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  • 👑 Obama Third Term: Biden‘s AI Bill should be guided.

👑 Obama Third Term: Biden‘s AI Bill should be guided.

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  • 👑 Obama Third Term: Biden‘s AI Bill should be guided.

  • 🎓FlotAI Tutorial: Use ChatGPT in X/Facebook/Linkedin.

  • ⚒️5 AI tools to take your productivity to the next level.

  • Tim Cook affirms investment in AI technology, labels it fundamental.

  • OpenAI reveals its latest AI model, GPT-4 Turbo, which is the most advanced one to date.

  • Kai-Fu Lee’s Startup: Chinese AI Unicorn Valued at $1B.

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Today’s AI Headlines

Over the course of the last five months, the guiding force behind the Biden administration's approach to AI has been the hand of Obama.

What you should know

  • Biden signed an executive order establishing some government oversight of AI development with the help of Obama.

  • Obama/Biden aim to guarantee the integration of radical leftist practices such as CRT and DEI throughout all facets of AI.

  • Kamala faces further embarrassment as her appointment to "lead the effort" on AI for the administration is officially undermined by Obama and her BOSS, Joe Biden.

Obama's sincere desire for a shadow Presidency is evident from his words. He meant every word.

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  1. GrokAI is your one AI solution to understanding the universe.

  2. KrispAI removes all kinds of background noises in real-time calls like Zoom meetings with just one click.

  3. Datazom simplifies your CSV and Excel data analysis.

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Keep Reading🔥

Apple CEO Tim Cook says the company's recent technological developments that “would not be possible without AI” prove it is not behind on artificial intelligence, but he doesn't necessarily label its features as "AI".

Cook confirmed the company was developing generative AI tech, but declined to elaborate. Apple is said to have a budget in the millions of dollars per day to build AI, employing teams working on large language models. The hope is that Siri will be able to automate more tasks and gain new abilities, like Google’s autocomplete feature for Gmail.

OpenAI unveiled its latest GPT-4 Turbo AI model on Monday, which offers users the option to build custom versions of ChatGPT chatbots.

OpenAI, which now supports over 92% of Fortune 500 companies, also shared plans to cut the fees companies incur to run its software. Additionally, the company has combined its AI tools into a single platform, ChatGPT, which now offers image generation, browsing, data analysis, document upload, and PDF search functionalities.

OpenAI also introduced a revenue model that allows users to earn money based on their GPT creation’s usage numbers.

Computer scientist AI-Fu Lee has launched 01.AI, a Chinese-based venture aimed at developing a homegrown large language model (LLM) for the Chinese market. Lee's venture, which is valued at $1bn and funded by Sinovation Ventures, Alibaba Cloud and undisclosed investors, has released its debut product, the open-source Yi-34B.

While top-notch LLM scientists are scarce, Lee believes that the company's is ability to find product-market fit for its expensive AI models and an infrastructure team that can optimise the use of computing power will allow outside developers to build applications easily, enabling Lee's dream of an LLM ecosystem play.

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