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Sunday Secret: Nerd to AI Founder.

Plus: GOAT of this week.

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AI Secret Sunday Issue:

  • GOAT of This Week.

  • Shift Left: How to Turn Security into Review.

  • Unveiling MyMap AI: A Nerd's Journey to Explorative Knowledge Map.

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👑Secret's Top 5 AI Tools of this Week🏆

🥇 Hix AI generates any content in seconds.

17.7% of total votes (GOAT)

🥈 Notta AI is your Best Personal Meeting Notetaker.

16.7% of Total Votes

🥉 Speechify allows users to convert text into natural-sounding speech.

11.5% of Total Votes

InVideo creates videos with text prompts.

9.9% of Total Votes

Hotpot.ai helps users create amazing graphics, pictures, and text.

9.4% of Total Votes


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Startup Secret

Dear AI Enthusiasts,

As the founder of MyMap AI, I, Victor Zhang, am thrilled to share with you the genesis and evolution of our platform, a journey that began in my high school days and has since transformed into a revolutionary tool for thought and learning.

A High School Nerd's Realization

My story started in the halls of high school, where I prided myself on acing Math and Science tests, boasting a near-perfect GPA. However, attending Rose-Hulman, a top-tier engineering undergrad program in the US, was a humbling experience. It taught me that the world is vast, filled with brilliant minds, and I was just one among many. This realization was not a disappointment but an inspiration.

The Limitations of Traditional Learning

You know, documents have always been super linear. You scroll up. You scroll down. That's it. It's like being on a straight road with no turns. Just straightforward. And honestly? It's a super-passive way to consume information. You're just fed what's next, without much choice or freedom. This linear method felt restrictive, especially in a world where knowledge is vast and interconnected.

MyMap AI: A Spatial Journey in Learning

But let's think about maps. What's the essence of a map? It's spatial. And that’s what we’re mirroring with MyMap AI. When you're looking at a map, you have the freedom to explore in any direction. This freedom is the core idea behind MyMap AI – offering a spatial, interactive way to navigate knowledge.

Breaking the Linear Mold

Imagine a world where you don't need a "table of contents" anymore. With MyMap AI, navigation is intuitive. Want to see the big picture? Zoom out. Need to dive deep into a topic? Zoom in. And if some content doesn't pique your interest, you can just 'jump through' it. Your experience, your rules.

MyMap AI: The Three Pillars

  1. Representation of Knowledge: Moving away from traditional linear methods, MyMap AI offers a more intuitive layout that truly represents the complexity and interconnectedness of ideas.

  2. Interactive Medium: More than passive reading, MyMap AI fosters interactive learning, allowing users to explore topics deeply and see how ideas connect.

  3. Dual Platform for Creation and Sharing: Knowledge isn’t just for keeping; it's for sharing. MyMap AI serves as a hub for creating, refining, and sharing insights with others.

Conclusion: Bridging Gaps with MyMap AI

My journey, from a confident high school student to a humbled learner at Rose-Hulman, underscored the significance of having the right tools to bridge knowledge gaps.

MyMap AI is not just a tool; it's an innovation that transcends traditional boundaries of learning. It's a bridge for everyone, whether you're a genius, a nerd, or just someone eager to learn. No more straight roads – welcome to the expansive, interconnected landscape of thought with MyMap AI.

Join us on this transformative journey.


Victor Zhang

Founder, MyMap AI