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  • OpenAI is building GPT-5 with Microsoft’s Cash.

OpenAI is building GPT-5 with Microsoft’s Cash.

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  1. OpenAI is building GPT-5 with Microsoft’s Cash.

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Today’s Headline

OpenAI has commenced the creation of its next-generation AI model, ChatGPT 5, and CEO Sam Altman affirms its potential to achieve superintelligence. However, realizing this project necessitates further investment from its steadfast partner, Microsoft.

Why you should know?

  • Building prominent AI models like ChatGPT requires substantial investment, including billions of dollars, vast computer resources, as well as extensive data for training and a thorough procedure of fine-tuning and safety tests.

  • Unlike GPT-4, the next generation of AI models surpass humans not only in knowledge but also in mimicking human reasoning and processing complex ideas. These models, referred to as artificial general intelligence (AGI), can generate a new, original output.

  • GPT-5 will require additional processing power and unprecedented amounts of data, which will be sourced from public online data and purchased data from companies. Altman emphasizes they need datasets that are not widely available, such as written conversations and long-form writing.

Microsoft, having already invested $10 billion in OpenAI, is hoped to continue investing further as Altman highlights the massive costs involved in training and building more sophisticated AI models.

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 AI Tools of the Day

  • Knowbase accesses your conversational knowledge base with ease.

  • Aragon transforms your selfies into realistic AI headshots.

  • ChefGPT is an AI digital chef & kitchen companion.

  • Vsub automates video captions in minutes.

  • Vondy is a search engine application to guide you to your productivity needs.

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