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Telsa is going "ALL IN" on FSD with GROK.

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Our feature today zeroes in on Tesla's recent earnings call, where Elon Musk highlighted the company's ambitious AI and autonomous driving strategies.

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  • Telsa is going "ALL IN" on FSD with GROK.

  • SK Hynix to invest $15B in AI chip expansion.

  • Daily trending & featured AIs boost your career and business.

  • Apple unveils OpenELM: an open-source on-device AI models.

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  • SenseTime‘s New AI - Following the release of its latest SenseNova AI model, shares of Chinese AI giant SenseTime soared more than 30% today.

  • UK regulators examine - Major AI partnerships between Microsoft, Amazon, and smaller firms draw attention from the U.K.'s Competition and Markets Authority, triggering consultation and information gathering activity before the formal Phase 1 review.

  • NVIDIA's AI acquisition - The California-based chipmaker has announced plans to acquire Run:ai, a software developer specialising in AI computing resources, in a deal reportedly worth US$700 million.

  • AI Tackling String Theory - Though none of the calculations made so far pertain to our universe, this use of AI marks a major advancement in the field and may eventually lead to further breakthroughs and understanding of our world.

  • FlexAI's $30M Funding - French startup FlexAI announced a €28.5 million ($30 million) to simplify compute infrastructure for AI development, launching an AI training service and working towards a 'pay as you use' model.


Telsa is going "ALL IN" on FSD with GROK.

Image credit: Getty

During Tesla's earnings call, Elon Musk made a strong statement about the company's future in AI and self-driving technology. He aims to make Tesla the world leader in this area. Moreover, Musk plans to improve Tesla's self-driving features and offer their Full Self-Driving (FSD) system, known as GROK, to other car manufacturers.

The Details:

  • FSD Commitment: In the wake of a financially disappointing quarter, Elon Musk announced Tesla's aggressive strategy to dominate the autonomous vehicle market by enhancing its Full Self-Driving system and preparing it for broader commercial use.

  • Strategic Sales: Musk plans to expand Tesla's market influence by selling its advanced FSD technology to other car manufacturers, potentially transforming the automotive industry's approach to driverless technology.

  • Investor Confidence: Despite recent financial setbacks, Tesla's stock surged following Musk's confident outlook on the future of FSD technology, indicating strong investor trust in his visionary goals.

Why It Matters:

  • Industry Leadership: Tesla's focus on becoming the premier provider of AI autonomous driving technology could set new standards for the automotive industry.

  • Innovative Collaboration: By offering its FSD technology to other manufacturers, Tesla could foster unprecedented levels of collaboration and technological sharing in the automotive sector.

  • Market Dynamics: Tesla's aggressive push towards full autonomy could significantly impact competitive dynamics, potentially leading to quicker adoption of autonomous vehicles across the market.


SK Hynix to invest $15B in AI chip expansion.

Image credit: AI Secret

SK Hynix has partnered with Vietnam’s leading technology company, FPT, to increase production and enhance AI technology. This move marks a significant step towards advanced manufacturing and innovation within the worldwide tech industry.

The Details:

  • SK Hynix's Expansion: SK Hynix plans to invest about US$14.6 billion in a new memory chip complex in South Korea to meet the surging demand for AI-related semiconductors.

  • Strategic Growth in AI Chips: The company aims to lead the market in high-bandwidth memory (HBM) chips, essential for AI applications, with a projected annual demand growth of 60%.

  • FPT's AI Ambitions: Vietnamese company FPT is building a US$200 million AI factory using Nvidia technology, aiming to transform Vietnam into a significant AI hub.

Why It Matters:

  • Boosting AI Capabilities: The investments by SK Hynix and FPT enhance their positions in the booming AI sector, crucial for future technological advancements.

  • Economic Impact: These developments are expected to have significant economic impacts, boosting local economies and positioning South Korea and Vietnam as key players in the global tech industry.

  • Educational Advancements: FPT's collaboration with Nvidia to integrate AI and high-tech programs into education will develop skilled human resources, crucial for sustaining technological growth.


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Apple unveils OpenELM: an open-source on-device AI models.

Image credit: AI Secret

Apple has launched OpenELM, a new series of compact, open-source AI models. These models are made to operate directly on devices, showing a move toward AI processing that's both more private and more efficient. With this step, Apple is now competing with big names like Google, Samsung, and Microsoft in the race to develop generative AI for mobile devices and computers.

The Details:

  • Innovative AI Models: Apple introduces OpenELM, consisting of small AI models that can operate independently on devices without needing cloud connectivity, emphasizing efficiency and on-device processing.

  • Model Variability and Capability: The OpenELM family includes models with varying capacities, from 270 million to 3 billion parameters, each designed for specific performance levels and efficiency in text generation tasks.

  • Educational and Commercial Flexibility: Apple offers these models under a sample code license, allowing for broad usage including commercial applications, and promotes educational integration by involving these models in learning curriculums.

Why It Matters:

  • Privacy and Efficiency: By enabling AI processing directly on devices, Apple addresses privacy concerns and reduces latency in AI interactions, enhancing user experience.

  • Open Source Contribution: Apple's decision to release these models as open-source represents a strategic move to foster innovation and collaboration within the tech community, diverging from its traditionally closed ecosystem.

  • Competitive Edge in AI: With OpenELM, Apple not only advances its own technology stack but also strengthens its position in the AI space, competing directly with other major players who have similar offerings.

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