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ChatGPT makes design accessible to all.

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In this issue, we're excited to dive into the groundbreaking integration that has revolutionized how we interact with AI-generated images: users now have the ability to modify DALL·E images directly through ChatGPT, across web, iOS, and Android platforms.


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  • ChatGPT makes design accessible to all.

  • FDA approves first AI tool that can detect sepsis.

  • Daily trending & featured AIs boost your career and business.

  • Meta's AI fails to depict an Asian man beside a white woman.

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  • Google AI Search - In a significant move, Google plans to charge for premium features on its AI-powered search engine, aiming to expand its revenue streams and enhance user experience.

  • AI In Education - Top business schools, including Wharton, Columbia, and Duke's Fuqua, are integrating AI into their programs to equip students with the skills needed for a tech-driven marketplace.

  • AI Talent War - Elon Musk announces significant pay boosts for Tesla's AI engineering team in response to OpenAI's aggressive recruitment efforts. This move highlights the intense competition for AI talent as Tesla advances its self-driving technology and Musk ventures further into AI with his xAI startup.

  • US Chip Plant - South Korean tech giant SK Hynix is set to invest $3.87 billion to establish an advanced packaging plant and an AI research center in Indiana. The plant will start mass production in the second half of 2028 and is set to boost semiconductor output in the United States.

  • Apple Home Robots - Apple is reportedly in the early stages of exploring the creation of home robots, possibly aiming to launch a new product in the market.


ChatGPT makes design accessible to all.

Provided by OpenAI

ChatGPT introduces exciting new features that improve how users interact with the tool and boost their creative potential when generating images with AI.

The Details:

  • Picture Editing: Users can modify DALL·E images using ChatGPT on the web, iOS, and Android platforms.

  • Preset Style Suggestions: A new feature offering preset style suggestions helps users overcome the challenge of the "blank canvas," providing inspiration and starting points for image creation in various artistic styles.

  • Trust Concerns: OpenAI has introduced visible watermarks and metadata to AI-generated images to tackle the issues of trust and authenticity.

Why It Matters:

ChatGPT makes it easier for people with different levels of expertise to create AI-generated images, sparking creativity in many users. Adding watermarks and metadata shows that people are increasingly worried about whether AI-generated images are real and used ethically. It's important to keep working on making sure AI creations are trustworthy.


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FDA approves first AI tool that can detect sepsis.

Imaged by DALL·E 3 and Magna Ding

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted approval to a groundbreaking AI tool developed by Prenosis, aimed at diagnosing sepsis, a life-threatening condition triggered by an extreme response to infection. This approval marks a significant step forward in the application of AI in medical diagnostics, highlighting the potential for advanced technologies to improve patient care and outcomes.

The Details:

  • First AI Approved: Prenosis is distinguished as the first AI sepsis diagnostic tool to receive FDA approval.

  • Diagnostic Parameters: It uses 22 diagnostic and predictive parameters, offering a combination of criteria for assessing sepsis risk that is unprecedented in legally marketed devices.

  • Data-Driven Development: The tool was developed using the Immunix platform's extensive dataset, comprising over 100,000 blood samples from more than 25,000 patients, showcasing the significant reliance on big data for medical advancements.

Why It Matters:

  • Public Health Impact: At least 350,000 adults die from sepsis or are discharged to hospice each year in the U.S., underlining the significant public health challenge sepsis represents.

  • Pioneering Achievement: The FDA's approval of the Sepsis ImmunoScore represents a significant milestone in the integration of AI technologies within the healthcare sector, offering a novel approach to diagnosing a critical and widespread medical condition.

  • Enhanced Diagnostic Accuracy: By analyzing a comprehensive set of health markers, the Sepsis ImmunoScore promises to improve the accuracy of sepsis diagnosis, potentially leading to earlier intervention and better patient outcomes.


Trending AIs.

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✒️ TinyWow offers AI writing to simplify different tasks.

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Featured AIs.


Meta's AI fails to depict an Asian man beside a white woman.

Meta's AI image generator struggles to create pictures of mixed-race couples and friends, especially those that include Asian and Caucasian people. Even after many tries and different prompts, the tool often doesn't show the range of human connections and racial backgrounds correctly.

The Details:

  • Diversity in AI Imagery: Despite the commonality of mixed-race relationships and friendships in real life, Meta's AI struggles to visualize them accurately, often misrepresenting or homogenizing racial identities.

  • Stereotypical Representations: The AI tool leans into stereotypes and assumptions, particularly regarding South Asian individuals, adding culturally specific attire without prompt and homogenizing Asian identities to predominantly East Asian features.

  • Subtle Biases: Even in the rare instances where the AI successfully generates images of mixed-race couples, there's a noticeable preference for representing Asian women with light complexions and young appearances, highlighting an underlying bias in the portrayal of women and racial features.

Why It Matters:

  • Reflecting Diversity Accurately: It's crucial for AI technologies to accurately reflect the diversity of human relationships and identities, avoiding stereotypes and assumptions that can perpetuate biases and erasure of certain groups.

  • Cultural Sensitivity and Representation: The biases in AI-generated images underscore the need for more culturally sensitive and inclusive approaches in technology development, ensuring all racial and ethnic groups are represented fairly and accurately.


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