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  • ๐Ÿ’ฅMcDonald's/Google introduces innovative AI!

๐Ÿ’ฅMcDonald's/Google introduces innovative AI!

Plus: BabyAlpha, A Future AI Robot.

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Dear AI Enthusiasts!

McDonald's and Google are combining efforts to launch an AI platform: "Ask Pickles". This marks an interesting phase in the use of AI in customer services and hints at the future role of AI. Google's new Gemini technology will bolster "Ask Pickles". The fusion of fast food and advanced tech prompts the question: Is this beneficial for the customer-focused industry or a warning of an over-dependence on AI?

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Todayโ€™s AI Secret:

  • A New AI Era: McDonald's and Google Join Forces to Unveil "Ask Pickles".

  • Shift Left: How to Turn Security into Review.

  • 5 new Trending AI tools to maximize your productivity.

  • Elon Musk's AI chatbot Grok launches for premium X users.

  • BabyAlpha: A New Era in Human-Robot Interaction.

  • Co-founder of LinkedIn Attributes AI as Co-contributor in Newest Book.

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Today's Headline

A New AI Era: McDonald's and Google Join Forces to Unveil "Ask Pickles".

Image Prompt: McDonald's and Google made an AI, "Ask Pickles," using Google's new Gemini. The setting reflects a futuristic atmosphere representing both companies.

McDonald's and Google are collaborating to create an AI named "Ask Pickles". The recently unveiled Gemini by Google will enhance this AI.

What is Ask Pickles:

  • McDonald's intends to improve its kiosk and mobile app services through AI technology. The new updates, although unclear, hint at increased AI automation in drive-throughs in the future.

  • McDonald's plans to use AI via hardware and software upgrades in their stores, as well as services from Google Cloud. This aims to help managers efficiently identify and resolve issues to minimize business interruptions.

  • It utilizes AI to handle client orders at 100 drive-thru sites across the United States.

Speculations are rife about this alliance's impact on human employment. However, McDonald's vague statement only suggested that the AI system would simplify tasks for store crews and enhance customer experiences, bypassing the issue of AI substituting human labor.


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Elon Musk's AI chatbot Grok launches for premium X users.

Elon Musk's AI firm, xAI, has started rolling out its AI chatbot Grok for X Premium+ subscribers who pay $26 monthly in Australia. Designed to rival ChatGPT, Grok is part of Musk's strategy to reduce reliance on advertising and build paid subscriptions. The news was announced by Musk on the X platform, welcoming users to explore the new feature.


BabyAlpha: A New Era in Human-Robot Interaction.

Chinese robotics firm, Weilan, has released BabyAlpha, an advanced AI robotic dog retailing for $1,400. A vast improvement on prior model, AlphaDog, the pet-like robot has abilities including language tutoring in English and Chinese, home surveillance, and mobile device control. BabyAlpha self-charges and has variants featuring distinct functionalities. Incorporating general AI and GPT, it can converse naturally, provide learning experiences, and utilizes a variety of sensors for enhanced user interactivity. The advent of BabyAlpha showcases a future where robots are integral to social interactions.


Co-founder of LinkedIn Attributes AI as Co-contributor in Newest Book.

Image Prompt: LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman's latest book, where GPT-4 is acknowledged as a co-author, has been generated. It depicts a scene in line with the described theme.

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman has named GPT-4, an artificial intelligence (AI) tool, as a co-author in his latest book 'Impromptu: Amplifying Our Humanity Through AI.' Hoffman, a technology investor and AI pioneer, views AI as a tool to overcome 'blank-page problem' faced by writers globally. He urges mastery of AI tools for modern knowledge workers, supporting AI acceleration over a freeze in development. Hoffman's acknowledgment of GPT-4 as a co-author underscores the growing integration of AI in everyday life, and predicts a future where humans and machines work together to enhance collective intellect and creativity.

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