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TikTok explores to create AI-powered virtual influencers.

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In today's dispatch, we're delving into the intriguing crossroads of social media, digital marketing, and AI. Prepare to be taken into the future as we explore TikTok's ambition to harness AI technology in a groundbreaking way: through the creation of virtual influencers.


  • TikTok explores to create AI-powered virtual influencers.

  • Amazon intensifies Gen AI funding, signaling a tech revolution.

  • Daily trending & featured AIs boost your career and business.

  • Instagram's AI to screen for nudity in direct messages.

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  • xAI seeks financing - Elon Musk's AI startup, X.AI Corp., is seeking to raise between $3 and $4 billion in a deal that could value the company at $18 billion.

  • AI Impacts Wall Street Jobs - Wall Street banks may reduce salaries and hiring for junior roles by up to 66% due to AI advancements, as reported by The New York Times.

  • AI Robots - Robotics startup Sanctuary AI, known for its adaptable humanoid robots, has clinched a significant partnership with global auto-parts manufacturer Magna International for factory deployment.

  • Apple AI PC - Apple plans to roll out new computers featuring advanced AI-enabled M4 chips from late this year to early next year.

  • Meta AI - Meta anticipates the initial release of its new generative AI assistant, Llama 3, to happen within the next month.


TikTok explores to create AI-powered virtual influencers.

Imaged by Magna Ding

TikTok is exploring the potential of AI technology to create "virtual influencers" to engage with its user base. These AI-powered avatars are designed to promote and sell products within the app, potentially altering the landscape of digital marketing and influencer economics on the platform.

The Details:

  • Virtual Influencers on TikTok: AI avatars will be programmed to deliver advertiser-crafted scripts to promote products.

  • Human vs. AI Creators: While TikTok sees these AI influencers as complementary to human creators, concerns about revenue sharing and the impact on human creators' sponsorship deals are emerging.

  • Effectiveness of AI Avatars: Initial tests suggest that these AI avatars may be less effective at driving sales compared to human influencers.

Why It Matters:

  • Influencer Evolution: The rise of AI avatars could redefine roles and expectations within the influencer ecosystem.

  • Economic Impact: The integration of AI influencers could significantly affect how advertising revenues are distributed among creators.

  • Technological Innovation: This initiative highlights TikTok's continued investment in AI technologies, including content creation tools like "AI Song."


Amazon intensifies Gen AI funding, signaling a tech revolution.

Amazon is intensifying its focus on generative AI, viewing it as a monumental shift in technology comparable to the introduction of the cloud and the internet. In his annual shareholder letter, CEO Andy Jassy emphasized that Amazon's significant future advancements for customers are expected to arise from leveraging generative AI technologies hosted on AWS's cloud platform.

The Details:

  • Investment in Generative AI: Andy Jassy highlights the deep investment in generative AI, considering it a key driver for Amazon's future.

  • Strategic Focus: Amazon aims to develop foundational AI models primarily for enterprise customers, moving away from consumer-centric applications.

  • External Collaboration: Jassy notes that while Amazon is creating many generative AI applications internally, the bulk of these applications will be developed by external entities.

Why It Matters:

  • Technological Transformation: The deep investment in generative AI could revolutionize how businesses operate and innovate, similar to past shifts caused by the internet and cloud computing.

  • Enterprise Growth: Focusing on enterprise customers could position Amazon as a leader in providing robust AI solutions that are scalable and customizable.

  • Expansion of Ecosystem: By enabling external companies to build on its platform, Amazon could significantly expand its influence and ecosystem within the broader tech industry.


Trending AIs.

📛 Cleanvoice AI removes filler words, mouth sounds, and stuttering from podcast or audio recordings.

🖌️ ZMO.AI is a user-friendly AI art generator for creating stunning anime and images.

🎥 Rewin AI optimizes your video scripts for virality.

🖼️ Gencraft is an AI-powered platform that allows users to generate art.

🪪 AiPassportPhotos creates passport and visa photos that meet official requirements.

Featured AIs.


Instagram's AI to screen for nudity in direct messages.

Imaged by Magna Ding

Instagram is implementing to prevent the broadcast of unwanted nude photos and combat sextortion activities on its platform using AI-powered tools.

The Details:

  • AI for Nudity Protection: Meta has unveiled an AI-powered tool that blurs nude photos on Instagram. The tool will automatically be activated for users under 18, but can also be toggled on by anyone on the platform.

  • Nudity Reminder: In an effort to promote responsible sharing, senders of nude photos will be reminded to consider who they're directing the photos to and will be given a choice to abort the action if they reconsider their decision.

  • Anti-Sextortion Measures: Meta is also reinforcing its fight against sextortion by leveraging AI to identify potential sextortion accounts earlier. Accounts suspected of such behavior will face restrictions and their messages will directly be sent to the hidden requests folder.

Why it Matters:

  • Control Over Unwanted Nude Photos Exposure: This development is a critical step in preventing unwanted nude photos from being seen. The on-device AI can especially protect teenagers, who are increasingly at risk of exposure to such content.

  • Promoting Responsible Usage: By reminding those who attempt to send nude images of the potential impact, Meta is encouraging more mindful and responsible use of its platforms.

  • Safeguard Against Sextortion: Sextortion is a crime that exploits victims through intimate images. By using AI to identify and restrict potential sextortion activities, Meta reinforces user safety and works with law enforcement to deter such negative conduct.

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