💰 $1.8B AI plan

Canada unveils $1.8 billion plan to strengthen AI industry.

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Today, we're turning our attention north to Canada, a country that's making bold strides in shaping the AI industry.


  • Canada unveils $1.8 billion plan to strengthen AI industry.

  • Daily trending & featured AIs boost your career and business.

  • Restaurants and grocery stores fight food waste with AI innovation.

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  • Rescue Atos - Paris-based Butler Industries is collaborating with Onepoint in a consortium to save the distressed IT consulting firm Atos, according to a statement from Onepoint, Atos's leading shareholder. Their collective mission is to transform Atos into a leading European AI platform.

  • Towa's Stock Soars - Japanese firm Towa Corp.'s stock price surges by 390% due to an increase in demand for high-bandwidth memory driven by advancements in AI technology.

  • Windows 11 24H2 Update - Windows 11 24H2 brings a suite of new features including an upgraded Copilot, an enhanced Microsoft Teams app, a new "Sudo for Windows" feature, AI integrated Notepad, and advanced voice clarity.

  • Sovereign AI Cloud - Oracle’s chairman and technology chief, Larry Ellison, predicts that every government will eventually want to build a ‘sovereign’ AI cloud, as part of their digitization process.


Canada unveils $1.8 billion plan to strengthen AI industry.

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Canada is significantly boosting its AI sector with a substantial federal investment aimed at maintaining and enhancing its competitive edge in this rapidly evolving field. The government's strategic funding plan is set to invigorate various facets of AI, including startups, medium-sized businesses, research initiatives, and infrastructure, emphasizing the role of AI in economic growth, innovation, and productivity across multiple industries.

The Details:

  • Federal Investment: Canada commits $1.76 billion to strengthen its AI sector. The investment aims to unlock economic potential and improve productivity.

  • AI Infrastructure: A significant portion of the budget is allocated for computing capabilities and AI infrastructure.

  • Industry Support: Special funds are designated for AI startups in key industries and for small and medium-sized AI scale-up companies.

  • Workforce Adaptation: Programs are in place to re-train workers potentially displaced by AI advancements.

Why It Matters:

  • Innovation and Economic Growth: The funding is expected to drive innovation and accelerate economic expansion in Canada.

  • Job Creation and Productivity: Investments in AI are poised to create new jobs and enhance productivity across various sectors.

  • Sectoral Transformation: AI's role in revolutionizing industries such as healthcare, agriculture, and manufacturing is underscored.


Trending AIs.

📱 Coze is an application development platform designed for developing AI chat bots with LLMs.

👩 AvatarCraft.ai creates photorealistic avatars for use as profile pictures on social media.

🎬 HitPaw Video Enhancer upscales and enhances video resolution and quality.

👀 Lexica is an AI-powered search engine that provides fast and accurate search results.

⏬ Generated Photos allows users explore and download images from the production-ready database.

Featured AIs.


Restaurants and grocery stores fight food waste with AI innovation.

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AI is being creatively used in the food industry to fight food waste. Restaurants and grocery stores are using AI to track and cut down on the amount of food thrown away. This effort not only addresses the environmental and economical issues caused by food waste but also helps businesses make smarter choices about their stock and buying habits, guided by what customers are actually consuming.

The Details:

  • AI and Food Waste: Restaurants and grocery stores are leveraging AI to analyze their food waste, aiming to understand and reduce the amount they discard.

  • Staggering Waste Statistics: Approximately 30% to 40% of food produced in the US is wasted, with a significant portion ending up in landfills instead of being composted.

  • Technological Solutions: Companies like Afresh and Winnow are employing AI technologies to monitor inventory, purchases, and garbage, helping businesses make informed decisions about food ordering and menu planning.

Why It Matters:

  • Environmental Impact: Reducing food waste can significantly decrease the pressure on landfill sites, conserve water, and reduce the environmental footprint of food production.

  • Economic Efficiency: By optimizing food purchases and reducing waste, businesses can lower costs and improve profitability.

  • Global Food Security: Addressing food waste is crucial in the context of a growing global population, aiming to make nutritious food more accessible and affordable, especially for those in poverty.


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