🎥 Sony Adopts AI

Sony Pictures to use AI to produce movies and shows.

Hello, AI Enthusiasts!

Sony Pictures CEO has highlighted the company's ambitious plans to integrate AI into the heart of their film production process.

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ElevenLabs generates sound effects with a prompt.


  • Sony Pictures to use AI to produce movies and shows.

  • ElevenLabs’ new AI generates sound effects with a prompt.

  • Daily trending & featured AIs boost your career and business.

  • Saudi Aramco fund invests in Chinese startup Zhipu AI.

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  • AI-Generated Images Go Viral - AI image depicting Palestinian tent camps and 'All Eyes on Rafah' slogan shared over 47 million times following deadly Israeli air strike.

  • AI's Impact on Employment - Economists have shifted their views on technology's influence on labor, acknowledging that AI can displace workers and lower wages despite long-term benefits.

  • Sora Shorts In Tribeca - This year's Tribeca Festival will premiere five short films made with OpenAI's Sora model. "Sora Shorts" will be screened at Tribeca on June 15 and include a discussion afterward.

  • Vistra Surpasses Nvidia - One of the largest power producers in the US, Vistra, has outperformed Nvidia with a 300% increase during the AI boom. The stock has been the best performer in the S&P 500 over the past year, driven by the demand for power in AI data centers.


Sony Pictures to use AI to produce movies and shows.

Image Credit: AI Secret

Sony Pictures CEO Tony Vinciquerra emphasized the company's goal to use AI to make creating movies and TV shows more efficient. The company aims to incorporate AI in film production to boost efficiency and cut costs.

The Details:

  • Sony Embraces AI: Chief executive Tony Vinciquerra announced Sony Pictures' focus on using AI to streamline movie and TV production, aiming for cost-effective methods.

  • Union Negotiations: Ongoing contract discussions between Hollywood's major crew union and top studios are highlighting AI use as a critical negotiation point, especially with the contract expiring soon.

  • Impact on Jobs: A study found that AI tools have led to job reductions in Hollywood, affecting roles such as voice actors, concept artists, and visual effects workers.

Why It Matters:

  • AI's Potential in Filmmaking: The adoption of AI by major studios like Sony could revolutionize the industry, making film production faster and cheaper.

  • Labor Market Concerns: The use of AI is a significant concern for labor unions, as it may lead to job losses and changes in working conditions.

  • Future of Media and Entertainment: The integration of AI tools could significantly alter the landscape of media and entertainment, potentially reshaping job roles and production processes.


ElevenLabs’ new AI generates sound effects with a prompt.

ElevenLabs has released a new AI tool for making sound effects. This tool can produce different soundscapes for podcasts, movies, and games based on user prompts, making the creative process easier with AI technology.

Key Features:

  • Sound Generation Capabilities: Creates up to 22 seconds of sound from text prompts. Gives at least four downloadable audio clips for each prompt.

  • User Accessibility and Licensing: It is free to use for non-commercial users, provided they give proper credit. For commercial use, paid plans are available with licensing options for the generated content.

  • Character Count Limits: Free users have a 10,000-character monthly limit for prompts.

  • Ease of Use and Flexibility: This AI generates rich soundscapes quickly. It's affordable and scalable, designed for creators, filmmakers, and game developers.

These features make ElevenLabs' Sound Effects tool a versatile and efficient option for generating high-quality audio content tailored to various creative needs.


Trending AIs.

🦾 Rapidbott creates code-free chatbots for businesses.

🌐 MyShell is a decentralized platform for creating AI-native apps.

👷‍♂️ Softr builds client portals and internal tools without the coding.

🎁 Giftruly finds gifts that truly matter.

🗣️ Wondercraft crafts a unique voice for your ideas.

Featured AIs.


Saudi Aramco fund invests in Chinese startup Zhipu AI.

Saudi Aramco's Prosperity7 Ventures invested in Chinese AI startup Zhipu AI, marking the first foreign investment in a major Chinese generative AI company.

The Details:

  • Significant Foreign Investment: Prosperity7 Ventures, a venture fund managed by Saudi Aramco, participated in a $400 million funding round for Zhipu AI, a Chinese AI startup. This investment is significant as it is the first time a foreign investor has backed a prominent Chinese company specializing in GenAI.

  • Valuation and Foundation: The financing round reportedly values Zhipu AI at $3 billion. Founded in 2019, Zhipu AI has made notable strides by launching a chatbot and a visual language foundation model, establishing its presence in the AI industry.

  • Prosperity7's Role and Background: Prosperity7, which manages a $3 billion fund, is part of Aramco’s venture capital arm. This investment marks a strategic move by Prosperity7 to diversify its portfolio and invest in cutting-edge technology sectors.

Why It Matters:

  • Global AI Collaboration: The investment underscores the growing trend of global collaboration in the AI sector. Such cross-border investments can drive innovation and accelerate the development of advanced AI technologies.

  • Economic Diversification: For Saudi Aramco and its venture arm, this move represents a strategic effort to diversify their investment portfolio beyond traditional oil and gas, tapping into the rapidly growing AI industry.

  • Geopolitical Tensions: This investment could be seen as a test case for how international investments in critical technology sectors will be navigated amidst rising geopolitical tensions, particularly between the U.S. and China.

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