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  • Microsoft announces We Created the Real “Jarvis“.

Microsoft announces We Created the Real “Jarvis“.

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  1. Microsoft announces We Created the Real “Jarvis“.

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Microsoft is announcing the release of Copilot in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides at Microsoft Ignite 2023. The system allows them to use speech and gestures to ask and get answers about equipment and machinery they use and service, utilizing Microsoft's HoloLens mixed reality headsets.

How does AI Copilot assist staffs?

  • Copilot is intended to aid industrial workers managing complex equipment and procedures by providing them with useful information drawn from a variety of resources curated by the customer. The interface uses natural language and human gestures, delivered via mixed reality content and holograms.

  • Mixed reality, when coupled with generative AI, forms a human-first interface, transforming real-world operations. Copilot, thus, can assist workers in real-time using speech and holograms.

  • Copilot helps in integrating expert knowledge by utilizing pre-recorded expert transcripts to instruct new workers about complex tasks, effectively automating internal knowledge transfer.

The forthcoming Copilot is set to propel the AI assistant deeper into the workers, primarily through the HoloLens. Following the ongoing trial, Microsoft intends to expedite the software's distribution to a wider demographic. It's probable that AI Copilot will eventually extend to mobiles and tablets.

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