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🔊 Star‘s Voice Will Endure

Hollywood stars' estates approve AI-using their voices.

Hello, AI Enthusiasts!

In this edition, we delve into a fascinating and controversial area of AI development: voice technology.

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ElevenLabs generates sound effects with a prompt.


  • Hollywood stars' estates approve AI-using their voices.

  • Microsoft AI deal with UAE’s G42 faces national security concerns.

  • Daily trending & featured AIs boost your career and business.

  • AI is starting to bring about an era of deadly robots.

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  • AI-Generated Facebook Sludge Hits New Low - A viral AI-generated image of a faceless veteran in a wheelchair showcases the absurdity of Facebook's growing spam problem.

  • Microsoft Agrees to $14.4 Million Settlement Over Discriminatory Practices - The tech giant settles allegations concerning unfair treatment of employees on parental and disability leave, promising reforms to its reward and promotion systems through independent review.

  • Figma Disables AI App Design Tool - Figma suspended its 'Make Design' feature following reports of it producing replicas of Apple's Weather app.

  • AI Set to Propel S&P 500 by 27% Before Peak Next Year, Research Firm Reports - Capital Economics forecasts AI enthusiasm will elevate the S&P 500 to 7,000 by next year, with the market bubble inflating through 2025 before bursting.


Hollywood stars' estates approve AI-using their voices.

Image Credit: AI Secret

In the field of voice technology, there is a focus on how AI is used to create voice-overs using the voices of deceased celebrities. This highlights advancements in AI that enable companies to produce realistic audio content, raising important ethical, legal, and practical issues.

The Details:

  • AI Voice Replication: Companies like ElevenLabs are using AI to generate voice-overs from text, employing the voices of deceased celebrities such as Judy Garland and Burt Reynolds, which presents both technological advancements and ethical challenges.

  • Legal and Ethical Concerns: The use of AI to mimic the voices of deceased actors raises questions about copyright, consent, and the moral implications of using someone's likeness posthumously.

  • Market Impact and Reception: The introduction of AI-generated celebrity voice-overs has the potential to transform content creation, offering new opportunities for media companies but also prompting debates about authenticity and the future of human voice actors.

Why It Matters:

  • Technological Innovation: The capabilities of AI in voice technology showcase significant advancements but also underline the need for careful consideration of their impact on privacy, ethics, and copyright laws.

  • Cultural and Ethical Implications: The use of deceased individuals' voices in new content raises profound ethical questions about consent and legacy, highlighting the need for clear legal frameworks.

  • Future of Content Creation: AI-generated voices could revolutionize how audio content is produced and consumed, potentially leading to broader applications in entertainment and other sectors.


ElevenLabs now can make sound effects. This tool can produce different soundscapes for podcasts, movies, and games based on user prompts, making the creative process easier with AI technology.

Key Features:

  • Sound Generation Capabilities: Creates up to 22 seconds of sound from text prompts. Gives at least four downloadable audio clips for each prompt.

  • User Accessibility and Licensing: It is free to use for non-commercial users, provided they give proper credit. For commercial use, paid plans are available with licensing options for the generated content.

  • Character Count Limits: Free users have a 10,000-character monthly limit for prompts.

  • Ease of Use and Flexibility: This AI generates rich soundscapes quickly. It's affordable and scalable, designed for creators, filmmakers, and game developers.

These features make ElevenLabs' Sound Effects tool a versatile and efficient option for generating high-quality audio content tailored to various creative needs.


Microsoft AI deal with UAE’s G42 faces national security concerns.

Image Credit: AI Secret

Microsoft's partnership with G42, a UAE-based AI firm, involves complexities and geopolitical consequences. This collaboration faces scrutiny due to national security concerns and its potential impact on international relations, especially concerning technology transfer and influence in the Global South.

The Details:

  • Strategic Partnership Risks: The partnership between Microsoft and G42 aims to establish significant tech projects in Kenya but faces scrutiny from the U.S. due to national security concerns related to G42's ties with China and the potential misuse of advanced AI technology.

  • Cybersecurity and Geopolitical Tensions: Microsoft’s history of cybersecurity issues and the broader U.S. strategy to curb Chinese influence in technology pose challenges to the partnership, reflecting tensions between securing national interests and fostering international tech development.

  • Regulatory and Ethical Challenges: The deal highlights the ethical and regulatory challenges of international tech partnerships, especially concerning human rights and the strategic distribution of sensitive technologies like Nvidia’s H100 chips.

Why It Matters:

  • Tech Leadership and Geopolitical Influence: The outcome of this partnership could influence the U.S.'s position in the tech industry globally, especially in competing with China for technological and geopolitical dominance in the Global South.

  • Impact on Global Tech Standards: The partnership’s success or failure may set precedents for how tech companies engage with global markets in politically sensitive regions, potentially reshaping international tech standards and practices.

  • Security and Compliance in Tech Expansions: Ensuring compliance with international security standards in tech expansions is crucial for maintaining global stability and trust, particularly when sensitive technologies are involved.


Trending AIs.

🔮 Hint offers personalized astrology and horoscopes using NASA data and expert astrologer insights.

🗣️ Moises provides a comprehensive set of features to enhance and personalize the practicing experience.

📋 InterviewJarvis is an AI tool tailored for tech job interviews.

 RoboCoder makes programming easier.

🤖 coschool is a smart AI assistant for teachers.

Featured AIs.


AI is starting to bring about an era of deadly robots.

A soldier in northeastern Ukraine uses zip ties to attach explosives to a drone for a strike mission on a Russian target. (Finbarr O’Reilly/The New York Times)

Ukraine is developing and using autonomous drones as military tools during its conflict with Russia. Vyriy, a Ukrainian drone company, stands out for its innovative work in this area. They create drones that operate without human pilots, using advanced AI software and camera systems to track targets on their own.

The Details:

  • Autonomous Tracking Demonstrated: Vyriy's CEO, Oleksii Babenko, demonstrates a drone autonomously tracking him as he rides a motorcycle, illustrating the advanced capabilities of their technology.

  • Weaponization of Consumer Tech: The ongoing war has spurred Ukrainian companies to transform consumer technology into military applications, leading to a rapid evolution in drone technology and other autonomous weaponry.

  • Ethical and Strategic Implications: The use of autonomous drones raises significant ethical, legal, and strategic concerns internationally, with debates intensifying over the potential consequences of widespread autonomous weapon deployment.

Why It Matters:

  • Military Innovation Drive: The conflict has accelerated technological innovation in Ukraine, turning the country into a hub for advanced military technology, particularly in autonomous drones.

  • Global Security Concerns: The development and potential deployment of autonomous weapons have profound implications for global security, with concerns about starting a new arms race and the risks of autonomous weapons malfunctioning.

  • Regulatory Challenges: There is a pressing need for international regulations concerning autonomous weapons, as the technology advances faster than current legal frameworks can adapt, posing risks of an uncontrolled escalation in autonomous warfare.

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