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  • 🔥 OpenAI: Custom GPTs will Change Everything.

🔥 OpenAI: Custom GPTs will Change Everything.


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  • 🔥 OpenAI: Custom GPTs will Change Everything.

  • 🎓FlotAI Tutorial: Use ChatGPT to chat with your foreign friends like a local.

  • ⚒️5 AI tools to take your productivity to the next level.

  • Microsoft brings AI characters to Xbox.

  • YouTube tests AI: summarizer and conversational tool.

  • Musk says his new AI chatbot has 'a little humour'.

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Today’s AI Headlines

OpenAI has developed Custom GPTs which are specialized versions of ChatGPT agents that can be customized to cater to individual needs and professional demands with unprecedented precision.

🔑 What you should know:

  • Custom GPTs can be tailor-made for any field or task, can be designed for simplicity, and requires no coding knowledge.

  • Custom GPTs can be used for education, professional workflows, personal projects and the process involves having a dialogue with the AI and teaching it what it needs to know for a particular task.

  • These GPTs can be published on the GPT Store, which is a marketplace designed to be a hub where creativity meets utility providing a platform for users to share their GPTs with the world as well as a tool for monetization.

  • OpenAI prioritizes privacy and safety with robust privacy controls and strict usage policies.

With Custom GPTs, OpenAI is revolutionizing the personalization of AI and fostering an ecosystem where AI can grow with humanity. Custom GPTs are a new frontier in the symbiosis between humans and machines.

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In this tutorial, We'll explore how to engage with your international friends just like a native by utilizing GPT replies on any chat app.

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⚒️AI Tools of The Day

  1. Sidekick helps you schedule meetings, hold dynamic conversations with your customers, and talk just like a human.

  2. GPTGo combines ChatGPT with Google search.

  3. SuccessAI grows your leads, meetings, and revenue With AI-powered cold emails.

  4. MindStudio learns to build AI apps without any code.

  5. RoamAround creates custom travel itineraries in seconds

Keep Reading🔥

Microsoft partners with AI startup Inworld AI to create an AI design copilot system for Xbox game developers. The new AI tools will help create dialogue trees, write detailed scripts for NPCs, and generate random quests.

The AI copilot can make the game-development process faster and more immersive. The technology can also give AI-generated characters voices and animations. The tools are optional for game developers.

Gaming studios have been using the technology for procedurally generating levels and quests for some popular titles like No Man’s Sky, Minecraft, and Valheim.

YouTube is offering AI tools in its premium package to answer questions and summarise comments. The conversational tool uses language models to provide users with deeper information regarding the content they are watching.

The feature is currently only being offered in the US and on Android devices, while the comments summariser will only be available in English. The company plans to gather user feedback to improve the AI tools in the coming weeks and months.

Elon Musk launches AI chatbot, Grok, on social media site X; however, it is only accessible to some users. Grok "loves sarcasm" and, according to Musk, its knowledge comes from the X platform, so it is the best currently available.

When given a spicy question about how to make cocaine, the AI bot responded with generalised information as well as a sarcastic response before warning against pursuing it.

While Mr Musk is critical of AI development's dangers, he has been a long-standing supporter of the technology, co-founding the firm OpenAI and now launching Grok.

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