to imminent risks to fundamental rights, Brazil’s data protection authority prohibits Meta from utilizing Brazilian data for AI.

  • UN Adopts AI Resolution - The United Nations General Assembly has adopted a Chinese-sponsored resolution, with U.S. backing, urging developed nations to help close the gap in AI access for developing countries.

  • Google Emissions Surge 48% Over Five Years - Google’s greenhouse gas emissions have surged 48% in the past five years due to the expansion of its data centres that underpin artificial intelligence systems, raising challenges to its commitment to achieve “net zero.”

  • America's Startup Boom Continues to Flourish - Data shows a surge in US startups, driven by tech innovation and post-pandemic work changes. Economist John Haltiwanger sees this as a sign of potential productivity growth, with key contributions from AI ventures.


Meta's new tool generates 3D models in less than a minute.

Image Credit: Meta

Meta's innovative AI technology, Meta 3D Gen (3DGen), represents a significant advancement in generative AI, capable of producing high-quality 3D models and textures from simple text prompts in under a minute. This technology, developed by Meta's research team, showcases a combination of speed and quality that surpasses previous state-of-the-art solutions in the realm of text-to-3D asset generation.

The Details:

  • Meta's 3D Innovation: Meta 3D Gen platform can create detailed 3D models with high-resolution textures and material maps quickly and efficiently.

  • Two-Stage Generation: The 3DGen process includes a two-stage method combining text-to-3D model generation and text-to-texture generation, enhancing the quality of the final 3D output.

  • Professional Feedback: Feedback from professional 3D artists indicates a preference for Meta's 3DGen over other models, highlighting its efficiency and the quality of the results.

Why It Matters:

  • Enhancing Content Creation: The ability to generate high-quality 3D models rapidly opens new possibilities for content creation across various industries including gaming, film, and virtual reality.

  • Technological Advancement: Meta's development emphasizes the ongoing progress in AI-driven content generation technologies, setting new benchmarks for quality and speed.

  • Market Impact: Meta's innovations could reshape the competitive landscape of generative AI technologies, influencing how companies invest in and utilize AI for creative and industrial applications.


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CriticGPT identifies ChatGPT's programming mistakes better than AI trainers, says OpenAI.

Image Credit: AI Secret

OpenAI has recently unveiled a new AI tool named CriticGPT, which is designed to identify and critique errors in code generated by ChatGPT. This tool aims to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of AI trainers in detecting mistakes, thereby improving the overall performance of ChatGPT in coding tasks.

The Details:

  • New AI Tool Launched: OpenAI launched CriticGPT to aid in identifying errors in code.

  • Enhanced Error Detection: CriticGPT helps AI trainers detect errors more quickly and accurately.

  • Integration with Training: Plans to integrate CriticGPT-like models into the RLHF (Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback) labeling pipeline.

  • Challenges and Limitations: Despite its capabilities, CriticGPT faces challenges like handling complex tasks and occasional inaccuracies.

Why It Matters:

  • Improving AI Accuracy: CriticGPT aims to reduce the number of mistakes and misinformation generated by AI models.

  • Enhancing Human-AI Collaboration: The tool supports AI trainers, enhancing their ability to provide precise critiques.

  • Future of Coding: The development of tools like CriticGPT could influence the future relevance of coding as a skill, with AI potentially taking over more programming tasks.


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Anthropic is funding for advanced AI benchmarks.

Image Credit: Anthropic

Anthropic is starting a new program to create a set of benchmarks for evaluating how well AI models work and their impact on society. This program aims to improve AI safety and functionality by setting testing standards that better reflect real-world uses and potential risks.

The Details:

  • New Benchmark Development: Anthropic is funding the development of new benchmarks that effectively measure advanced capabilities in AI models, addressing current deficiencies in AI evaluation.

  • Focus on AI Safety and Ethics: The benchmarks are designed to test AI models on tasks that have significant societal implications, such as cybersecurity, manipulation through misinformation, and enhancing weapons of mass destruction.

  • Support for Research and Innovation: Anthropic encourages the creation of innovative testing methodologies and platforms that allow experts to conduct large-scale and detailed evaluations of AI models.

Why It Matters:

  • Enhanced AI Security: By focusing on benchmarks that evaluate an AI's capability in sensitive areas like national security, Anthropic aims to preemptively address potential threats and vulnerabilities.

  • Improvement of AI Applications: The development of comprehensive benchmarks is intended to push the boundaries of what AI can safely achieve, particularly in fields like scientific research and multilingual communication.

  • Standardization of AI Testing: Anthropic's initiative seeks to establish a new industry standard for AI evaluation, promoting more reliable and universally accepted measures of AI performance and safety.

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