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  • 🚀Gemini: Google AI transcends ChatGPT.

🚀Gemini: Google AI transcends ChatGPT.

Plus: Meta AI is Disrupting Social Media.

Dear AI Enthusiasts!

In this edition, we're excited to unveil a groundbreaking story that is set to redefine the boundaries of AI as we know it.

The AI landscape is brimming with anticipation and excitement as Google announces the launch of Gemini, a state-of-the-art AI model that promises to eclipse the capabilities of OpenAI's GPT-4.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into Gemini's features, potential impacts, and the ripple effects it's poised to create across industries and beyond. A new era of AI transformation has begun, and "AI Secret" is here to bring you every significant milestone of this journey.

Today’s AI Secret:

  • Gemini: Google AI transcends ChatGPT.

  • Collov AI Instant Design: end-to-end AI toolkits for effortless, real-time home design.

  • 5 new Trending AI tools to maximize your productivity.

  • Meta AI launches incredible features to disrupt Social Media.

  • Elon Musk intends to secure $1 billion in funding for xAI.

  • AI Predicts Trubisky to Shine in Steelers vs Patriots Clash.

  • Getty Images and Runway jointly create AI video framework.

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Today's Headline

Google Gemini comprehensively surpasses ChatGPT.

Image Prompt: Google Gemini, set in a futuristic digital environment to highlight its advanced AI technology, is now available for you to view.

Google Bard, the company’s generative AI chatbot and ChatGPT rival, is getting an update today that the company claims will significantly enhance its capabilities. The company says Bard will now be powered by Gemini, Google’s newest and most advanced AI model, giving the chatbot more advanced reasoning, planning, understanding, and other capabilities.

Gemini comes in three sizes, Ultra, Pro, and Nano, allowing it to run on anything ranging from mobile devices to data centers.

Gemini’s breakthrough progress:

  • Top Performance

    "Gemini Ultra" garnered a score of 90.0% and became the initial model to outperform human professionals in the MMLU (Massive Multi-Task Language Understanding) exam, merging mathematics, physics, history, law, medical science, and ethics.

  • Advanced Reasoning

    Gemini 1.0's advanced reasoning discerns complex text and images, extracting hidden insights from vast data. By reading, filtering, and understanding hundreds of thousands of documents, it fast-tracks breakthroughs in fields like science and finance.

  • Multimodal Understanding

    Gemini 1.0 can simultaneously comprehend text, images, audio, etc., honing its understanding of nuanced details, and answering complex queries. Its specialty lies in elucidating complex mathematical and physical concepts.

  • Advanced Coding

    "Gemini Ultra" performs well on several coding benchmarks, and it excels at solving competitive programming problems in complex mathematics and theoretical computer science that go beyond coding.

The rollout of Gemini to Bard will take place over two phases. Initially, Bard will be upgraded with a specifically tuned version of Gemini Pro. Next year, Google will introduce Bard Advanced, which will give users access to the best AI model, starting with Gemini Ultra.

The version of Bard with Gemini Pro will first become available in English in more than 170 countries and territories worldwide, with more languages and countries, including the EU and U.K., soon.


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Secret Trending

Secret Trending AI Tools of the Day

🌌 Imagine with Meta generates highly-detailed AI images rapidly.

🤖 Bard is a chat Bbased AI tool from Google.

✒️ TinyWow offers AI writing to simplify different tasks.

💡 Microsoft Designer creates stunning and professional-quality designs.

🎶 Riffusion enables stable diffusion for real-time music generation.

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Secret Feature

Meta AI launches incredible features to disrupt Social Media.

Image Prompt: Meta's cutting-edge developments favor a futuristic visual display and smartphone usage by a diverse population, emphasizing high-tech surroundings, advanced tech, and interactive updates.

AI Secret: Meta AI, from Facebook's parent company, is enhancing its generative AI experience with new features such as creating AI images on demand and supporting Reels. Users can now recreate AI images in group chats through a feature called "reimagine", and use Reels as a necessary resource.

Key Features:

  • "Reimagine" is a new feature that allows users in group chats to create and recreate AI images together, potentially enhancing user engagement with Meta's apps.

  • "Imagine with Meta", a complimentary online utility that aids in generating highly-detailed AI images rapidly. (Product trials are in the Trending Tools Section)

  • Meta AI chat now supports Reels, allowing you to see visual examples relevant to your enquiry. For instance, if planning a trip in a group chat, Meta AI can suggest top places to visit and show Reels of these attractions.

  • Beyond chat interface applications, Meta AI also powers other features. For example, it helps suggest AI-generated post comment suggestions, enhances product copy in 'Shops', and enables Facebook users to create and edit birthday greetings, Facebook feed posts, and Facebook Dating profiles.

Meta is introducing AI features, noting numerous tools currently under testing. Over 20 new generative AI experiences are being tested across Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, including search, ads, business messaging, etc.

We assumed Twitter could be the premiere wholly AI-driven social network, yet interestingly, Meta appears to possess stronger resolve?


Elon Musk is seeking $1 billion for his AI company, xAI, with about $135 million already raised. The AI project, Grok, aims to compete with others like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard, and plans to update with real-time X platform knowledge. It aims to distinguish itself by being able to discern real news and misinformation. With $865 million still needed, the challenge is daunting but given Musk's influence in the tech industry, it's not impossible.


Image Prompt: In SportsLine's analytics room, AI PickBot aids scientists studying sports stats. They target an upcoming Steelers vs Patriots NFL game on a screen, forecasting Mitch Trubisky's play.

The AI PickBot, developed by SportsLine’s Data Science team, predicts Mitch Trubisky, the Steelers quarterback, to shine in the upcoming NFL match against the Patriots. The AI expects Trubisky to exceed 180.5 passing yards, citing the Steelers' shift towards a running game and possible defensive focus of the Patriots. In addition to Trubisky's prediction, the AI has rated six undisclosed prop bets at four stars or more. SportsLine exclusively provides the AI PickBot's full game predictions and insights.


Image Prompt: RGM is underway, featuring diverse tech pros creating AI-generated videos, highlighting cooperation and creativity in developing AI tools for business content.

Runway and Getty Images have collaborated to create a generative AI model for business video content. The Runway-Getty Images Model (RGM) merges AI video capabilities with a licensed creative library. This enables businesses to tailor video content to fit their brand without infringing on intellectual property. RGM will soon be commercially available and its response could impact acceptance of AI video across industries.

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