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  • OpenAI pays 51M to Altman's Related Party.

OpenAI pays 51M to Altman's Related Party.

Plus: AI Clones earns 18M annually.

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Dear AI Enthusiasts!

In this issue, we are exploring the Complexities in AI. Sam Altman's intertwined roles at OpenAI and personal investments, especially in AI chip startup Rain, raise transparency concerns. This issue delves into the impact of such dual roles in AI leadership.

We also explore the philosophical implications of hyper-realistic avatars and AI-generated content, emphasizing the importance of critical perspectives in this new era.

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Todayโ€™s AI Secret:

  • OpenAI pays 51M to Altman's Related Party.

  • 5 new Secret Trending AI tools to maximize your productivity.

  • HeyGen AI Clones are sweeping the video sector in a highly alarming speed.

  • GPT Store by OpenAI postponed to 2024 due to managerial chaos.

  • AI experiment backfires and damages Sports Illustrated.

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Today's Headline

OpenAI pays 51M to Altman's Related Party.

Image Prompt: Depicting OpenAI's agreement with Rain for the purchase of AI chips and Sam Altman's personal investment, is now ready for you to view.

AI Secret: OpenAI, where Sam Altman serves as the CEO, agreed to purchase $51 million worth of AI chips from a startup called Rain. Altman, separately from his role at OpenAI, has made a personal investment in Rain.

Who is Rain๏ผŸ

  • Rain is based near OpenAI's headquarters and is designing a neuromorphic processing unit (NPU), which is intended to mimic features of the human brain.

  • Rain initially aimed for its brain-inspired NPUs to deliver up to 100 times more computing power and 10000 times greater energy efficiency than GPUs, which are currently used by most AI developers.

  • OpenAI has begun considering the use of Rain chips while Rain has indicated advanced negotiations to sell its systems to Google, Oracle, Meta, Microsoft, and Amazon.

  • National security concerns have arisen due to the investment in Rain by Prosperity7, a unit of Saudi Aramco. This has incited increased scrutiny and surveillance by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS).

  • Rain announced to potential investors its expectation to provide its first hardware to customers by October of the next year. However, the startup has recently faced leadership changes and investor reshuffling due to the mandate from a U.S government body for Prosperity7 Ventures to sell its stake in Rain over national security concerns.

This arrangement raises questions about Altman's intertwining interests between his role as OpenAI's CEO and his personal investments. During his tenure at Y Combinator, Altman became a well-known dealmaker in Silicon Valley, fostering numerous startup investments. His diverse interests potentially contributed to his brief firing from OpenAI for nontransparent communications.

The deal also highlights OpenAI's readiness to heavily invest in obtaining the necessary chips to support their pioneering AI projects. Altman has publicly complained about the scarcity and extravagant prices of AI chips.


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Secret Outline

HeyGen AI Clones are sweeping the video sector in a highly alarming speed.

Image Prompt: highlighting the success of HeyGen's AI-powered video-making application and its impressive financial growth, is now available for you to view.

AI Secret: Ever since HeyGen released its AI-powered video making application last September, the firm's ARR has risen to $18 million within a single year.

Key Insights:

  • HeyGen custom avatars allow users to upload their own photos to customize a perfect avatar, which can cover different races, age groups, poses and clothing styles.

  • The HeyGen platform aims to generate a synthetic avatar poised to eliminate the need for filming content in a tangible world, offering a convenient substitute for content creators.

  • To train an Avatar, it necessitates the utilization of a high-end camera and capturing the surrounding to establish a static backdrop for the Avatar's clips.

  • The adoption of AI technology in formulating avatars raises apprehensions regarding consent and potential exploitation of personal pictures.

  • The Avatar fashioned in this footage was produced in a mere 15-minute duration, exemplifying the prospect of swift and effective video production using this technology.

Hyper-realistic avatars present vital debates regarding our understanding of reality, confidence, and the unavoidable convergence of technology and mankind. Entering this fresh epoch, it is imperative to uphold a discerning viewpoint and contemplate the diverse consequences of AI-generated material on our existence and the greater society.


Image Prompt: The illustration representing the delay of OpenAI's 'GPT Store' launch is now available for you to view.

OpenAI has delayed the launch of its AI app store, the GPT Store, from 2023 to an unspecified date in early 2024 due to a leadership shuffle. The company also mentioned some improvements to their upcoming feature, including a better interface and debug messages. Despite the delay, GPTs can still be made and shared directly but won't be publicly listed or part of any potential revenue-sharing scheme until the store's official launch.


Image Prompt: Representing the controversy around Sports Illustrated's use of AI-generated content without proper disclosure is now ready for you to view.

Sports Illustrated is under fire for claims that AI was used to write some of its content without disclosure. The publication reportedly fired a third-party company, AdVon Commerce, which was believed to have used AI-generated authors for its articles. While Sports Illustrated denied that stories were written by AI, the incident raises ethical issues around trust and transparency in journalism. Previously, Gannett newspapers and technology website CNET have also received backlash for undisclosed AI-generated content. Industry experts suggest media companies can avoid such criticism by being upfront about their use of AI in content creation.

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