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Amazon hires top executives from AI startup Adept for its AGI team.

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Amazon is making significant strides by acquiring key talents and cutting-edge technologies from the promising AI startup, Adept.

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  • This week's must-read AI stories.

  • Amazon hires top executives from AI startup Adept for its AGI team.

  • Featured AIs boost your career and business.

  • Amazon is investigating if Perplexity AI illegally extracted online content.

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This week's must-read AI stories.

  • AI Chips - Microsoft and Nvidia are in conflict over the use of Nvidia's Blackwell B200 GPUs in Microsoft's servers.

  • OpenAI - OpenAI's new policy lets current and former employees sell shares equally, addressing liquidity concerns due to high valuation without an imminent public offering.

  • AI In Banking - BIS has issued a call to central banks globally to adapt to the transformative impacts of AI on the financial system.

  • International Competition - OpenAI's choice to limit access to its AI tools and services in China is notably affecting the local AI industry.

  • AI In Entertainment - Negotiations between Hollywood's actors union (SAG-AFTRA) and video game companies are ongoing. The main issue is the use of AI in the industry, especially AI that can copy actors' voices and likenesses without their permission.


Amazon hires top executives from AI startup Adept for its AGI team.

Image Credit: AI Secret

Amazon is significantly expanding its role in the AI sector by acquiring key personnel and technologies from the AI startup Adept. The initiative is led by Rohit Prasad, head of Amazon's artificial general intelligence (AGI) unit, and aims to enhance Amazon's capabilities and competitive stance in the rapidly evolving AI market.

The Details:

  • Strategic Hiring: Amazon has hired Adept's co-founder and CEO, David Luan, along with other talented team members, to boost its AGI team.

  • Focus on Autonomy: Luan will lead the newly formed "AGI Autonomy" division within Amazon, reporting directly to Rohit Prasad.

  • Technological Acquisition: Amazon has secured a licensing agreement to utilize Adept’s technology, including multimodal models and datasets, to advance its digital agent development.

Why It Matters:

  • Competitive Edge: This move positions Amazon to better compete with industry leaders like Microsoft and Google, who are rapidly integrating AI into their core offerings.

  • Innovation and Development: The integration of Adept's technology will help Amazon innovate and possibly lead in creating digital agents capable of automating complex software workflows.

  • Industry Impact: The shifts in leadership and strategic acquisitions indicate a significant realignment in the AI technology landscape, influencing market dynamics and innovation trajectories.


Featured AIs.


Amazon is investigating if Perplexity AI illegally extracted online content.

Image Credit: Dennis Diatel/Alamy

Amazon is currently investigating allegations against the AI startup Perplexity AI for improperly scraping online content. This inquiry follows reports that Perplexity AI may have violated terms of service by extracting content from websites without authorization, using Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its infrastructure.

The Details:

  • Alleged Content Scraping: Perplexity AI is accused of scraping content from websites that prohibit such actions, raising significant legal and ethical issues.

  • Amazon's Response: Amazon is reviewing the situation based on a report from WIRED and emphasizes that its service terms prohibit abusive activities.

  • Defense by Perplexity: Perplexity's CEO denies any wrongdoing, asserting that their operations do not violate AWS's terms of service and that they aggregate content generated by other companies' AI systems.

Why It Matters:

  • Ethical AI Use: The case underscores the importance of ethical practices in the development and deployment of AI technologies.

  • Impact on AI Industry: How this case resolves may influence public and regulatory scrutiny of AI startups and their data handling practices.

  • Legal Precedents: This investigation could set precedents for how AI companies interact with data and respect intellectual property rights, potentially leading to stricter regulations.

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