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A French startup has outpaced OpenAI by launching Moshi, an end-to-end real-time audio model.

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In this edition, we're thrilled to spotlight a remarkable innovation from the French startup Kyutai. Their freshly launched creation, Moshi, is an end-to-end real-time audio model that has been making waves in the AI community.

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Moshi is an open-source real-time AI audio model.


  • A French startup has outpaced OpenAI by launching Moshi, an end-to-end real-time audio model.

  • Universal basic income has turned from a dream into a real economic concept.

  • Daily trending & featured AIs boost your career and business.

  • Chinese premier urges countries to close the 'intelligence gap' in AI.

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  • Action on Global Crises - UN Chief calls to end conflicts, address climate change, and tackle AI threats at Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit.

  • Apple AI Privacy Faces Challenges When Integrating ChatGPT - Despite extraordinary measures like Private Cloud Compute and anonymizing data sent to OpenAI, Inrupt’s Bruce Schneier highlights lingering risks, especially with highly personal queries.

  • Microsoft Unveils New Copilot+ PC Branding - Digital studio Koto's new visual identity for Microsoft's AI-powered Copilot+ PC range, highlighting the fusion of technology and humanity.

  • Underground Network Sneaking Nvidia Chips to China - China is procuring banned Nvidia AI chips through an extensive underground network in Asia, The Wall Street Journal reports.


A French startup has outpaced OpenAI by launching Moshi, an end-to-end real-time audio model.

Recently, the French startup Kyutai launched Moshi, an end-to-end real-time audio model, with a live demonstration of its features. This AI model is fast and can answer questions before they are fully asked, showing its advanced interactive abilities.

The Details:

  • Real-Time Performance: Moshi exhibits no noticeable delay, often interrupting the speaker, highlighting its real-time capabilities.

  • Emotional Range: The model can express over 70 emotions and styles, from reciting poetry with a thick French accent to chillingly telling ghost stories.

  • Technical Innovation: Developed by a small team from Kyutai in just six months, Moshi supports complex interactions with minimal latency, all on standard laptops.

  • Team Background: Kyutai was established in November 2023 and focuses on general AI research. Its funding mainly comes from European industrial capital. The company was co-founded by Xavier Niel, the CEO of Iliad, Rodolphe Saadé, the CEO of CMA CGM Group, and Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google. Each of them invested 100 million euros.

  • Competing with OpenAI: Kyutai released Moshi, which is similar to OpenAI's unreleased customer products. Moshi is open and free from the start, and it even received congratulations from the creator of PyTorch. The Moshi team includes some of his former colleagues from FAIR.

Why It Matters:

  • Open Source Impact: Moshi's open-source approach could significantly influence the accessibility and development of advanced AI technologies.

  • Innovation in AI: The development showcases significant advancements in real-time processing and emotional variability in AI models.

  • Competitive Landscape: Moshi's release sets a new benchmark for real-time interaction capabilities, challenging other players in the AI industry, including OpenAI.


Universal basic income has turned from a dream into a real economic concept.

Image Credit: AI Secret

Universal Basic Income (UBI) has transitioned from a theoretical concept to an economic strategy being tested globally. UBI proposes providing all citizens with a regular, unconditional sum of money, regardless of other income. This idea is gaining traction, backed by notable figures like Elon Musk and platforms such as YouTube through personalities like MrBeast, and is being piloted in various countries to assess its impacts on poverty, employment, and social welfare.

The Details:

  • Global Trials: Countries like Kenya, Finland, India, and Canada have implemented UBI trials, targeting mainly lower-income groups to test its effectiveness in reducing poverty.

  • Historical Roots: The idea of UBI dates back to the 1500s and has been supported by figures throughout history such as Thomas Paine and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., reflecting its deep historical and philosophical roots.

  • Economic and Social Impacts: UBI could potentially address modern economic challenges like inflation and job security, providing a safety net that allows people greater freedom in their life choices and responses to job loss.

  • Public Figures and Support: High-profile endorsements from individuals like Elon Musk and policy advocates such as Andrew Yang and Senator Bernie Sanders highlight growing mainstream support for UBI.

Why It Matters:

  • Social Safety Net Enhancement: UBI is seen as a tool to strengthen social safety nets, potentially reducing poverty and increasing general well-being.

  • Economic Flexibility: By providing a financial base, UBI could allow individuals to pursue education, start businesses, or care for family without the dire economic pressures of job loss.

  • Response to Technological Disruption: With AI predicted to automate many jobs, UBI is argued to be a necessary adaptation to prevent widespread economic displacement and hardship.


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Chinese premier urges countries to close the 'intelligence gap' in AI.

Li Qiang

Chinese Premier Li Qiang emphasized the need for a more inclusive development of AI during his speech at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai. Highlighting the existing "intelligence gap," Li advocated for global cooperation to create a fair and open environment for AI development, ensuring that all nations, especially developing ones, can benefit from the advancements in this technology.

The Details:

  • Global Inclusivity Call: Li Qiang called for bridging the intelligence gap by fostering global cooperation to ensure that AI benefits are widely distributed among all nations.

  • UN Resolution Endorsement: A recent China-sponsored UN resolution, supported by over 140 countries, promotes a non-discriminatory business environment for AI and aims to help developing countries catch up.

  • AI as Common Wealth: Emphasizing AI's potential, Li described it as the common wealth of humanity, asserting that true development occurs when it is shared by all.

  • Challenges and Governance: Li also discussed the challenges posed by AI, advocating for stronger global governance and cooperation to manage the risks associated with AI technologies.

Why It Matters:

  • Enhancing Global Development: By promoting inclusive AI development, there is potential to significantly enhance global development and reduce disparities between nations.

  • Risk Management: Addressing the challenges of AI, including its safe and controlled deployment, is crucial for avoiding potential negative impacts on society.

  • Future of AI Governance: The conference and its discussions are pivotal for shaping the future of AI governance, ensuring that it contributes positively to global stability and human well-being.

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