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  • ⚔️Clash! Meta/IBM fights OpenAI/Microsoft.

⚔️Clash! Meta/IBM fights OpenAI/Microsoft.

Plus: Ex-worker spurns Elon Musk's Autopilot.

Dear AI Enthusiasts!

In this edition, we're diving deep into the unfolding drama in the AI sector. To recapture the AI supremacy, Meta and IBM triggered a war between open source technology and closed source technology.

The tech world is buzzing with this latest rivalry, marking a significant turning point in the AI industry.

Stay tuned as we exploring the strategies, innovations, and potential implications for the future of artificial intelligence. Let's decode the secrets behind this major industry showdown.

Today’s AI Secret:

  • Clash! Meta/IBM fights OpenAI/Microsoft.

  • 5 new Trending AI tools to maximize your productivity.

  • Why investors had no voice in Altman's dismissal.

  • Musk hails Tesla's AI amid ex-worker's concerns about its Autopilot role.

  • Shanghai wants Microsoft to promote AI tech in city.

Read Time: 3-5 minutes

Today's Headline

Clash! Meta/IBM fights OpenAI/Microsoft.

Image Prompt: more precisely depicting the confrontation between Meta/IBM and OpenAI/Microsoft.

AI Secret: Facebook's parent company, Meta, and IBM formed a group, the AI Alliance, which supports an open science approach to AI development. This approach would make the technology more accessible, contrasting with the views of rivals Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI. The debate centers on safety and who benefits from AI advancements.

The AI Alliance, including Meta, IBM, Dell, Sony, AMD, Intel, and a number of universities and AI startups, is pushing for a future where AI is built on open scientific exchange, open innovation, and open technologies.

The purpose of AI Alliance:

  • The AI Alliance appears to share considerable similarities with the Partnership on AI, but it is planned to act in a complementary and additive manner to existing initiatives.

  • The AI Alliance is creating work groups, a board, and a tech committee to promote AI trust and validation, support AI training infrastructure, and develop open-source AI models.

  • Meta's chief AI scientist, Yann LeCun, argues for open-source research, condemning fearmongering about AI by his fellow scientists. He believes that openness is necessary for AI platforms to reflect all human knowledge and culture.

  • IBM, an early open-source Linux operating system advocate, sees the ongoing debate as a form of regulatory capture, accusing Microsoft of opposing open-source innovation to protect its own interests.

  • Its mission to be an open community, with a key goal of fostering responsible innovation in AI, has been applauded.

The debate over open-source AI contains worries about potential danger. For instance, an AI system might have extremely powerful capabilities that could pose a threat if made publicly available.

Governments are grappling with the debate. U.S. President Joe Biden's executive order on AI calls for further study on open models, while the European Union is discussing whether to exempt certain "free and open-source AI components" from commercial model regulations.


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OpenAI's unusual governance structure was highlighted following the recent dismissal and subsequent return of its co-founder Sam Altman. Microsoft's president Brad Smith praised the non-profit set-up compared to companies fully controlled by individuals. However, recent events have brought criticism. OpenAI, originally a non-profit company, was founded in 2015 to develop artificial general intelligence. It became a for-profit subsidiary in 2019 after realizing the need for funds for computing capacity and talent. Their board, tasked with the interests of "humanity," has unchecked power to control the company, raising concerns of investor influence and lack of external accountability.


Image Prompt: an ex-worker expressing disapproval of Tesla's Autopilot.

Elon Musk contends that Tesla has the "best real-world AI," which drives its autonomous technology. Lukasz Krupski, an ex-Tesla technician and whistleblower, disagrees, saying in a BBC News interview that he worries about how AI is applied to its Autopilot feature. He also opines that Tesla's autonomous tech isn't ready for use in vehicles. Krupski leaked 100GB of confidential Tesla data, including 4,000 customer complaints, to German paper The Handelsblatt, who then reported accidents caused by the Autopilot feature and customer complaints about sudden acceleration and "phantom braking."


Image Prompt: Shanghai authorities and Microsoft reps meet to advance AI in local businesses in a high-tech meeting room.

Shanghai authorities have encouraged Microsoft to advance artificial intelligence in local businesses during a meeting with the company's president, Brad Smith. Shanghai's Communist Party Secretary, Chen Jining, expressed openness to Microsoft's involvement in technology governance frameworks and standards studies.

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