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  • A New European AI Titan is Rising.

A New European AI Titan is Rising.

Plus: Amazon employs humanoid robots.

Dear AI Enthusiasts!

In this edition of AI Secret, a significant leap for the European AI landscape, Mistral AI has emerged as a formidable contender to OpenAI. With a staggering valuation of $2 billion, Mistral AI is not just redefining market dynamics but also signaling a new era of global AI innovation. We'll explore what this means for the industry and how it positions Mistral AI in the global tech arena.

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Today’s AI Secret:

  • The next “Titan“, OpenAI’s European rival Mistral AI valued at $2 billion.

  • 5 new Trending AI tools to maximize your productivity.

  • A poll on promoting AI job opportunities.

  • Google Accused of Deceptive Gemini Video.

  • Humanoid robots work in Amazon's warehouses.

  • Inflection's Pi chatbot is now available on Android.

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The next “Titan“, OpenAI’s European rival Mistral AI valued at $2 billion.

Image Prompt: Artwork in magical realism repping Mistral AI, OpenAI's European competitor valued at $2 billion, weaves fantasy and reality symbolizing value creatively.

Paris-based startup Mistral AI has secured a significant investment of €450 million, lifting its valuation to $2 billion. This funding round marks a significant event for the burgeoning European AI industry.

Mistral AI is a significant player in the global open source LLM field. It plays an important role in the current competition between open source and closed source large models.

What distinguishes Mistral in the realm of AI?

  • Mistral's founding team comprises AI business assistant experts, including former researchers from Meta and DeepMind.

  • Mistral AI's first-gen AI model training methods are not only more efficient but also cost at least half as much to implement compared to current methods.

  • Mistral AI provides open-access to highly adaptable, easy-to-tune open-source models.

  • High entry barriers, like complex tech needs and vast investment demands, have made the AI assistant industry mostly a US oligopoly, discouraging newcomers. However, Mistral is opening the path for new AI participants.

Mistral aims to create an AI business assistant superior to GPT-4 by 2024, similar to LLaVA. Leading a funding round in Mistral AI were Andreessen Horowitz, Nvidia Corp, and Salesforce, showcasing faith in the startup. The increasing investments in European AI startups demonstrate the region's promising potential in the continually evolving AI industry.


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Image Prompt: This magical realism image exemplifies controversy on Google's AI, Gemini. The art symbolizes the tension between illusion and reality, representing the debate on the authenticity of the demo video.

Google has been accused of misrepresentation over its demonstration video for its new AI model, Gemini. Critics claim the video, intended to showcase Gemini's impressive real-time capabilities, was not a genuine live demonstration. Instead, they allege it used pre-selected and pre-processed inputs, misleading viewers about the system's true abilities. In response, Google said the video was an "illustrative depiction" of Gemini's capabilities, intended to demonstrate its potential, rather than deceive. The controversy highlights the fine balance the industry needs to strike between showcasing advanced AI systems and providing trustworthy and transparent information about these technologies.


Amazon is experimenting with humanoid robots in its warehouses. Agility Robotics' bipedal robot, Digit, can adapt to warehouse infrastructure and lift various objects, making it useful for tasks typically performed by humans. However, some experts, including Boston Dynamics' CTO, argue that the human form isn't necessarily the most efficient for such tasks. While robots like Digit may have certain advantages, others, like Boston Dynamics' Stretch, offer mobility and flexibility despite not being humanoid. For now, Digit is mainly focusing on moving packages, but the company has greater ambitions for it, including unloading trailers and last-mile delivery services.


Palo Alto-based startup Inflection AI, co-founded by Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn and DeepMind's Mustafa Suleyman, has launched its AI chatbot 'Pi' as a dedicated Android app. Aiming to compete with OpenAI's ChatGPT and new AI assistants on the market, Pi is predicted to reach billions of users. It offers features like voice interaction and diverse topics of conversation. Launched on the Inflection-1 language model, an upgrade to Inflection-2 is planned to improve factual knowledge and reasoning. Inflection AI's goal for Pi is to offer users an empathetic and useful companion that is more personal than other chatbots.


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🤩 KREA uses AI to generate high quality visuals.

🌌 Imagine with Meta generates highly-detailed AI images rapidly.

🎞️ Moonvalley produces studio-quality video in minutes.

🖼️ Pixlr is a free online AI image generator.

🌐 B12 grows your business with a professional AI website.

💡 Microsoft Designer creates stunning and professional-quality designs.

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