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  • OpenAI/Microsoft Under “Antitrust” Investigation.

OpenAI/Microsoft Under “Antitrust” Investigation.

Plus: 'Undress' AIs have been on a creepy rise.

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In this edition, we delve into the intensifying scrutiny of OpenAI and Microsoft, as regulators consider the immense influence of these tech giants under the lens of antitrust investigation. The power wielded by their innovations is both awe-inspiring and, as some argue, potentially concerning for market competition.

Ethical dilemmas in AI rise with 'Undress' applications, which digitally strip women without consent. We'll discuss privacy concerns and potential misuse.

On a more macroeconomic front, The Bank of England warns that AI could not only disrupt jobs, but also threaten global financial stability. We'll look into these potential ripple effects.

Stay with us as we explore these critical issues, understand the tapestry of challenges and opportunities that AI is weaving into the fabric of our society.

Today’s AI Secret:

  • OpenAI/Microsoft under “antitrust” investigation.

  • Who's the GOAT? Place your vote!

  • Avail introduces AI tool for Hollywood executives to manage scripts.

  • 'Undress' AIs have been on a creepy rise.

  • Bank of England warns AI could pose financial stability risks.

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Today's Headline

OpenAI/Microsoft under “antitrust” investigation.

Image Prompt: CMA reviewing Microsoft's mega partnership with OpenAI in a modern London office with professionals analyzing documents and screens.

The UK's antitrust regulator, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), is reviewing Microsoft's multi-billion dollar partnership with OpenAI.

Relationship between OpenAI and Microsoft:

  • Microsoft's investment worth billions in OpenAI, along with their collaborative work on AI services, including some incorporating Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, highlighted their close relationship.

  • Microsoft recently announced it would take a non-voting position on OpenAI's board, enabling Microsoft's representative to access confidential information, although without voting rights.

  • The management upheaval at OpenAI saw co-founder Sam Altman reinstated and a larger role for Microsoft, which got its first board seat.

CMA's Concerns:

  • The investigation is to establish if the tying-up has resulted in an "acquisition of control" and if it has created a "relevant merger situation."

  • A 'relevant merger situation' is a regulatory term, accounting for relationships where one company is not entirely bought or merged with another, yet their relationship affects the rest of the market.

  • CMA's review is influenced by recent changes in OpenAI's governance involving Microsoft.

  • The regulator, CMA, is worried that during the early stage of AI, a few companies might make it harder to compete in the development and operation of foundational models.

The strengthened tie-up between Microsoft and OpenAI is now the subject of a UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) inquiry to determine if they are in a 'relevant merger situation', potentially impacting market competition.


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Image Prompt: Emphasizes Hollywood's iconic magic, featuring Avail's AI summarization tool in a high-tech, Hollywood-themed office without people.

Avail has launched an AI summarization tool aimed at assisting Hollywood executives by summarizing scripts and books. This tool, powered by ChatGPT, provides detailed summaries, character breakdowns, and tonal assessments in just a few minutes. Additionally, Avail's tool can generate a list of suitable actors for roles and relate the content to other similar productions. Although there are concerns regarding the usage of AI in the film industry, Avail affirms its tool is productivity-focused and doesn't aim to replace human jobs. The company has raised $11.8 million in funding so far from multiple backers.

AI Risk

AI is being increasingly exploited to create fake nude images. Analysis by Graphika revealed that 34 such platforms attracted 24 million visitors in September alone. AI is used to make clothed images appear naked. The report also stated that the number of referral links for such sites and apps has increased by more than 2,000% this year on several platforms. The researchers warn of potential catastrophic outcomes like non-consensual dissemination of nude images, harassment, extortion, and child abuse material generation.

AI Risk

Image Prompt: Bank of England's concerns about AI and machine learning in a magical realism style, blending traditional London elements with surreal representations of AI's impact on finance.

The Bank of England has cautioned that the accelerated development of AI and machine learning poses risks to UK's financial stability. This could result in increased cyber risks and a concentration of firms making similar decisions, skewing markets. Despite these risks, this technology's potential to drive economic growth and productivity is recognized. However, as regulators grapple with understanding how AI operates, there's a need for stringent controls and an understanding of how these systems work. In response to these developments, financial authorities plan to review the potential risks posed by AI and machine learning in 2024.

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